Live At The Astoria London [DVD] review by Steve Vai

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  • Released: Dec 9, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (18 votes)
Steve Vai: Live At The Astoria London [DVD]

Sound — 9
The band sounds great. The 3 guitars mix together perfectly; Steve Vais' playing style is astounding, Tony Macalpine is quite good, but seems sloppy to me. I've heard he's a very good guitarist so it's probably because he's playing someone else's music, not his. Dave Weiner is great, but we don't see much of his 'skills', apart from 2 solos and an intro, as he's the rhythm guitarist (he has a CD out now, I need to check it out). Billy sheehan is an 'amazing' bass player, but sometimes it seems he's just playing as fast as he can in chromatics and the minor scale this is probably because it would be impossible for him; he doesn't have anyone to follow, no-one else plays like that! (Don't quote me on that). I don't know much about drums, but the drum solo was fine.

Content — 9
This is a live double-DVD set; first disk has a ton of songs, WITH commentary aswell from all the band members (apart from the drummer). The second disk has the special features, which could have been better, but still great. The set list has ALL of my favorite songs, apart from a few (eg; Tender Surrender, Die To Live). Actually I think they are my favorite songs BECAUSE they are on this DVD! The only song I have a problem is, is with 'For The Love Of God'. Can't you hear how out of tune the guitar sounds Steve? I should have written 'For the love of God, Steve, 'but I didn't. Or did I just do it? Nevermind.

Production Quality — 7
Steve Vai edited this himself, so prepare yourself for loads of effects! Most of them are fantastic, so don't worry! Everyone seems to have a problem with the camera angles, but it only annoys me on a few occasions. With most other live DVDs, you rarely get to see the players fingers unless during a solo, but this is the first instrumental DVD I've bought, so there could be a world of non-stop fret-fingers out there for me to discover! There is a problem with all of these DVDs; halfway through 'Deep Down Into The Pain', there's a pause when the DVDs laser has to switch direction.

Overall Impression — 9
This is the best live DVD I own, apart from maybe Van Halens 'Live Without A Net, which I do not own. The most impressive thing on this DVD. I started thinking of songs, and a few minutes later I had came up with most of the songs! So I won't bother. If this was stolen/lost, I would buy it again. I didn't let my friend borrow this, he had to make do with a G3 DVD.

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    I miss the days when u actually had to have a brain in ur head in order to use a computer. It sure cut down on the mindless dribble that we (that is, those who actually use their intelligence) have to endure. Pathetic.
    Vai is anything but stuck up... do some homework. Also, Vai edited the footage himself I believe so that's why there are those quirky 80's effects in there. The fan is there to keep him cool and get his hair out of his face. Why does that even matter anyways? It's about the show, feel and music... not bullshit like a fan blowing his hair.