Natural Born Chaos review by Soilwork

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  • Released: Mar 25, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (23 votes)
Soilwork: Natural Born Chaos

Sound — 10
I am always impressed by the brilliant guitar work of Peter Wichers and Ola Frenning. They write great death metal songs, and the best thing about them is they don't all sound exactly the same. In my opinion, Sven Karlsson did his best keyboard work on this album. The coordination of Peter and Ola is also very amazing; these riffs are so fast and heavy, but they are still able to stay perfectly in synch with each other (listen to the verse riff on Follow The Hollow). The drums are really good, but I think Dirk, their current drummer, is better then Henry Ranta.

Lyrics — 10
Speed is one of the best death metal vocalists around. He has a great combination of screams, growls, and clean vocals, making him one of the definitive death metal vocalists. All death metal vocalists should take hints from him. I like how he can scream so much and still hit (somewhat) high notes, such as in Black Star Deceiver or Minefields, or make his voice sound distorted, a la Natural Born Chaos and Follow The Hollow.

Overall Impression — 10
I think this is one of Soilwork's best albums, if not their best. This album, and the band in general, have showed me that I still have a lot of work to do on guitar. These songs have a lot of energy to them and are sure to drive all aspiring metal guitarists to do the absolute best they possibly can. Really, all these songs are great. If you are a Soilwork fan and don't have this album, get it. If you are a death metal fan or just looking to expand your interests, this would be a great album to have. I should also have you know that I am very anxious to hear their new album!

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    In Flames makes good music. Stop trying to sound deep as if you understand what exactly goes on in the music world and why artists do what they do. Put the freakin' CD in your player and enjoy. Oh ya....and this CD rocks. Everyone should buy it.
    By far, Soilwork and In Flames are two of the best bands of the death, black, heavy metal genre.
    I put the song Natural Born Chaos on a CD for a project in school. My teacher heard the intro then turned if off and told me "I'll just take your word for it", and how I related it to Huckleberry Finn
    This was my first Soilwork cd i got,,,,and it is pretty killer,,,but I dont agree with Dirk being better than Henry Ranta,,,,,Ranta has a feel that was very unique to him,,,,,i don't really get that from Dirk
    A great CD, one of those where everything fits together. Speeds vocals are superb one of the finest singers out there.
    Baronobeefdip wrote: By far, Soilwork and In Flames are two of the best bands of the death, black, heavy metal genre.
    :haha you had the last one right. this is like melodic thrash there buddy. not death or black metal lol. that being said, this is an awesome CD. tied with StD for my favorite soilwork album.