Language. Sex. Violence. Other? Review

artist: Stereophonics date: 06/08/2005 category: compact discs
Stereophonics: Language. Sex. Violence. Other?
Released: Mar 29, 2005
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
Yet another excellent Album by an undoubtably "Rock Hall Of Fame" band. These guys deserve to be at the top.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 8.7
Language. Sex. Violence. Other? Reviewed by: rob_larry01, on february 27, 2005
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Sound: Being a Stereophonics fan since the 1997's "Word Gets Around" album, I was expecting a certain sound from this album, and while the overall feel remains the same, this album shows the Stereophonics' new direction. more electronic effects on Kelly Jones' voice gives him an almost distant sound with his lazy-style vocals, which works for some songs but not so much for others. Songs such as "Doorman" and "Girl" offer something for the heavier, riff-filled fan, while "Dakota" and "Rewind" offer more commercial soundng songs, while still maintaining the Phonics' edge. sound is good, but in places is a bit too loaded with effects on Kelly's voice. Varied effets used on the guitars give diversity throughout the album, but the same "britpop" feel is in there. // 8

Lyrics: Kelly Jones is renowned for his lyrical skills, and this album is no different. He is able to change to different subjects with ease, and his vocal style goes with the music well on "Language. Sex. Violence. Other?" the effects on his voice sometimes make the lyrics hard to hear, but generally the listener is able to make out the lyrics and sing along after only a few listens through. Somes such as "Doorman" have attitude in them, with Kelly shouting at a doorman of a club with lyrics such as "suck my banana, suck it with cream" while other songs such as "Dakota" offer more listener-friendly sing-along lyrics such as "you make me feel like the one." overall, the lyrics on this album are not quite up to the level of such past classics as "Just Looking" or those on the first album, but are still of a very high quality. The best lyrics on the album come in the penultimate song, "Deadhead." // 8

Overall Impression: Compared to Stereophonics' past albums, I would rate this as 3rd in their 5 album collection. It beats the past offerings of "You Gotta Go There To Come Back" and "Just Enough Education To Perform" which even the band themselves apologise for, blaming them on the use of drugs. However, I wouldn't put it above "Word Gets Around" or "Performance and Cocktails," although it is still a good album. the most impressive songs on the album are the 2nd song "Doorman" for pure attitude, "Rewind" for the sudden change of mood from loud to sombre mid-way through the album, "Pedalpusher" for the amazing riff throughout and "Deadhead" for being the most different on the album, and arguably the most "complete" sounding and having the best lyrics. Being a long-term Stereophonics' fan, I love the new direction this album takes, with the band going harking back to more riff-filled songs while adding a new twist with different sounding effects on Kelly's voice. However, I don't like the overall feel of the album as much as past offerings, but I would still rate this album 9/10. While not being out for another 3 weeks when I recieved this copy of the album, I would not be able to replace it just yet if stolen, but I would certainly buy it again if it was taken, being a pure "Phonic-fanatic." // 10

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overall: 8.7
Language. Sex. Violence. Other? Reviewed by: Novaworld, on march 28, 2005
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Sound: This album sounds really good. The band here has really worked well using the guitars and drums very effectivly. I also believe that the album is made good by the use of synthesysers and other instruments to increase the depth of the music. It seems that the album is speaking about someones or the artists lives to an extent. The songs "Dakota" and "Rewind" seem to be linked. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics seem really good overall, they seem to have a meaning or a lesson to teach. This however may not be the case. The lyrics do go very well with the music style and Kelly Jones voice compliments the music. In my opinion this album is their best yet and Kelly has outdone himself once again. Overall the lyrics are good if not great. // 8

Overall Impression: When compaired with other albums by Stereophonics this is the best yet, and the musics style has changed since "Just Enough Education To Perform." The songs "Rewind" and "Dakota" are very impressive but I think the best song on the album is "Superman," not because I'm a superman maniac (I hate him) but because the whole song sounds very good, the guitar, synthesysers, Bass and Guitar work very well together here making the song great. I love the way that Stereoponics have changed their style from other albums, making the album more unique. However I have the impression that the album can be repetitive in some respects, this is not good where as in some albums the repetitive quality can be good. I would buy this album if It was lost or stolen unless there was a CD I really wanted to get. I fully reccommend that you buy this album, even if you didn't like the last one, this one is better. // 10

