Cult Of Static review by Static-X

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  • Released: Mar 17, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (27 votes)
Static-X: Cult Of Static

Sound — 8
When I popped this CD in, I wasn't too sure of what to expect. They are most well-known for faster guitars, a lot of electronic samples and very rhythmatic vocals. I was a little surprised at what I heard. This is probably one of their most "musical" albums ever. They use a lot more chords, harmonies and a little more melody in the vocals. They still have some pretty heavy riffs and a lot of synths/samples but it's more structured than any other of their albums. Another thing that makes "Cult Of Static" so different from the others is that the tempos of the songs are all different.

Lyrics — 10
Wayne Static always impresses me. He has one of the most recognizable voices in the hard rock/"nu metal" world. The buzzsaw tone that he has, and the fast rhythms of his lyrics. This album is not that different, but the one thing that I love about this album vocally is that he's tying in the different vocal styles from previous albums. As always, it's a little difficult to understand the lyrics but from what I can understand, they definitely fit with the music.

Overall Impression — 8
Cult Of Static is up there. Not their best effort, but I think they have found their sound. Since Shadow Zone, they have done "different" albums. I think the best part of the album is definitely the musicality. Another thing that hasn't disappointed me are Ken's guitar solos. Back when he was first in the band, he really didn't do anything but since Cannibal, he has been the star. The songs that definitely made me enjoy the album were Skinned, Grind 2 Halt and Isolaytore. The only thing that turns me off is the guest solo from Dave Mustaine. I was hoping for a killer solo, but it was just a plain Jane solo. I wouldn't buy this album again, but I would save it on my computer for a rainy day. If you like Static-X then this album might be for you. Like I said, it's much different but if you get a chance, you will enjoy it.

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    This album sounds like Wayne wrote it for Tera high school. But it's alright.
    DamageMachine wrote: was I the only one who thought the sound production was terrible?
    No you were not
    Sleepwalker 666
    I think Lunatic was the only good song on the entire album...come on Static, you can do better that this.
    Eh, I'm half and half with this album, this is SHIT compared to their other albums but after 5 or 6 or so continuous good albums, I'll give em a break. But this is what happens when you marry a pornstar.
    White-Trash Wil
    i like this album but they could have done with out the solos, not needed, if they want a solo , they should have done something like the bridge of The Only
    BodomJordan wrote: I actually liked the CD. Dave Mustaines solo was pretty good too.
    That solo did not fit the song whatsoever... Mustaine deserved a better song to lay it down on. Though Static-X has arguably got more "talented" since Start A War, I still think Shadow Zone and prior the best. The new stuff just the same ol' boring songs. One of those bands that should have called it a day... ages ago.
    dude i dont know what the hell ur all talking about!! i loved this album its my most favorite album aside from WDT. Every song stood out to me and i still cant get Hypure out of my head. Dave Mustaines solo was great and Waynes voice is better than ever! you all need to give it a chance and come out of your musical comas
    This album has it's moments, but they are just too few. They found their sound with Cannibal, and here they just sort of lost it again. Except for the solo's. Actually, a lot of parts of the solo's sound as if they're the exact same parts as in the solo's on the Cannibal album,,
    What's with all of these bands coming out with new albums ALL AT THE SAME TIME?
    mattimeo13 wrote: This was easily their worst album to date. It sounds like Cannibal without the solos, speed, or hooks. Terrible.
    +1!!!!! Even worse then Shadow Zone. What a terrible album. Nothing remotely good about it. No stand out songs. Just a really crappy album. What the hell happened to this band?
    JRowe3388 wrote: This album was so boring.
    It grows on you a bit. Give it a couple times around
    sansaat wrote: Static-x can do better than that
    I sadly agree with you. There are a couple killer tracks (Z28, Stingwray), but for the most part this album just feels rushed. I can tell Static is making some improvements on their musical ability and writing, but it is progressing too slowly and just ends up sounding contrived. Oh well, I have all their other albums to keep me satisfied until they produce a better follow up....hopefully.
    This was easily their worst album to date. It sounds like Cannibal without the solos, speed, or hooks. Terrible.
    DAVE!!! When I was at Gigantour in Long Beach last year, I saw Wayne standing in the soundboard section with his woman, and between songs Dave waved at him and said hey man.
    I like this cd but the songs arent really memorable and they dont stick in your head.
    Corey Taylor
    Kelicon wrote: Tera-Fied is the only song that even remotely stood out to me... hate to say it, but agreed, Static-X can do way better...
    as i listen to that song right now, i can honestly agree with you there
    Tera-Fied is the only song that even remotely stood out to me... hate to say it, but agreed, Static-X can do way better...
    dave mustaine doing a guest solo on this album? that i havent heard about!!! i would buy this album anyway since this album has been said to be "musical"
    The whole album was awful. I was ashamed to even listen to it, and didn't honestly even make it through the first chorus in any of the songs. As a long time Static X fan, this is a shame - a real shame.