This Is Spinal Tap review by Spinal Tap

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (13 votes)
Spinal Tap: This Is Spinal Tap

Sound — 10
OK, first off the CD is the soundtrack to the movie, This is Spinal Tap, which was actually meant to be a comedy. However, the music in the DVD was actually written and played by the actors, and actually sounds like real music. The band consists of David St. Hubbins on guitar/vocals, Nigel Tufnel on lead guitar/backup vocals, Derek Smalls on bass, and many different drummers and a keyboardist (can't recall his name, not sure if they mentioned it in the movie, not their actual names). The band's name is Spinal Tap, and they are a hair metal band, so that's what their music is like. Even though it isn't serious, it still rocks, and there could have easily been radio hits off of this CD. Anyone who enjoyed the movie will get a kick out of listening to the soundtrack, since it is the exact music used in the DVD.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on this CD were meant to be funny and stereotypical of hair metal bands, but still sounds good. Some of the songs are hysterical to listen to (Sex Farm, Big Bottom, Hellhole), and all of the songs actually sound like they were written by real rockers, not actors. David's singing fits the music better that anyone else's could, and Nigel speaks a cool narration on Stonehenge that further adds to the mysterious sound of the song.

Overall Impression — 10
My favorite song on this album has to be Hellhole, which is such a catchy song, and my favorite song to laugh at is Gimme Some Money, which is styled after '60s rock, and was actually used in an American Express commercial. Overall, the songs actually sound real, and the only donwside is a couldn't find it in stores, but I got it off Itunes easily enough. Now I'm a little glad I got it off iTunes because if the CD copy is stolen, I still have the music, because I would have to buy it again. This CD is a must if you loved watching the movie, which actually got a rating of 11 out of 10 on like or something like that, and you'll know why that's funny if you watched the movie.

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    JL Sevenfold
    Just re-watched movie for the 800th time, keyboardist's name is Viv Savage, I think.
    JL Sevenfold
    Just re-watched movie for the 800th time, I'm pretty sure the keyboardist's name is Viv Savage.
    not really sure the lyrics are meaningful or not, but pretty interesting, and rhymes interestingly
    thats great that they actually released an album like the one in the movie... ALL BLACK. 5stars - amazing!
    "how much more black can it get?" "its like a pastel black" that movie was so hilarious i have to get this album