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artist: Soft Machine date: 11/01/2013 category: compact discs
Soft Machine: Third
Release Date: Jun 6, 1970
Genre: Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, Avant-Prog, Psychedelic
Label: Sony/Columbia
Number Of Tracks: 4
Not exactly rock, "Third" nonetheless pushed the boundaries of rock into areas previously unexplored, and it managed to do so without sounding self-indulgent.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 8.3
Third Reviewed by: ethangrossman5, on november 01, 2013
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Sound: "Third" is the third album by the band Soft Machine. This album will not impress everyone through it's singing, but you have to appreciate that the singer is also drumming at the same time. The jazz-fusion sound of this band coincides with progressive rock to make a great performance in your mind, and will be satisfying to your ears. It gives off an aura that you will be feeling once the song has stopped. The album contains four tracks. 1. "Facelift": The song contains improvisation that starts in a way where you don't know where it will go, and by the time of eight minutes, you feel as if this band has been playing together forever. Each player provides a great skill in his own area of expertise. 2. "Slightly All the Time": A great track, with the possible best band sounds overall in unison. By the start time you know this track can be back round music to your everyday life. 3. "Moon in June": I've often listened to this song so I can go to sleep. This is probably my favorite song on the album as it is VERY well written. I have found this track to be amazingly distinct compared to any other song I have ever heard. Nonetheless the best track on the album. 4. "Out-Bloody-Rageous": I honestly don't know what to say about this track. At first I thought Soft Machine went all out on the other songs, they couldn't make another one, and boom, they make a fourth song that blows your mind with some experimentation and fluent playing. // 9

Lyrics: The only song on this album that has singing is "Moon in June" sung by Robert Wyatt. Robert Wyatt has a soothing voice that sounds like I'm listening to good old fashioned jazz or blues. The lyrics are very good for having to be the only song on the album with lyrics. Wyatt provides and exceptional performance being on drums while singing. Although, I love hearing his distinct singing, there once again only one song with lyrics, and that could be a minor change. Kevin Ayers is sings "Singing a Song in the Morning" near the end of "Moon in June." Being Robert Wyatt's final album with "Third," I believe he could have sang a little more tunes. // 7

Overall Impression: This album was made back in June 1970, and is better than most any albums of any other genre. My favorite song by them has to be "Moon in June," with "Facelift" second. It won jazz album of the year in 1970, for a reason. I love this album for not being too self-indulgent it has mostly good playing throughout all 4 LP's. This album is unique in its own way. It is very proggy, but jazz-fusion being dominantly the centerpiece of this album. The band knew it as good, and so did their fans. Truly a work of art. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Third Reviewed by: apples&oranges, on august 11, 2006
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Sound: Ok, there's only one word for this album, "lifechanging." This is a 4 track album, yes only 4 songs, three of which are instrumental but it is one of those albums that only come along once in a lifetime. The Soft Machine was a jazzy fusion rock band, which is why this album is so extrordinary, because it is the first jazz fusion album. The music is truly exceptional. Lets break it down one by one: 01. Facelift - is a 18 minute instrumental dominated by keyboard and saxophone. When I first heard the fuzz organ in the intro, it gave me chills it was so different and unlike anything I've ever heard. It has to be one of the best instrumental tracks of all time. 02. Slightly All The Time - a Mike Ratledge piece which is great background music for pretty much anything you are doing. 18 minutes long. Starts out with a bouncy raw bassline from Hugh Hopper and turns into wonderful sax and organ solos. Not my favorite piece on the album but it is worthy of getting recognition. 03. Moon In June - my favorite piece from "Third", and the only track with vocals (sung by drummer Robert Wyatt). Very bizarre vocals but one of the best vocal performances I've ever heard. The first 9 minutes is nothing but vocals with a few organ solos. The last 10 minutes is that jazz fusion rock and completely instrumental, with the exception of the Kevin Ayers song "Singing A Song In The Morning" played in the background towards the end. 04. Out-Bloody-Rageous - possibly the strongest track on the album. About 20 minutes long, it starts off with keyboard bits that have been tape looped and about the 5 minute point is where the song kicks off. The sax and electric piano come in and basically changes complete direction. Mike Ratledges final piece for the album. One of the best instrumentals of all time in my opinion. // 9

Lyrics: Only "Moon In June" has lyrics. One of the best vocal performances ever by Robert Wyatt. 19 minutes long but worthy of listening to. A great tune. The last minute of the song features the brief Soft Machine member Kevin Ayers song "Singing A Song In The Morning". A very cool track, you can pretty much call every Soft Machine track cool. This is Robert Wyatts final vocal performance for soft machine and he does as good a job as anyone in the music business. One of the best alltime songs. // 10

Overall Impression: One of the best albums I've ever heard. For only having 4 songs which run for about 75 minutes, it is really successful. It won the Jazz Album of the Year award in England in 1970 and I can see why. If it were stolen from me, it's a no brainer to go buy again. Every track is standout but my favs would have to be, "Moon In June" and "Facelift". If you like this album, be sure to check out Soft Machine "Volume 2". One of the best alltime albums by the most underrated band in rock history. // 10

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overall: 9
Third Reviewed by: hippieboy444, on december 10, 2007
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Sound: The Sound is great. Honestly, I dig it. The Drums are good, the bass is very broad, and nothing is quite as psychedelic as distorted keyboardsd and sax/flute parts. There are some guitar bits probably recorded by Alans Holdsworth (breif member). The reason this record is great is that each song is long and has something unique to it. Like Moon and June has the bass solo, and Facelift is just crazy awesome. Dig it. // 9

Lyrics: The only lyrics on this album is on Moon And June, and the singer is alright. He sings high, so he can be heard, but the lyrics are vauge and somewhat rambling, but still nice inclusions in them. The lyrics fit well at parts, and sound great, and other times they are not so graeat. Still, not bad. // 8

Overall Impression: This is the only Soft Machine record I have, but I've heard bits and peices of other earlier stuff. If your a guitar freak and the music you listen to has tohave a guitar in it, then don't get this. Not much guitar in it, but one of the best fusion records I can find. My favorite song is either Out-Bloody-Rageous, or Facelift. Don't know why, but the have great style and composition in those songs. I love the entire album. Not one song on the first CD do I not like. There is a second CD recorded live at the BBC and it really isn't good at all. Just sorta there. I did have to special order this and this is a rare CD to get, so I'd definatly be pissed if it were broken/stolen. I'd have to got to PHil's to get it again (they stock Soft Machine for some reason). But this record is definatly worth the hastle to get if you can't find it locally. // 10

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