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overall: 10
Language. Sex. Violence. Other? Reviewed by: andrewv, on may 16, 2005
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Sound: This album obviously had alot of hype leading up to it because people/criticts were wondering when Kelly Jones' and Co. are going to lose the inspiration and skill that has allowed them to release such great songs like 'Bartender And The Thief' and 'Just Looking'. Alot of Stereophonics fans would agree with me when I write that their last studio album 'You Gotta Go There To Come Back' lacked the Drive And Intelligence that their albums before had. Language, Sex, Violence, Other? has managed to recapture the usual catchy and great songs that made 'Word Gets Around' and 'Performance And Cocktails' such enjoyable albums. The sound on this record is of high quality and it seems that the band have changed alot with the introduction of their new drummer, Javier Weyler. There are alot of lyrical and sound enhancements in some of the songs, such as 'Lolita' which offers an extremely catchy chorus and guitar riff. It also seems as if Kelly Jones has been spending alot of time on the guitar solos on this album than other albums. In the opening track 'Superman' there are 2 main guitar solos which have many bends and slides and these solos make the songs sound so new and adventurous. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are sometimes simple but give a good description of how the band are feeling in the certain stories told by the songs 'You Made Me Feel Like The One' from 'Dakota' is a good example of this. Kelly Jones has also included certain humorous lines such as 'Suck my banana, suck it with cream' heard on 'Doorman' which is one of the albums most powerful tracks. Songs such as 'Dakota' and 'Rewind' have lyrics which sound like the actual music whereas 'Lolita's main guitar riff sounds exactly like the lyrics. As always Kelly Jones' amazing voice is as distinctive as ever in songs such as 'Superman' and 'Devil' of which sound like classic Stereophonics. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is in one word - breathtaking. This would have to be my 2nd favourite album of the Stereophonics' just missing out to the bands second album 'Performance And Cocktails'. The songs which really stand out are 'Superman' (because of it's incredible solos and lyrics), 'Rewind' (because of it's clever lyrics and great chorus) and 'Devil' (because of the sample at the start and it's clever concept). If I lost this album I would replace it because it is now one of my favourite albums in my collection. All in all, a great album from a band who are still producing great songs despite the fact they are on their fifth album. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Language. Sex. Violence. Other? Reviewed by: UG Team, on june 08, 2005
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Sound: After two-year silence due to the problems with their ex-drummer Stuard Cable, which led to his shock sacking from the band in September 2003 and replacement him by unknown Argentinian Javier Weyler in December 2004, Stereophonics are back with a new album. The new stickman is a great fit with Stereophonics' wicked yet sensitive personality and only makes them sound better. After the change of personnel the band gained their number one single Dakota in spring 2005, following by their fourth #1 album in the UK that achieved platinum status just one week after its release. The title of the album is borrowed from the classification code used on the backs of rental videos, and its blunt CD cover instantly pulls listeners toward Stereophonics' nonchalant impudence. You can find that everywhere ? in short clear one-word song names, in abusive lyrics, in hard-edge rock sound, in the name of the record - Language, Sex, Violence, Other? That's the record that quite possibly represents the dawning of a new era. Unlike some bands, Stereophonics never dramatically change their style, nor they stay the same. Perhaps the biggest difference is the featuring of the ugly guitar slashes and agonized falsetto on the whole album which sound fantastic. You can still hear Stereophonics' rock-n-roll roots here and it still fits the category of brit-pop, but overall it is actually rather an eclectic, giddily intoxicating synthesis of styles with very clean and polished sounding. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on the CD are fun to listen to. I love the fact that Kelly puts some story behind the music, not some mindless tripe, made up to fill an album. The bittersweet lyrics about life are matched with sex appeal and an unshakable confidence of music. One of the best songs on the album "Doorman" is about some hapless bouncer -? Jones wrote it after a night when he was kicked out of the pub. I think everybody once felt like telling that "big guy" "Suck my banana/Suck it with cream." In the chorus Jones roars "Cuz all I wanna do/Is make a mess outta you." Listening to it, you instantly feel the need to kick the shit out of somebody. Jones has a very signature vocal and his darker way of singing on this album makes it quality rock album. I enjoyed the way he represents his voice with different effects, which adds a personality to every song. // 10

Overall Impression: It's a hard work reviewing Stereophonics album. Considering, that it's their best record ever and everything seems so quality and perfect. Even though this album has more mellow songs, than others, most of the tracks are still fast, furious and rocking. According to the publicity, Jones wrote the opening track on the album "Superman" first and was so blown away by its gritty glam rock power, that he decided to write the rest of the album with the same 'super-affirmative' attitude. The hit "Dakota" is the album's highlight. This mid-tempo song with glossy guitar hooks is totally infectious. "Pedalpusher" is built on a quirky guitar riff and features a distorted solo. You wouldn't wan to listen to it in the car, otherwise you'd be speeding without even noticing it. Morose "Lolita" slows things down for a sweeping ballad that is charming and has liquid vocals that put you to an atmosphere of a lazy summer day. It a quite successful diversion into blissful electropop. The subtle piano throughout Devil gives the song a really cool ghostly feel, God knows though what Jones meant in the lyrics ? "So be my devil angel, be my shooting star". "Feel" makes you think of the times you were deeply depressed and it brings you back to that pissy mood again. There are no cheesy catchy tunes on the record and that's one of the best features. You listen to the album again and again and it just gets better with repeated plays. The only thought the album leaves you with is "Suck my banana, suck it with cream". Language. Sex. Violence. Other? is just an excellent modern rock record and it's something the band has been dying to make. Even NME, which was offended by Kelly Jones' no-respect-to-music-press behavior, said that the record is "pretty f--king good." // 10

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