Down On The Upside review by Soundgarden

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  • Released: May 21, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (59 votes)
Soundgarden: Down On The Upside

Sound — 10
This Soundgarden album tends to be more artsy and psychedelic and less metal than the others. I love it. As soon as you pop this record in you can tell its going down a bit of a different path than their huge breakthrough album, Superunknown. I don't know why but this CD sort of fell out of reach from so called "fans" and the mainstream, but honestly I could care less. So what if it isnt played on the radio as much as Superunknown it dosent matter. They still are as good back in '96 as they were back in '84 when they formed. They were still capable as ever, just probably more creative and experienced. I love pschedelic and acoustic flare they add. It gives them a fresh new sound but any fan can tell they still have their signature sound.

Lyrics — 10
Cornell is one of the best ever. Period. Hes up there with Jim Morrison and Robert Plant. His lyrics are dark, creative, inspiring, and fresh. His vocals are, well were, some of the best ever. I mean were because during this time period he started to sound more like the vocalist he is today. And there is nothing bad about his singing, its just that its not as good as it was. Its not what it used to be. He was in his prime from 1989 to 1994. He had a great run, and most cant tell the difference between his vocals of Soundgarden and his vocals in Audioslave, but Soundgarden fans should. Hes getting old and its no big deal but the Cornell I love is when he had the long hair and the grungy attitude. But times changed and so did his voice and because of that he cant go as high as he used to and he cant do his wails. So singing is of course great, just not like it once was.

Overall Impression — 10
With this last cd of theirs its sad to see them go. They disbanded a year later in 1997. The only regret I have of being a fan is that I have never seen them live, because I would have been too young when they were around. They were one of the best and maybe the best band of the 90's. Definatly the best grunge band ever, but they were so much more than that. My favorites as of now are Pretty Noose, Zero Chancec (maybe my favorite), Dusty, Blow Up The Outside World, Burden In My Hand, Never The Machine Forever, Tighter and Tighter, Switch Opens, Overfloater, An Unkind, and Boot Camp. All are great though. If your a new garden' fan get Badmotorfinger or Superunknown first, then move on to the others, which are all great, even though their late 80's material is much harder to find.

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    this is a classic, plus most of the songs have some really different but extremely weird tunings.
    Smashing Riot
    I think they are both very good, but very different singers. Chris can hit the high notes well and Eddie does great with the low notes, so I guess they even each other out...
    Captain Sadler
    Eddie and Chris are both awesome singers, although I wouldn't quite say they're equal. In my opinion, I partially agree with Smashing Riot (above review): I think Chris does fantastic high notes, and Eddie rocks the low end. But, I can honestly say I've heard Chris rock the hell out of the low end as well, and I can't say as much for Eddie with the high notes. That being said, I repeat my initial point: They're both phenomenal singers.
    Yeah they rock but Eddie Vedder is a better singer than Chris Cornell!