The Living Infinite review by Soilwork

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  • Released: Feb 27, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.7 (229 votes)
Soilwork: The Living Infinite

Sound — 7
Soilwork are a renowned melodic death metal band who first arose from the back alleys of Helsingborg, Sweden in 1995. Between the band's racing riffs, polished melodic sound, and raging energies immediately began to appeal to alternative metal fans across the globe with their debut album, "Steelbath Suicide". Since their formation, the band has release a multitude of studio albums, as well as slowly begin to implement some notable blues rock influences into their music, as to further amplify and expand upon their sound. Now, Soilwork return to the music world with their first studio album in 3 years, "The Living Infinite". As we take a look at the lead single, "This Momentary Bliss", we see Soilwork powerfully returning back to their heavy rocking form, showcasing raging vocals and a righteous pick grinding lick. It's not as molten as their early releases, but it's still in all rights a great tune, and gives us a great first impression into what we can all expect from the album.

Lyrics — 8
Lead vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid gives a magnifying performance throughout the new record. Heavy as hell singing as always, and this helps provide each track with a classic 90's metal feel and sound to them. A lot of times, it's Bjorn's singing that holds a song together, and this helps the entire album flow together brilliantly.

Overall Impression — 7
For the most part, "The Living Infinite" is a pretty good album by a great metal band. The overall sound is much lighter on the ears as compared to Soilwork's earlier releases, and the product itself is great, but coming from a band renowned for heart racing hits the album does admittedly fall a little short. Nonetheless, there are some standout tracks, such as "This Momentary Bliss", "Spectrum Of Eternity", and "Rise Above The Sentiment", which should appeal to established fans of the band. Any melodic metal fan should look into picking up this album for themselves, as well as any established Soilwork fan.

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    The riffs are very good and very melodic. This band just got a new listener here.
    Listen to the album Figure Number Five! oh that's a great album! :
    This is good, it sounds like they did during Natural Born Chaos. Also, some say... he appeared in a swedish metal bands music video, and that his socks really are made of custard.
    This review says nothing about the album other than "Soilwork is usually pretty good. Bjorn's vocals are good. This album is pretty good".
    No, the review says "Overall, this is a good album from a great metal band", saying that although it is a good album it could be so much more, considering the talent this band has and when compared to their most release albums.
    As someone who actually digs Dark Tranquillity and In Flames' post 2000 albums, I still must admit that Soilwork has been significantly better than either of them for quite some time. Stabbing the Drama was beautiful, The Panic Broadcast was excellent, and I can't wait to hear The Living Infinite in its entirety. I never bought Sworn to a Great Divide. Any input on that one?
    Sworn to a Great Divide is definitely worth listening to. The songwriting itself is classic Soilwork, however the guitar tone on the album is really, really bad. Exile is one of their best songs, though. As the Sleeper Awakes is also very strong.
    I am a big Soilwork fan as well and can't wait to listen to this when it comes out. On to Sworn to a Great Divide. I must say although with some standout moments, it definitely is their weakest album and leaves quite a bit to be desired, still pretty good though.
    Surprised this isn't rated higher on here.. I think this album is pretty incredible top to bottom. Lot's of different types of songs, none are very similar, yet they still have that Soilwork sound. Great melodies and groovy riffs, great thrash moments and solos, and even better than the usually great vocals by Strid.
    First of all it's hard not to compare this album with the previous one. Because I dont know how many times I listened panic broadcast and got chills by the production and song structures that Peter wichers magically created. Now that he is gone Im in the process of digesting this. As far as I listened the new album, drums, bass and vocals are really great and worked hard on. Guitars are really technical and full sounding however they are missing that magic element that Peter wichers created I think. They sound little less creative also. I just wish these guys could sound little better live because there is a huge sound difference between their productions and live recordings espically vocal wise.
    Just finished listening to this album. It's not a perfect album, but the song "Tongue" has to be one of the freshest and coolest metal songs I've heard in recent memory.
    Only other album I have listened to by these guys was Nature Born Chaos. This album was amazing, definitely a new fan here
    Dr. Knox666
    Then you definitely have to check out Stabbing the Drama and Figure Number Five. I'm sure you're gonna love it
    Haven't really given it a thorough listen yet....but what I DID hear was awesome. Bjorn's one of the finest screamers in the genre. Kick ass drumming too. I don't know anything about the guitar players.
    I didn't know anything about Soilwork and In Flames until 2005, so I went back to their beginning albums. While I do like their earlier albums more than the new, both bands seem to be coming back to their "roots". Soilwork's Sworn To A Great Divide- and In Flames' A Sense of Purpose- while not the best albums, are good nonetheless. Now that both bands have kind of returned to their old-school guitar roots, I would NOT mind an album from one (or both) that has a mix of old-school and new-school vocals. This Momentary Bliss has a nice mix of Natural Born Chaos and Figure Number Five in it. I'd say more vocally than in the guitars. Can't wait for the other 17 tracks!
    I've been listening to it for some days now, and I like it a lot. Some real melodic songs with big choruses and some big fat riffage, without losing melodic value. Great album overall.
    I loved Natural Born Chaos No more angels will always be my favorite Soilwork song, but im gunna get this new album regardless
    I personally have some issues with this album, it's missing something previous albums such as A Predator's Portrait; Natural Born Chaos; Stabbing the Drama and The Panic Broadcast had - I think that something is Peter Wichers . But in all seriousness, it just feels really... straightforward. Well, I don't know how to put it in to words really, I just didn't enjoy this album like I enjoyed the previously mentioned albums, it just didn't click with me, although there are a few songs I keep listening to such as This Momentary Bliss and Loyal Shadow, among a few others. I was just left feeling a bit disappointed by the end.
    I overused the word "just" in that post and I apologise for doing so, I will work on my dwindling vocabulary in future posts. P.S. Sorry for double posting also.
    Just finished listening to this album. It's not a perfect, but the song "Tongue" is one of the coolest metal songs I've heard in recent memory.