Cult Of Static Review

artist: Static-X date: 03/25/2009 category: compact discs
Static-X: Cult Of Static
Released: Mar 17, 2009
Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Reprise
Number Of Tracks: 11
Cult of Static is the sixth studio album by Static-X. This is also the first Static-X album without a title track, and the second to not have one of the 'Otsego' songs on it.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7.5
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overall: 6.7
Cult Of Static Reviewed by: ThatWouldBeJon, on march 25, 2009
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Sound: Static-X, the power chord generated industrial band has a unique yet very distinct sound and ambience. Cult Of Static, there most recent release focused on giving back to the fans and going back to their raw roots on such albums like Wisconsin Death Trip/Shadow Zone. The album reminds me of a start a war and wisonsin death trip kind of mix. // 9

Lyrics: The singing of wayne has seemed to be dulled and less aggressive most due to years of his unique singing style and relentless touring. Though on most previous albums waynes lyrics are at most predictible there were a few twists in Cult Of Static like with an introduction of a female voice in the beggining of Tera-Fied. Waynes Mono-tone singing fit's the style of music Static-X plays perfectly and never seems to change the style of his singing. // 4

Overall Impression: Cult of Static is deffinatly a good attempt to get in touch with past albums yet still lacks, in some songs, the powerful vocal feeling that other albums had brought previously. With the induction of solos in this album they actually fit very well and aren't at all limiting the songs. -Tera-Fied, involves a catchy intro and a femals voice during the intro and to me resembles the song Love Dump from Start A War album. The song overall fit's well in the album even with the softer type introduction. -Z28, opens right up with a steady solid riff and with the entrance of the vocals still keeps the fast punching pace. Deffinatly in top 5 best songs on the album. -Skinned, one of the best tracks of the album and reminds me a lot of No Submission from the SAW soundtrack. The drums in this song sure are defined and shape this song to be a great static song. -Grind 2 Halt, deffinatly feels like a song off the shadow zone album with the crunching distortion and backing guitar melody. With an electro kind of sample playing throughout the song it fit's extremely well to make another Static-classic. -You Am I, fast pace killer vocals sure makes the tone for the song defined yet intrumnetal-wise it didn't seem to mix well with the vocals. -Lunatic, agrueably a great opener to the album and being track one sets the feeling for the rest of the album. The roar of a crowd punches right through you and sets a great tone. The solo (with Dave Mustaine) rips into the song and shreds the ears right off your head and leaves a great impression even with the fact the solo is very short and sweet. -Stingwray, Is really probably my most disliked song off the album because it lacks the drive and punch of a solid chorus and bridges. If you based buying this Album on this one song I would think again because Stingwray may very well be the worst song off Cult Of Static. Overall if your a Static-X fan this album deffinatly is worth picking up because it reflects their roots and the hard work they have done making it to this point. The push factor does still rest that it lacks vocal power in some songs but even still the rest of the tracks surely make up for the not-so-great ones. // 7

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overall: 8.7
Cult Of Static Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 24, 2009
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Sound: When I popped this CD in, I wasn't too sure of what to expect. They are most well-known for faster guitars, a lot of electronic samples and very rhythmatic vocals. I was a little surprised at what I heard. This is probably one of their most "musical" albums ever. They use a lot more chords, harmonies and a little more melody in the vocals. They still have some pretty heavy riffs and a lot of synths/samples but it's more structured than any other of their albums. Another thing that makes "Cult Of Static" so different from the others is that the tempos of the songs are all different. // 8

Lyrics: Wayne Static always impresses me. He has one of the most recognizable voices in the hard rock/"nu metal" world. The buzzsaw tone that he has, and the fast rhythms of his lyrics. This album is not that different, but the one thing that I love about this album vocally is that he's tying in the different vocal styles from previous albums. As always, it's a little difficult to understand the lyrics but from what I can understand, they definitely fit with the music. // 10

Overall Impression: Cult Of Static is up there. Not their best effort, but I think they have found their sound. Since Shadow Zone, they have done "different" albums. I think the best part of the album is definitely the musicality. Another thing that hasn't disappointed me are Ken's guitar solos. Back when he was first in the band, he really didn't do anything but since Cannibal, he has been the star. The songs that definitely made me enjoy the album were Skinned, Grind 2 Halt and Isolaytore. The only thing that turns me off is the guest solo from Dave Mustaine. I was hoping for a killer solo, but it was just a plain Jane solo. I wouldn't buy this album again, but I would save it on my computer for a rainy day. If you like Static-X then this album might be for you. Like I said, it's much different but if you get a chance, you will enjoy it. // 8

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