Cannibal review by Static-X

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  • Released: Apr 3, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.4 (50 votes)
Static-X: Cannibal

Sound — 7
OK. I boyght this album about three days ago, and in honesty, on the first listen, I thought to myself, "What the hell! I think I bought a CD full of fillers!" It starts of all heavy, but I can't help but admit that every song begins to sound the same. The sound is great, I love their Industrial Metal Heaviness, and in further inspection, the CD becomes bareable after a few listens. Personally, Cannibal, Chemical Logic, and maybe Destroyer are the only songs I really like, but everything sounds like fillers crambed into a CD! I feel there was a lack of effort put into this CD!

Lyrics — 6
OK, has anyone really read the lyrics while listening to the song? If you havn't, then maybe you should, you will realize something. I could have wrote this! That is not a compliment, my english is bad enough, listening to this album makes me go brain dead, and not because it's Heavy. The chorus is almost always the same, Wayne Static just screaming the song title over again. Now, I love Wayne Static, the guys got a unique singing style, but someone please give him some lyrics to sing, not just words! The only time Wayne actually roles with the song is in Destroyer. But even that, he says, "Oh! You do it again! Destroyer!" over and over again, I don't mind it all that much, it does get annoying though.

Overall Impression — 6
This album is not a must buy, it's amazing that it is even on the billboard charts! Now, in Chemical Logic, the guitarists could have done more than a simple riff! Everytime I listen to it I think, "Hey, I can play that on my guitar!" That isn't a compliment either. They must be one of the easiest bands to play a guitar too! So basically, you can tell I am most disappointed. I have Start A War and that isn't great but it's better than this CD. If someone were to steal this album from me, I would just laugh while I watched them run away. Oh! one more thing! I was so disappointed with this CD that I went back and bought the Pantera greatest Hits CD, I should have bought that instead, but I spent nearly 30 dollars on both CD's. Thank you Static-X, you guys are the masters of making money off almost descent albums!

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    i gave it a listen and the sons sounded all the same but meh still its a good album
    Shadowzone was there best.....they will never top that album....start a war was there worst.....havent heard the new one yet...gonna get it soon tho
    This album really kicks ass and the songs No Submission and Cuts You Up are my favorite two songs from the album. Kick ass solos and heavy guitar riffs is what makes this album one of their greatest.
    Come on people, Static-X's new Cd is beast. Don't hate. If you don't like this stuff, you don't know what metal is so you should probably go back to listening your little emo and screamo. Thank you Static-X for keeping it heavy.
    White And Nerdy
    Good album, Favorite songs are probably: Cannibal, Chemical Logic, Destroyer, and Electric Pulse. Solo's are pretty awesome.
    Overall impression = impressed, worth the buy, not sure if its thier best album but its something different, i love it!
    im not a major static X fan, but i've heard their other CD's. Wisconsin Death Trip, Shadow Zone, Machine, and Start a War all of them have some kick@$$ songs, and of course filler songs also. Cannibal is no exception. the first song i heard from the CD was NO SUBMISSION, i was blown away. its fast, heavy, and kicks ur face in. the nice little solo in there was icing on the cake, it was amazing. although i am happy with solos in their songs, they coulda done better on the overall playing. one guitar riff, monotonous bass lines, random lyrics, but good drum parts. albeit my favorite song of theirs is still PUSH IT with NO SUBMISSION in a close 2nd place, a nice "effort" on Static-X's part
    ohmerrymayhem wrote: ...The only person on this album who deserves a gold star is the drummer. He's phenominal...
    Lol, yeah. Hard to believe he was in Seether once!
    Only just bought the album. I can already tell that 'Destroyer', 'Cuts you up', 'Forty ways' and ' Team hate' are going to be some Classic-X