Chapter V review by Staind

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  • Released: Aug 9, 2005
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.2 (113 votes)
Staind: Chapter V

Sound — 6
The sound was absolutly incredible. Staind has reached new heights. I absolutly loved this album. To me, this album was much like Break The Cycle. There was everything from beautiful harmonics, to crunchy, heavy distortion. This album was a #1 pick for a reason. The album was also very well mixed in that it starts with a bang, and leaves you craving for more. This band has really come a long way since their debut album. There were a couple of songs though that seemed ackward in that the tone of the singer and the guitars didnt match up, and there seemed to be some times where there would be huge tempo changes that almost made you think another song began. Every song seemed like it was packed full of emotion, but sometimes their emotions are all but nice. Either way, this albums is one of the better ones of the year so far.

Lyrics — 7
01. Run Away - this was a pretty good opener, it really got me into the album, a lot of talent was shown to me in this peice 4/5. 02. Right Here - if you ask me, this was the best song on the whole CD. It made some serious sense. When I say that, I mean that they really expressed how they felt. This is a most wonderful tune. Excellent lyrics 5/5. 03. Paper Jesus - this song just screams bad karma. It was very poorly written, and it really had a bad message. Everything that could possibly be bad about this song happend. There was zero tone, zero harmony, and zero taste. Everything was messed up 1/5. 04. Schizophrenic Conversations - not an overly impressive peice. It was lfairly lackluster. Maybe some will like it, I just really could not get into it 2/5. 05. Falling - this was a decent song. This is one of those songs where the singer was a bit off from the rest of things. It was well thought out, though. I'll give it that 3/5. 06. Cross To Bear - this is a very original peice. The singer did his best work here, I believe. It had a very amusing intro. For some reason though, this peice left just a little to be desired. They had a good idea though, it just needed a little tweaking 3/5. 07. Devil - not a bad song at all. This is a emotion laden song. Aaron did very good work here. His lyrics were sharp and harmonious 4/5. 08. Please - well done tune. The singer kept with everything. Very emothional and it had a progression here that seemed to build in intensity. The outro was awesome, and it seemed like if that song harder, the cd player would explode 4/5. 09. Everyrhing Changes - decent accoustic intro with very melodic vocals, then the electrics burst in a with a soulful punch. Overall good song 3/5. 10. Take This - this is the best of the slow songs on the record. Vocals arent bad, Aaron seems to croon and whine more than usual in this. That doesnt appeal to me as much, but I know people who like that kinda thing 3/5. 11. King Of All Excuses - this song is one of the crunchiest on the album, has a powerful chorus that really gets the blood flowin'. There is some excellent screaming towards the end of it, but they nearly made parts of the song to blas'e. It was a close shave on this one, but it gets the thumbs up 4/5. 12. Reply - this peice has a grade A chorus that will bring a tear to every rockers eye. It also has some kinda spectatular intro and verse that almost sounds kind of westernish. This is a fantastic way to finish off the record. After this song ended and the cd ended, I thought "wow, I've just been rocked" 5/5.

Overall Impression — 7
This album was #1 for a reason. It started off well, and ended on a good note. That is somthing most bands never can accomplish. I love that this record had some of the best riffs I have ever heard. I hate that this cd is basically a repeat of Break the Cycle and that there was this spell of terrible songs (Paper Jesus and Schizofrenic Converstions). Right Here was without a doubt the best and most impressive of the bunch. It's hard to compare Staind to anyone else, because they really have their own sound, lyric style, and beat that no one else really has. If I had to name another album, I would say it would be 'We Are Not Alone' by Breaking Benjamin. If this album were stolen or lost, I would probably replace it.

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