Palabas review by Sponge Cola

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (101 votes)
Sponge Cola: Palabas

Sound — 9
Well, I had to say this band is definitely the best student band in the Philippines. And so I just wrote this review in English, so that I CD negotiate it with the world. Now, moving on, you will first here Yael's voice singing: "Halika na... iyong lunurin ang problema't kalimutan." It says that in order to get the thought of the album, you must forget all your worries and problems. Then, you'll get to hear some popular songs of them: "K.L.S.P.", "Lunes", "On The Floor", "Una", "Dragon Fly", and the 2 best songs of them all. "Gemini", which is the soundtrack of "Romeo And Juliet" and "Jeepney", our neighbor's favorite song. Then the last track, "Closure", which begins with a door being shut, says that the man does not recognize the girl anymore, "I don't remember how we were." The repackaged album adds another track after this: the piano version of "Gemini". I have to say Yael has a better voice in this one than the instrumental version.

Lyrics — 9
Yes, the lyrics of Yael (and the other bandmates on other songs) are great for lovers. It really combines with Armo's guitar playing, Gosh's bass guitar playing, and the drum playing of Chris. I liked all the lyrics of the songs except for "22". It has just a great solo.

Overall Impression — 10
They often compare Sponge CD to Hale, but I think Sponge CD is better. I am really, really impressed on "Dragon Fly" for the instrumentals and lyrics as well. The stuff that I love about this album is just Yael's voice and Armo's guitar-playing. I gave this CD to my cousin for his birthday, and the songs in the CD are all stored in my PC. So it's up to my cousin if he'll lost it.

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    i beg to disagree.. Yael, for me, is the worst vocalist ever of any pinoy band ive heard. although their lyrics and sounds are great Yael's voice usually ruins it. i dont know but his voice doesnt really fit.
    tnx!!! to: Drew11 ok lang si yael, kapag pop ang hilig mo; pero kung mga bamboo at slapshock ang tipo mo, yun nga, aayawan mo sya...
    i really, really love SPONGE COLA!!!! and yael is sooooo cute and smart!!! you rock guys!!!!!
    d best tlga ang sponge cola..lalo na c yael..wlang kokontra..hehe..
    Drew11 wrote: i beg to disagree.. Yael, for me, is the worst vocalist ever of any pinoy band ive heard. although their lyrics and sounds are great Yael's voice usually ruins it. i dont know but his voice doesnt really fit.
    hey, look; there are Sponge Cola fans at your door, shovels, pitchforks and shotguns in hand! i respect your opinion, kaso hindi ba parang medyo below-the-belt yang mga sinabi mo? kung puro ingay nga gusto mo (like what f1f2 said), eh di mo maaappreciate ang music ng Sponge Cola. personally, i like their songs, most especially Gemini. next time, LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS WELL. Lalo ung message nung songs. Yael's rather raspy voice doesn't mean na hindi siya marunong kumanta. o sige, kung hindi siya marunong kumanta para sayo, then try to contemplate the lyrics.
    opo malufet tlaga... kumpleto ko p nga ung palabas, LP album at ung Transit nila eh
    It's a different version of Jillian I'm a SC fan and I liked sponge cola beacuse of their lyrics first!!!! After diving into the lyrics you will understand why the vocals are like that.. Get contained with the lyrics first... If you have a better version of their songs post it on you tube and let us all see if you are better.. To those SC haters don't judge them right away they took their lyrics from their own experience and from people around them and not just for the reason of making a song. How could you quetion ones experience and find you're own tune and melody for them.. It's how they feel and I closely relate to the emotions in the song and I find the vox, guitar and all perfect for it... I have to admit there are still different ways to sing there song and any other song just like Jillian where the sound of the song in the link above is far different from the album version and another is Gemini where there is a piano version but it doesn't mean that one version is already superior or inferior compared to the other... "BEFORE YOU SAY "BROTHER THERE'S A SPECK OF DUST IN YOUR EYE" REMOVE THAT PIECE OF WOOD FROM YOUR OWN EYE FIRST" They are not perfect but don't hate them just for the reason that you don't like the vox.. I dislike songs which don't realate to me are lyrics which are senseless. but I never discourage those who like them.. the only time I discourage is when the lyrics are destructive and demonic... think and reflect first..
    contemplate the lyrics?? HAHAHA! what's there to contemplate! their lyrics = balls raspy voice? that's not raspy! get your adjectives straight. he can't sing. period. all their songs are poorly composed. have they done anything new? nope. it's a shame that this band has two reviews here in UG. but other bands like Bamboo, Urbandub, or Sultans of Snap don't. a shame i tell you.
    Ahmmm... wala ako masabi... Hahaha... I saw Yael... S recording studio nila sa may taong, marikina. Simple lng xa, gwapings nga, panis ako. Gus2 ko din mga songs nila.... PnkaFave ko ung revive nila ng APO hit na san na nga bang barkada.... wew...