Self-Destructive Pattern review by Spineshank

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  • Released: Sep 9, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (10 votes)
Spineshank: Self-Destructive Pattern

Sound — 10
There are songs on this album that sound similar to "The Height of Callousness", but there are also songs which sound completely different. Spineshank use impressive effects and heavy guitar distortion to create a haunting and lasting impression on this, their third studio album. Some songs, like "Smothered" have a more commercial edge to them, whilst others, such as the amazing "Dead To Me" sound as aggressive as anything off the last album. There is also more actual singing on this album, and the style varies a lot more, with quieter songs like "Forgotten".

Lyrics — 10
Everyone knows the story of how this album got delayed, the band's computer exploding half way through the recording stage. It's not surprising, therefore, that the lyrics portray this anger and depression that the guys went through - "We though we were finished" was one quote. There are varied themes, too. For example, whilst the title track conveys the band's dismay at the failing of their electronics and seemingly the end of the band, the awesome "Violent Mood Swings" is a direct attack at the "pop bands on MTV who get their songs written for them". "Stillborn" is written about religion, and the ender, "Dead To Me" was written when the album had finally been put back on track, and it was the guys' way of saying that all the depression and defeat that had tried to drag them down through the recording stages had gone away. An angry song, but actually a positive one?! The vocals are fantastic, as always. Great singing, great screaming.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, this is an amzing album. Personally, I think it's better than "THOC", but it does vary a lot more in style, becoming a bit more accessible. My favourite tracks are "Violent Mood Swings", "Smothered", "Dead To Me" and "Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive)". The lyrics and sound can easily be understood, yet the guitars are just as heavy and violent. It's definitely worth buying, and what's so great about it is the fact that you can listen to every song straight through, there's no filler whatsoever. Clearly the band's setback fired them up to produce a greater album, 'cos they did just that.

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