Dysfuction Review

artist: Staind date: 04/18/2011 category: compact discs

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Staind: Dysfuction
Released: Apr 13, 1999
Genre: Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 9 It's probably the most powerful Staind's album. It's the favorite one to many fans, and the most hard one.
 Sound: 9.8
 Lyrics: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 9.8
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
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overall: 9.3
Dysfuction Reviewed by: Night_Soul, on october 23, 2003
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Sound: It's probably the most powerful Staind's album of those 4. Maybe as much as Tormented but with more quality. There is pratically no acoustic guitar except in "Home" and "Excess Bagagge". Anyways, it's damn powerful, no solos but very hard riffs. A lot of screaming and singing. // 10

Lyrics: As said, lots of screaming but lot of singing too. Aaron Lewis lyrics have allways been deep and in this album he talks about all the bad stuff in his life. It's exactly the oposite of "So Far Away". // 8

Overall Impression: It's the favorite one to many fans, and the most hard one. My personal favorites are Suffocate, Me, Home, Mudshovel, Crawl and Excess Bagagge (it's an acoustic hidden track, though.) It's great when you fell down and you want to let it all out. I was not sure of buying because I didn't know Staind very well. But today, they are my favorite band EVER! And you better damn buy... Like people say: This is the S***! // 10

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overall: 10
Dysfuction Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 18, 2004
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Sound: GREAT sound...This is how Alt Metal SHOULD be done...the CD is SOLID throughout the 9 (10) songs, it Slams from beginning to end. John (Drummer) Shows off his usual "spunky" Playing, while the Rest of the band Hits HARD w/ mind blowing heavy hooks and riffs... // 10

Lyrics: Aaron Lewis is Such an Amazing Singer!!! I hate how in their later albums he dosn't show off as much. Regardless, He shows his vocal 'prowess' on this album. Aarons voice matches the music perfectly! Showing that he can ligitamitly sing, and has mastered his screaming skills to add to the songs where needed. And like always, Staind has some Deep and meaningful lyrics, the lyrics to Dysfunction however are More Brooding, Murky, dark (etc..) than that of those on their other albums... // 10

Overall Impression: WOW! First off I know this CD has been out forever, but I didn't see a review for it so...here's my opinion! I've Bought this CD 5 times, (2 because of breakage or loss in some way, and the rest for other people) I absolutely LOVE IT! the only problem is...The length of the CD, running @ about 40 minutes, and w/ 9 tracks, (10, there's one hidden one) it's one that I would have liked to go on Forever...Buy It If You Dont Already Own It! This Is Staind @ Their Best! // 10

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overall: 10
Dysfuction Reviewed by: masterometal666, on march 12, 2007
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Sound: Heaviest Staind album besides Tormented, which doesn't count due to the fact that it's so ridiculously hard to find. The difference here iss that Tormented was a rather harsh album from what I've heard of it, where as Dysfunction is a more refined and perfected art of the metal onslaught that used to be Staind. The song "Crawl" has one of the best uses of harmonics I have ever heard in my lifetime. Amazing riffs and amazingly tight music makes this a must-have in any staind or metal fan's collection. // 10

Lyrics: Same old Staind that most of us are used to, but Aaron makes more use of his good screaming voice and the low-end growling that he can pull out when he chooses to. The lyrics seem to hold a theme, but I can't be sure. Mostly deals with real-life issues, and it all holds together in a way that still keeps you interested. // 10

