The Hope Division review by Stick to Your Guns

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  • Released: Jun 1, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (14 votes)
Stick to Your Guns: The Hope Division

Sound — 7
Im going to review a lot of scene-ish bands the next weeks! suicide mission you say? Well, Im trying to find out what the kids think are so great with that kind of music. Ok, this is not a wholly "scene-ish" band, its more like orange county hardcore. But I've got to start somewhere! And some of the elements are here, like breakdowns, clean versus brutish vocals, samples and that stuff. But the CD is surprisingly good! Well, the samples are just annoying, and the clean vocals could be cut out, because they sound much better when they play heavy. But the songs are tight and well put together, and it`s overall a good listen. "Amber" is a total neckcrusher, and "wolves at your door" proves to be a real chugger. All the songs down to "Erida" are actually really good songs. Unfortunately, "Erida" is some kind of interlude that does not really fare well, and "No cover" could be dropped off the cd. 3/60 is really bad until the outro, which is kinda epic, but 9 of the 12 songs are worthwhile. The album closer, "sufferer" is not a special song, and it stops at around 3 minutes. Then comes a 5 minute break, before the "hidden track" "La poderosa" closes the album in a terrible style, really ruining the experience.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are pretty important to hardcore albums, and it seems like Stick to your guns understand that. The lyrics arent all rebbelish like normal hardcore bands, but are more based around positivity and hope. The opener "Where the sun never sleeps" are a tribute to their home county, and "Amber" is a story about a girl who feels crushed down by the world. Ok, not ONLY hope then. The singer Have not got a great vocal range, to say it mildly, but he can growl and sing clean, and what he can, he performs perfect. Except for the sudden outbursts of "bluaegh!" The vocals remind me of the guy from parkway drive.

Overall Impression — 8
The best songs from the album are: Amber, Wolves at your door, Life through western eyes, and the short but powerful "What goes around" A problem about the album is that the titles on the last songs of the album are mixed up all over the net, so you have to do a little research to find out which song is which. The travel through the scene is starting of well, And this is a good album indeed. The next one is the faceless` "Akeldama". If you listen to this album without listening to the lyrics you might get dissapointed after reading this review, but you MUST read the lyrics while listening. Its a great experience. Great album!

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    Wtf is "scene-ish" and how do you shoehorn a 'melodic hardcore' band and The Mother****ing Faceless into even vaguely the same genre?
    I really don't think you reviewing a ton of *core albums is a good idea at all. If anything you are doing more damage to the "scene" by doing that. Your review was not helpful in the least, and to be honest, I don't think it will help anyone go and listen to the album.
    Lion_Slicer wrote: Wtf is "scene-ish" and how do you shoehorn a 'melodic hardcore' band and The Mother****ing Faceless into even vaguely the same genre?
    scene-ish is something you call a band that a lot of kids today listen to, a scene that have a bad reputation for being repetitous. and Im not saying the faceless are the same genre. stick to your guns is hardcore and the faceless is technical death. happy now?
    mr. riff
    This review is awful, however, I agree on the score. It's a decent album. It's pretty much your standard fair of hardcore punk.
    instead of just saying my reviews suck, you can actually say what I can change next time I write one, instead of just wanking around in the comments
    No Cover is my favourite STYG song. It surfaces a new sound, an almost orchestral melody over strings, it's beautiful. So **** you Sir. Erida is also a stand-out, it's a nice break and extremely heart felt. Also with literacy skills as bad as yours, you should seriously consider taking up a new hobby, God forbid this is your profession.
    I had no idea they had a new album O: I'm a bad fan i guess... I enjoyed this review and I'm looking forward to reading your other hxc reviews
    not the most elaborate review, but i agree with the bit about samples, and the clean bits. it would be better if it was just a straight up and down hardcore album.