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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (9 votes)
Spinnerette: Spinnerette

Sound — 9
Who started this trend to club-ify punk is under debate, but what is undeniable is that Spinnerette are excellent at stoking its flames. The group's self-titled debut album from Anthem Records is proof of their wickedness to stir heady emotions in their audiences and magnify the level of excitement. With the hard rock snarls of Joan Jett and the melodically encrusted swivels of Blondie's Debbie Harry, lead singer Brody Dalle is the captain of this rules-be-damned fleet consisting of Alain Johannes, Tony Bevilacqua, and Jack Irons. The quartet runs through a gamut of club-faceted tracks from the orchestral overtones and country twang of the guitar chords in Impaler to the soaring riffs and slow quivering beats of The Walking Dead and the ragged distortions that pepper A Prescription For Mankind. Spinnerette splatter their punk grooves with club motifs that accentuate their power pop propulsion and glam-rock shrubbery. The chorus-line kicks of Sex Bomb amplify the punk-racked vibrations to a glam-rock pitch, and the synth rock ducts of Driving Song produce a rotating action that stimulates the lust factor in the listener's hormones to a heighten level. The bouts of lusty pumping along Rebellious Palpitations fires off rippling discharges, and the swirling synths twisting and sailing across Cupid and Baptized By Fire are pierced by shooting guitar sparks. The ridged flusters crackling along A Spectral Suspension have a molten beating, and the soft inclines in the lambent sensations railing Distorting A Code have a malleable feel. Dalle's vocals can be as coarse as sandpaper rubbing again your skin or as mellifluous as the lilting tones of a sweet siren. She shifts and shapes her vocals to the conditions of the songs, and makes them jump at the listener.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics have a recurring theme of seeking greener pastures like in Baptized By Fire as Dalle touts, I'll be sailing on / I'm going to the Sun. The words give closure to open wounds like in Driving Song when Dalle professes, If all the love in this world isn't enough Who do you trust? / So long my friend / We'll never meet again. And sometimes Dalle becomes combative like in Cupid where she asserts, Don't say that you aim to please / Don't say that you love, and in A Prescription For Mankind as she spouts, Are you going to teach me the lessons of life? Dalle's vocals are like decorative tiles on a clean canvass, she gives these songs a flashy persona that others would ideally like emulate.

Overall Impression — 9
Spinnerette's self-titled debut album is a synthesis of club and punk motifs making the songs a modern glam-rock hybrid. The music heightens sensations while keeping to a generic power pop formation. No matter how trendy the music may sound, Dalle's vocals give these tracks a bold persona that others would ideally like to follow. The tracks have a smoothness that buffers the toughness in Dalle's vocals, and melodically coats the tunes to a power pop grinding. Spinnerette have made an album that pumps up audiences, and showcases a vocalist who can make something bold and fiery out of a clean sheet of canvass.

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    The Distillers were better yeah But its Brody Dalle, so you gotta love it. Shes got an awesome voice, and shes ****in hot! Although she is married to Josh Homme who is a dick. I'll have to listen to this album in full i think...
    This album is pretty much awful. I was never huge on the Distillers, but Coral Fang was an overall great album. This album, however, is monotonous. It's sort of sad because their earlier EP made it look like this album had promise. It was at least a little diverse. The sad thing though is that the best song on this album is the second best song on the EP. It seems to me like Brody's just trying to sell a product, but she's got a problem because she doesn't have a proper audience that she's trying to get to buy the album. Distillers fans will hate it, QOTSA fans will think it's lightweight. It's generic and trendy, but I don't think the pop kids'll buy into it either.
    Great review, awesome album. I'm a massive Eleven fan so Alain and Jack can do no wrong to me, but I always thought the distillers were crap. Brody's vox mixed with Alain's genuis guitar work are stunning, I think this is a brilliant album, Brody's come on in leaps and bounds from the distillers samey chord-heavy noise. Long may Spinnerette rock.
    Somnambulance : Distillers fans will hate it, QOTSA fans will think it's lightweight. It's generic and trendy, but I don't think the pop kids'll buy into it either.
    Yeah, that's what I think too. Not quite pop enough to sell, not heavy enough for QOTSA and too far away from the Distillers' stuff to appeal to those fans. I got the feeling that Brody was trying to do something interesting, but her execution of it is off. It just doesn't fit in anywhere. But I guess some people like that kind of quality? Either way, it's just not for me.