All You Can Eat review by Steel Panther

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  • Released: Apr 1, 2014
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (61 votes)
Steel Panther: All You Can Eat

Sound — 10
Steel Panther are a comedy themed hard rock/glam metal band from LA California, They have been playing shows from 1997 through to the present and it wasn't until 2008 they released their first album: "Feel the Steel." They followed up with their sophomore album "Balls Out," and in 2014 released their third album "All You Can Eat." On there latest release they kept to the same formula with Michael Starr doing vocals, Satchel on Guitar, Lexi Foxx on bass, and Stix Zadinya on drums.

Although they are a relatively new band when it comes to album releases, the sound production on all the albums have been top notch, and mixed very well. All the instruments can be heard clearly in the mix.

Steel Panther seem to be a band that despite what you hear in the lyrics, write songs that are professionally constructed and fit a similar formula that doesn't differ drastically from album to album. They seem to be a band that are constantly writing great hooks that you can't get out of your head for days at a time, and you may find yourself singing along without realizing.

Lyrics — 8
With lyrics like "There was so much love on your face I couldn't see the tears / There was so much spunk on your face neither the boys nor I could see the tears" or "If I was the King / I would outlaw clothes for chicks / So you could see if they shaved their pussies / Or if they were hiding dicks" it is very clear that the lyrics aren't taken very seriously, sure they are funny, however it can get a few eyebrows raised if heard at the wrong place and wrong time. Despite all that, the singing on this album, like the albums before, are all extraordinarily done. Micheal Starr has an incredible range and will often hit high notes which really add to the songs.

Overall Impression — 10
All You Can Eat really adds a lot of great songs that fit in perfectly with the previous albums, no songs feel misplaced. The album, like all their previous work is ripe with guitar solos and great hooks, whether with Satchels riffs, or Micheal Starr's vocal melodies. The song "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home" has a guest guitar solo from Def Leopard's Vivian Campbell.

For me the high points of the album are the songs: "Bukkake Tears," "Gloryhole," "Fucking My Heart in the Ass," and "If I Was the King." There is only one song on this album that isn't at the same peak as the others, being "Ten Strikes You're Out," although this is the weakest song on the album in my opinion, it still has a lot going for it and I am never disappointed when it comes on.

If I were to lose this album, I would definitely have to buy it again.

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    Well written, man.   I was just talking about this band with a guy at work last night as he's right into that sound from the original 80's bands (Crue, Sebastian Bach).  I'll have to put this album on one night before going out, to get me pumped!