Children Of Chaos Review

artist: Soulidium date: 06/20/2007 category: compact discs
Soulidium: Children Of Chaos
Release Date: June 19, 2007
Label: Adrenaline Music
Genres: Hard rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
Soulidium is one of those bands that try to pretend they're heavier than they really are.
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 5.7
Children Of Chaos Reviewed by: matter, on june 20, 2007
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Sound: Soulidium is one of those bands that try to pretend they're heavier than they really are. They call their debut album Children Of Chaos and put ambitious signs on CD cover. They create a scary look like Indians that are frightening away the enemies. Listening to the music you realize they're acting pretty much like those Indians - what looks as scary as a metal emo band, turns out to be a hard rock gothic something. Even though they put the whole list of musicians, including Elton John and The Doors as their influences, there are a few quite evident bands like Stained, Puddle Of Mudd and Creed constantly appearing in Children Of Chaos. They say they've created the band through blood, sweat and tears and that is obvious through their music - very intense and crooning at the same time. I'd say boys don't cry, but that's not the case here... Most songs feature the same distorted guitar and all of them are very similar by sound. There's not a single song that stands out from the whole pile of monotonous tracks. The only chance to differ them is by remembering in which one there is a door bell, a phone ringing or some other electronic flourishes. There are a few Middle East-influenced melodies in a couple songs like the one in Live Forever, which sounds pretty interesting. There's an attempt for a power rock ballad, necessary for every rock band, - About You. It features dramatic strings and thrashing drums. Among the cool songs there's an easier song with a corresponding title Easier Kind Of Girl, which has everything a young unsophisticated listener needs - simple pop melody, light drums, some soar in the vocals for a macho image. It could be all good if not the silly girl's laughter at the end of the track that leaves you with no wish to listen on. // 6

Lyrics: The poetry is what differs a band with talent from just a band that want to play loud. In the first case there's something interesting to think about, it the second - trite words that rhythm. I wonder if anybody still feels touched by the lyrics I need to feel your touch/Missing you so much??? Unfortunately that is what Soulidium is singing about. Vocalist Michael McKnight sounds so uninspired as if they've recorded the songs from the 99th time after spending two days in the studio non-stop. He's barely singing the notes without any intonation. On top of that he croons much more than you'd want him too. Both lyrics are the vocals make a really funny picture if you think of his scary serious face. Boo! // 5

Overall Impression: Ok, the guys have probably suffered a lot, they've done a lot of piercing that probably hurt, they're putting on make-up every time they go on stage and that should be annoying and tiring, but that's not an excuse to be boring! The album was produced by singer/songwriter Michael McKnight and that might be the reason for this sound boredom - it happens a lot when the bands are producing themselves or, which is even worse, when one person writes, sings and produces. He sticks to one sound what he believes to be the best for the band and excludes any variety of the music by doing so. Even the fact that the CD was partly produced by Danny Bernini - a man with such wide range of clients as Blondie, Notorious B.I.G. and P. Diddy didn't save the situation. Children Of Chaos fails on its main target - it doesn't encourage the listener to wait for the follow-up. Even though Soulidium try to create some kind of an attitude and have no problem describing their music as your mom naked, their music seems stale, like some bubble-gum you've chewing for a long time. It appears they have more of the image than the music. Or maybe they're trying to cover by provoking behavior the disadvantages of their music? // 6

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