The Illusion Of Progress review by Staind

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  • Released: Aug 19, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (68 votes)
Staind: The Illusion Of Progress

Sound — 8
The Illusion of Progress follows the same principle of Chapter V and Dysfuction. Every song sounds very similar. The Way I am is led into by This Is It, and if you were to listen to those at the same time, you would notice that they have the same chord structure. G, B, D, and A augmentations are flying everywhere in every song, so it is easy to get into it, and the songs will get stuck in your head. The CD was created on account of singer Aaron Lewis coming up with some good lyrics, and since they had no idea when they would make their next album, they all came together to make Illusion in early-mid 2008. Staind uses the full-song distortion, and their trademark acoustic intro to distorted verse style. Though the songs have the same basic chord structure, the album is still easy to get into, because of the fantastic solos, or because you get a good feeling from either the majestic guitar playing, or the words themselves. And, like I just stated, the guitarplay in this album is awesome.

Lyrics — 8
The lyricism of Illusioin is the basic pissed-off mentality of Aaron Lewis, sent to you in a naturally easy-going way. There is an expletive in every song, but what really good band hasn't thrown around a couple of words before? The lyrics and music go along, like they always do with Staind, like bread and butter. Aaron Lewis can go from edgy, low tones to a long strain of high notes in this album. He truly shows talent that we have heard before in such albums as Break the Cycle.

Overall Impression — 8
Illusion isn't one of a kind, but it is a great album. If you liked Cold, Smashing Pumpkins, and/or Audioslave, then you will enjoy Illusion a lot. The most impressive songs from the album are The Way I am, just from the beautiful lyricism, Believe, because it reminds you of vintage Staind, which I, personally, can't get enough of, and Save Me, just because of the interverted chords that Staind never really uses. I love the good sounds that you can only get from Staind, but I hate the fact that it is $11.99 on i-Tunes. It is certainly worth it, but for people that like Staind, you should atleast make it a fair price. If it were stolen or lost, which is impossible because I would never let it out of my sight, then yes, I would buy it again. All depending on how much $ I have in my wallet.

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    Hi my name is:
    When you ask for the old days back that's kinda... dumb. It's like asking for the same shit wrapped in a different package. Almost like if you had a broken car, then someone took it and gave it a new paint job and gave it back to you, it looks nice, but it's still the same broken junk heap. Almost every single time, no matter who it is, a bands sound is going to change, hell they might even jump to a different genre, you never know. I personally think a band shouldn't be compared to their old stuff to judge whether it's good or not, but just the sound of it by itself in general. Pretend they never made any other cds, and ask yourself, "does this sound good?" If not, well this band/sound isn't for you anymore. Just my two cents.
    well i cant believe i actually heard a guitar solo in one of the songs on this cd.i was like "wow?! staind actually used a guitar solo?? thats different" i give them alot of credit for that.i only listened to a few of the songs, and they were ok.but i ****ing hate "believe" its the only on that sounds like some of their other songs.and i hate it when bands do that..*cough..nickelback...cough*
    tim311mahoney wrote: I saw Staind back in 1999 right around when their first album hit. They ruled and Aaron punched a crowd surfer like 5 times because the dude was grabbing onto him... What happened to those days?
    Yeah, because when you hit mainstream, you're not supposed to act differently right? Instead of being in front of a crowd of a few 100,000 people they're in front of millions...Guaranteed if Aaron Lewis punched a crowd surfer these days, he'd have consequences for it. As if he has enough problems trying to be a good father to his three kids and a good husband to his wife. Just accept the fact that people grow up. Like "Hi my name is" said.
    It's like asking for the same shit wrapped in a different package. Almost like if you had a broken car, then someone took it and gave it a new paint job and gave it back to you, it looks nice, but it's still the same broken junk heap.
    okay guys, this band is amazing. and this album really shows aarons true musical abilities, so lets all enjoy this amazing album