Screaming Life/Fopp review by Soundgarden

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1990
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (26 votes)
Soundgarden: Screaming Life/Fopp

Sound — 10
This album represesnts soundgardens pure energy when they first started off. It has and extensive list of songs that represent different types of music: 01. Hunted Down - this has the good grunge sound we are all use to as it's heavy yet slow. 02. Entering - this is another heavy song that is faster than the previous but shows they could play a fast rythme if the wanted to. 03. Tears To Forget - this shows soundgardens punk side and gives has a lot of raw energ just as the first punk bands 04. Nothing To Say - this is a perfect example of soundgardens early brilliance as it's as heavy hitting as outshined with it's slow but heavy riffs and chris cornell powerful lyrics. 05. Little Joe - this is a complete and other experimental song that I quite comical and entertaining as well. 06. Hand Of God - this is a complete early of grunge song that is introducce with a preacheresque recording, and continues at certain parts of the song. It is heavy and shows off kim's skills. 07. Kingdom Of Heaven - the intro to this sng is a lot like blues and early rock n roll song, but then for bit kicks into slowed down heaviness that's is grunge. 08. Swallow My Pride - this song hits you with pure emotion, it's full sound gets you filled with energy as you listen. 09. Fopp - this song is one of the most original songs by soundgarden as it shows off heavily a funk influence on the band, this song also is comical due to the use of the Word Fopp 10. Fopp (Dub) - this is the song befor but mixed around to an extent that it sounds near enough completly different ansd shows off the experimental sound style that was used during that time period.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are powerful nevery song and this is thanks to chris cornells powerful writing skill that even to this day is writing new material. In this album chris cornells powerful voice is shown to it's full extent in some songs, soundgarden fans that are only listening to superunknown and bad motor finger are missing out on the early inging sound of cornells voice as he uses it to express his felling in each song.

Overall Impression — 10
Compared to other albums I think this album is terribly underrated as it shows us the material that helped soundgarden to become the first band to be signed to the sub pop label. The sound of the album is different to other albums as it represents soundgardens early days and the sound that they used for thwere live gigs during that period. There are two songs that should deffinatlty be heard by any soundgarden fan and they are "nothing to say" and "Fopp" the reasons that these are so important are because they show soundgardens early influences by early metal like black sabbath and there willingness at that tme to experiment with there music. The reason I love this album so much is the fact that it is early soundgarden and isnt heard much at all in these days and needs to be recognised more as these songs played a large part in creating what most people know as the seattle scene. If this album was stolen I would buy it again as quickly as possible. This is my first review and would much appriate any feed back that can be given.

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    I believe "Swallow my pride" and "FOPP" are covers, swallow my pride is, i wanna say green river or one of those 800 Seattle bands that shared members, "FOPP" I could be wrong, im not sure
    Flying Afros
    i bought this a few weeks ago at my local shop. awesome album, the sound is so raw and unique.
    shit ill find that album you wait and see UG if I can find Temple of the Dog I can find this I also found Faith No More's Angel Dust
    FYI, Fopp is originally by the Ohio Players. The SG version substitutes '****' for 'fopp' in the song. see for yourself
    Green River's version of Swallow My Pride was a lot more polished, but I think I've always preferred Soundgarden's cause it was so raw haha. And embryoniccell, I wasn't trying to be a dick by that first post, I just thought any album released by the "big 4" grunge/seattle scene bands were common knowledge *shrugs*
    To Thayil, yeah "Swallow my pride" was originally by Green River, not sure about FOPP either. I love "hunted" down though, defines Grunge perfectly
    Man I miss soundgarden. The first album I heard from them was louder than love. I then picked-up ultramega o.k. then badmotorfinger. So I remember there early stuff. I was listening to alot of early thrash when I was a kid and louder than love was a fresh sound. I was starting to get kinda tired of the whole chuga-chuga 100mph lead guitar stuff at the time.
    ThePats wrote: by the way embryoniccell soundgarden was fored in 84/85 and at that time the band members were all in the mid 20's. Just wanted to point that out.
    Straight up, for cornell to have been 17 when it was recorded it would have had to have been recorded in 1981, not 1986 when he was actually 22, he does have a great voice though.
    by the way embryoniccell soundgarden was fored in 84/85 and at that time the band members were all in the mid 20's. Just wanted to point that out.
    hi srry everyone i just creted the account and must of posted this with out signing in. thank you for reading.
    This is a great album! I had never heard it before until a couple of years ago, when a buddy gave it to me to listen to. The fact that soundgarden were so young and that advanced in songwritingis a testament to thier talent. Cornell's voice is mindblowing, even then, he was about 17 when it was recorded. Pukka-VCD, just a question, do you know about every record ever made and know they exist? I think the answer is no, people discover things in their own time, because that is the magic of music, it reaches people for the first time over and over.
    ThePats wrote: hi srry everyone i just creted the account and must of posted this with out signing in. thank you for reading.
    And how, dear sir, did you partake in that?