Silence Review

artist: Sonata Arctica date: 11/10/2008 category: compact discs
Sonata Arctica: Silence
Release Date: September 4, 2001
Label: Century Media
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
Like other power metal bands, Sonata Arctica blends sweeping keyboard orchestrations with bone-crunching, driving guitars. Like other power metal bands, their vocalist takes on the conventional operatic delivery with plenty of romantic flair.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 8.7
Silence Reviewed by: cman138, on june 14, 2007
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Sound: The second album by the Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica enthralls listeners on a loosely structured concept album. Fans of Sonata Arctica will not be dissapointed (Unlike their new album, Unia, which sucks.) Providing the thumping double bass, blistering guitar and keyboard leads, and epic and memorable choruses that have become a staple of SA's sound. With the raw power of the first album "Ecliptica" with a more mature sound Silence is sure to wow any fan of power metal. // 9

Lyrics: Tony Kakko delivers a great vocal performance throughout the album. Though the lyrics are always relevant his english, or lack thereof, is quite prominent with some of the simplistic and very general descriptions often seen throughout SA songs. His accent is also very noticeable, but personally I like it. I believe Tony Kakko has one of the most unique and powerful voices in modern power metal. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is definetly my favorite SA album and is right up there with Ecliptica and Winterheart's Guild. Basically I recommend this album and all the others except Unia into a power metaller's catalog of music. They provide a great feeling and energy that some power metal bands of today generally lack. For great music and a good time Silence lends the epic music you've been craving for. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Silence Reviewed by: Paranoid777, on november 10, 2008
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Sound: By far the best Sonata Arctica album. The sound quality is just perfect, the art work impressive and contains the best line-up Sonata Arctica ever had. Obviously the best Melodic Power Metal work ever. I believe that Mikko(keyboards) had a great influence on this album and contributed a lot to the sound of Silence with his style of playing and I'm not talking only about solos. The sounds(both for solos and rhythm)that Mikko uses are much better than what Henkka or Tony used. Jani(guitar)has a much more improved sound from Ecliptica and I can realize that he has put a lot of effort into this album. Back in Ecliptica he had some sloppy parts but now he has a much more accurate and mature playing. He also has a smooth and sweet clean and a heavy & clear distortion sound. Tony(vocals) has shown that he really knows how to do it on this album, both for songwriting and singing. I believe that Silence has the best vocal harmonies and the best melodic lines. That's clearly a lot of mature and hard work for both singing and songwriting from the creative force of Sonata Arctica, Tony Kakko. Tommy and Marko, the rhythm section of the band... nothing special about it like always(except Unia of course). Tommy uses a lot this standard Power Metal rhythm and it becomes a bit boring, but that's good in a way. If he was changing his parts in some songs like Weballergy, False News Travel Fast, San Sebastian or Wolf and Raven the whole song was going to change and Tony would not have clear musical ideas. // 10

Lyrics: Really good lyrics in a lot of songs but some songs have lyrics that don't really mean anything. Maybe Tony didn't have that bright inspiration sometimes because he was staying up all night writing them. Lyrics from variety of themes combine with melodic vocal lines to make one of the greatest albums ever. The romantic lyrics of the album are in the songs Last Drop Falls, Tallulah, The End Of This Chapter and San Sebastian. The other songs have pretty nice lyrics too like Wolf and Raven, The Power of One, Weballergy and Sing in Silence. There some ideas that I don't like because I don't understand what Tony is trying to say through them or just maybe he doesn't want to say anything. About the singer skills... emm Tony is always great even if he has changed through the years. The highest note he gets lies among the musical path of False News Travel Fast. // 9

Overall Impression: The instrumental song of the album is Revontulet. Whoever wrote this thing... damn, the best instrumental I've ever heard. It really shows that Jani and Mikko know how to communicate with each other. Other songs that show this are Black Sheep, San Sebastian and Wolf and Raven. Songs that Mikko's skills are clearly shown are Wolf and Raven, Weballergy and The Power of One. Songs that Jani's skills are clearly shown are San Sebastian, Revontulet and Wolf and Raven. Songs that Tony's skills are clearly shown are... just listen to the album! let him talk to you. Sorry but the Tommy and Marko have to stay out of this list. Next time guys! If it was stolen or lost I would definitely buy it twice so I can have a spare copy of it in case of an emergency. // 10

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