Brave New World Review

artist: Steve Miller Band date: 07/31/2014 category: compact discs
Steve Miller Band: Brave New World
Released: June 16, 1969
Genre: Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Label: Capitol
Number Of Tracks: 9
"Brave New World" is a great Steve Miller Band album from their early period, and the first to feature the band primarily as a trio.
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 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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Brave New World Reviewed by: Oliver_White3, on july 31, 2014
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Sound: The third Steve Miller Band album was their first of two in 1969 and the band at that point was a three piece - Miller, Lonnie Turner (bass) and Tim Davis (drums) - Boz Scaggs and Jim Peterman having left. However, there were guests on this album - Ben Sidran and Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, producer Glyn Johns on guitar and a certain Paul Ramon on most instruments on the closing track - "My Dark Hour" (Paul Ramon was Paul McCartney). And the Beatles influence is all over this album - "Space Cowboy" has the same riff as "Lady Madonna." "Brave New World" is short - less than 30 minutes and 9 tracks - but is it any good? Well, Steve Miller Band albums tend to be patchy affairs but "Brave New World" is far more consistent than most and I think it's great. Many thanks to Edsel for this reissue. // 9

Lyrics: Steve Miller's "Brave New World" ends with "My Dark Hour" which always struck me as odd, since it's a bluesy rocking number that doesn't let you down easy or trail off ... Just boom and it's just over.

"Kow Kow Calqulator" is a haunting little number that I don't believe anyone as yet understands the lyrics, but hey, it was the time when things didn't have to make sense, they just had to sound cool, and this was a very cool song, complete with all the hooks required. "Seasons" is a beautiful song, one that I felt better suited to end the album, but they didn't ask my advise.

"Space Cowboy" ... Now what can I say about this song that already hasn't been said. It's a rocking timeless number, that promotes an idea there to fore unsaid. Who wouldn't want to be a Space Cowboy, many a stoner has adopted it as their personal anthem. The song took a stand against all of the powers that would hold us down, and we were ready to take off for the stratosphere and beyond, any placed that promised freedom and love. How many times will the reference to "Space Cowboy" be mentioned in the future, well, you'll have to score all the material and find out ... I'll give you a hint, it's more then three.

The rest of the songs tie the record together nicely, though they are not as strong, the songs are mixed well, edging Steve's voice just slightly above the rest. There are some great accoustic guitar sparks and the harmonies Steve seems to have with himself are nothing short of splendid. // 9

Overall Impression: "Brave New World" is a great Steve Miller Band album from their early period, and the first to feature the band primarily as a trio. The album features Miller debuting his "Space Cowboy" persona in the song of the same title, and the closing "My Dark Hour" was the basis for his big hit "Fly Like an Eagle." This CD is essential for any fan of classic rock. The first release after the departure of Scuzz Baggs, and they don't miss a beat, with yet another solid album. Their sound seems to have "settled" in the mildly hard rock vein. But the commercial production is bordering on irritating, and detracts from what would have been a better LP with a little less zeal in this department. // 9

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