Land Of Pleasure review by Sticky Fingers

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  • Released: Aug 1, 2014
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.6 (5 votes)
Sticky Fingers: Land Of Pleasure

Sound — 9
"Land of Pleasure" sees Australian alternative, rock, reggae, psychedelic 5 piece band explore a much more electronic and ambient sound to their previous album relying a lot more on synths and some sampling. They pulled this off very well and in doing so really expanded their horizons in terms of their overall sound. Like their first album "Caress Your Soul," Dan Humme returns to do a fantastic job of producing the album really piecing it all together. Even know Sti-Fi explored into a new sound they kept their old reggae, rock and psych roots keeping their old fans happy and gaining new ones in the process.

Lyrics — 9
Sticky Fingers have always been extremely versatile when it comes to lyrics. One song may be about taking drugs and admiring a pin up girl on a magazines centrefold, but then the next song is written about sometimes depressive yet beautiful themes. "Land of Pleasure" again dives into these themes as well as love, loss and experiences they've had since hitting in big from their first album. Dylan Frost, the lead vocalist provides yet another amazing performance on vocals with reverb heavy, driving and powerful vocal tracks filling this album from head to toe.

Overall Impression — 10
Once again Sticky Fingers are showing why they are powering their way to the top of the Australian music scene with this new outstanding album. Three songs from "Land of Pleasure" made it into the Triple J's top 100 this year as well as various head nods from domestic and international critics seeing their fan base not only in Australia grow, but also Europe and New Zealand. 

It is really hard to hate this record and it is really easy to listen to it non stop for weeks until you can sing along with every magical word that exits Frost's mouth. This album sounds like it had years of work put into it yet it was written, recorded and released while the reception of their first album was just coming to a head. This album changed the way I looked at music, how I see the Australian music scene and can change my mood within a few seconds of hearing the pounding piano melody at the start of the albums title track "Land of Pleasure" that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. 

I would recommend this album to both my 10 year old cousin and my 94 year old great, great uncle. Go buy, download, sell your body, whatever it takes to get your hands on this piece of musical genius.

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