Chapter V review by Staind

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  • Released: Aug 9, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (113 votes)
Staind: Chapter V

Sound — 9
Staind never fails to amaze me. No album is alike but all sound awesome and Staind really gets me with the lyrics. I am so attached to Aaron's lyrics b/c they are all true stories (with the exception of two songs off of "Tormented"). I really can cope with their lyrics b/c I've been through alot of the shit they sing about and have said most of it myself too. I can always listen to Staind no matter what mood I'm in. Each album has a different mood. Tormented, which I really don't listen to much, is like a release of extreme anger. I always listen to "Dysfunction" when I'm pissed or to get adrenaline pumping in me. "Break the Cycle" was more of a things-are-comming-together-album. I listen to it when I need an honest release of anger or saddening emotion on a level of a kind of nice "f--k you" to people who has hurt me or I've hurt and still feel guilt about. "14 Shades Of Grey" was a very down to earth emotional album to me. It deals with the death of a friend ("Layne" of alice in chains) and the birth of a daughter and how far they have come and how burdens and torment were starting to go away (hence "so far away"). "14 Shades Of Grey" brings tears to my eyes. I can listen to it for inspirational purposes. "Chapter V" was almost a small combination of each album, in my opinion. I deals with some of the same stresses of the other albums. It reminds me that there is always a way out (besides the dark alternatives). I have the limited edition which has some bonus tracks and a dvd and lyrics to all Staind songs released on a Staind album. I like the use of acoustic throughout the album (especially the limited edition) and then suddenly a turn to something angry and heavy. This album is almost like a push to stay on my feet. It reminds me that it's not easy to stay on your feet or get back up on your feet (hence "Falling"). Mushok kinda went a more alternative way on some songs but still reminds us of the pounding riffs of Staind as well.

Lyrics — 10
I kind of through it all together in that one paragraph didn't I? Well anyway, as I said, Staind is who they are to me b/c of their lyrics. If you were to put Manson's lyrics w/Staind's music then I wouldn't even listen to it. Or for that matter Staind's lyrics with manson's music, I still wouldn't bother with it. Another words their lyrics and music come together perfectly as one. Their lyrics has actually pushed me to do things or get through things I never thought were possible and I mean all Staind albums when I say this.

Overall Impression — 9
The best way to sum it up is label it a materpiece. After all it is their third album in a row to hit #1 on it's release. Their live show is what actually made me even such a bigger fan as to go out and get this album. They sound just like the album live and they play songs from all albums and not just the hits. It's pure adrenaline to me. Go out and get Chapter V limited edition. If it were lost or stolen, I don't know. I think I'll burn a copy of it (since it is legal to make one copy for personal use or back up only). That solves that, but I would buy it again.

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    This is a GREAT album. IMO this is the best album they have came out with it is nothing less than a work of art. My favorite songs on the album are Please, and King of all Excuses.
    Reply will make you feel every single word and beat, its so powerful. My favourite song at the moment. And the person who stated that Skirling guitars on other songs complete the band's "emo" status. shut up. they are so far away from emo its untrue. They are one of the only bands left that keep true to themselves. and i repspect them for it.
    Staind 4 Life
    Well said Henneh, loads of respect for staind for not selling out like a lot of other bands out there, this is there 5 incredible album including dysfunction and tormented, Staind are amazing
    I thought this album by far was their greatest step foward. And the reason why I think this is cuz this set Staind apart from other bands that they can do what they've always accomplished and taking a bold step foward to what they wanted to creat with the new album. A bunc of critcs say that they are going soft, but Staind is fully aware of it. At, Mike Mushok ,their guitarist, specificaly states that they want to try and creat lighter prettier stuff. It's not what a metal origin band would do. But thye creat the music. We hear it, We appreciate their voice to be heard. And we are all happy that they will continue to be the band that we all know and love. I mean come on, not the whole album is created with pretty riffs and solos. Take "King Of All Excuses" and "Falling", this proves that they have a fight left to battle and they are giving it all they got. And when they finally succeed, you get the hits like "Everything Changes", "Take This", and "Right Here". Chapter V is a great album backed up with Mike's amazing guitar abilities and Aaron Lewis's meaningful lyrics. Sorry that this review is so long but I wantd to show everyone that think Staind is going soft that they are wrong. They have a fight that is left to be settled and it will continue until they finally get rid of it all.