Overall Impression: Best Staind album ever. Start to finish it's just pure gold. I absolutely am addicted to tracks 5-11. The rest is amazing as well, but these are my favorites. It is hard to find anything negative to say about this album, and I wouldn't even be stupid enough to lose it in the first place. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Dysfuction Reviewed by: IbanezKorn, on may 19, 2010
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Sound: This is Dysfunction by Staind. It is their first album, not counting "Tormented", which was self released by the band. Here I will go through and review/rate every individual track. 01. Suffocate: one of my favorites from the album. The song starts off with a chord which progressively gets louder, then leads into the intro riff. This is a great song because, like many Staind songs, it fuses melody and heavy guitar riffs. 8.5/10 02. Just Go: one of the weaker songs off the album. It is definitely not bad, but not great. 7/10 03. Me: probably my favorite song off the album. It isn't as heavy as some of the songs, for instance the opener "Suffocate", or the track following this one, "Raw", but it is very melodic and powerful. 10/10 04. Raw: one of the best on the album. The song has to be one of, if not the heaviest song on the album. It has heavy guitar riffs, great vocals provided by Aaron Lewis, and is all around a great song. 9.5/10 05. Mudshovel: starting out with a catchy but simple Bass line, "Mudshovel" is recognized today as one of Staind's biggest songs. Its simple but great. 8.5/10 06. Home: good song. Not great, but better then mediocre. It is the only song featuring Aaron Lewis playing the acoustic guitar, but as Staind has evolved, acoustics have become a big part of Staind and their biggest hits. It isn't as good as, say, "Me" or "Raw", but it is none the less a good song, and a good addition to the album. 7.5/10 07. A Flat: this is a another not great, not bad song. The song contains great parts, like the bridge, but aside from those little glimpses of greatness, has become just another track. There is no doubt this is a good song, but it isn't the best on the album. 8/10 08. Crawl: it contains one of the best and most unique riffs on the album, that being the intro riff. During the chorus it gets a little soft, with some kind of synth thing going on. The bridge takes the heaviness of the intro riff and adds to it. 8.5/10 09. Spleen: this is another good song. It starts with an awesome, complex drum intro, and rolls into an awesome, heavy riff. Then comes the vocals. Aaron gives his awesome, but rare growl. It gets a little repetitive, which is really bad because this song could have been better if they just let up on the line "Can't breath, shut up, shut up", which they repeat in between every other line during the verses, but none the less, its a good song. 8/10 Hidden Track: Excess Baggage: this is a hidden track, which starts around 11 or 12 minutes after "Spleen" ends. Its all Aaron in this one, singing and playing the acoustic guitar. Thats all there really is to say about the song. Its pretty basic, but none the less an awesome acoustic track. 8.5/10 // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are great. Aaron Lewis is great at writing lyrics, a lot of them are dark and depressing, but this is a Metal record, what did you expect? When you listen to them, it feels like Aaron is telling you everything going wrong in his life, like in a personal conversation. But, with all lyrics, and all types of music, it all depends on what floats your boat. I think the lyrics and the music compliment each other. In some songs like "Me" the lyrics are really depressing, dark, and melodic, just like the guitar riffs. // 10

Overall Impression: I would definitely recommend this album. Its all around a great album. Its got a little of everything, heavy stuff, melodic stuff, acoustic stuff. I would say the best songs on the album are "Me" and "Raw". The weakest would be "Just Go", in my opinion of course. But over all every song on the album is good, some are just better then others. The thing I love about the record is the variety. If I want to listen to something heavy, I'll skip to "Raw" or "Crawl". If I wanna listen to something dark and melodic I can listen to "Me". If I wanna listen to an acoustic song I can play "Excess Baggage". There is so much great music packed into one album. That what makes this album stand out. If it was stolen or lost, I would *try* to find another copy. It took me about 8 months of looking around until I actually found this album, but it is well worth the wait. // 9

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overall: 10
Dysfuction Reviewed by: HoverFan#1, on april 18, 2011
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Sound: Singer Aaron Lewis was actually suicidal during this era of Staind, with "Tormented" and "Dysfunction", but it really contributed to a lot of great songs! The screaming still sounds awesome too. Although the lyrics are less morbid than "Tormented", this is where Aaron hit the "bottom of [his] little world", but then he decided to just let it all go. This is also Staind's first album to feature baritone guitars. 01. "Suffocate": I couldn't think of anything for this one :( 02. Just Go: Or this one. :( 03. "Me": Here's a song about Aaron's family. This one has a pretty creepy riff. 04. "Raw": This has one of my favorite riffs on the album. And the part at about 2:50 is awesome! 05. "Mudshovel": This is the better version of "Mudshuvel" in my opinion. 06. "Home": This is the first Staind song where Aaron plays guitar. 07. "A Flat": "All the demons in my head won't leave me..." That part rocks! 08. "Crawl": This one has another one of my favorite riffs on the album. 2:45 rules! 09. "Spleen": My other favorite album riff. I love the guitar at 3:10! 10. "Excess Baggage": This is probably the saddest song Staind has ever done. // 10

Lyrics: These lyrics are some of the best I've ever heard! A7X's "Nightmare", Staind's "Tormented", Ozzy's "Black Rain", Metallica's "Load", and Tool's "Lateralus" are the other ones that have awesome lyrics all the way through. The riffs go perfect with the lyrics, and Aaron's screaming and singing are awesome! // 10

Overall Impression: All the songs are very impressive, but I guess "Home" and "A Flat" are the best ones. I love this entire album. If I lost it, or if it was stolen, I'd just buy it again. I wouldn't make like Pee Wee Herman and stop at nothing to find it lol! But yeah, I'd look for it before buying it again. // 10

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