The Serpent review by Still Remains

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  • Released: Aug 7, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.1 (36 votes)
Still Remains: The Serpent

Sound — 10
This is the sound of Still Remains hitting their stride. While their 2005 debut album 'Of Love and Lunacy' was a great album, 'The Serpant' takes it one step further. The album is much more melodic but still contains the power they showed on their first offering. It would no longer be fair to lable this band metalcore because this album proves theyare something much more special. Something much more powerful and monsterous. The sound is simply huge and cudos most go to Steve Evetts for a truly brialliant production job. The guitar work is truly dazziling and show that both Jordan Whelan and Mike Church have truly grown as players. Over the sound this album makes is just to huge to be ignored and so certainely shouldn't be.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on this album are truly inspiring for a number of reasons. However the brutal honesty they display should be the first and foremost. When vocalist T.J Miller describe this as their 'most honest record we've ever writen' he wasn't wrong. You can truly hit the feelings forcing their way out of your stereo. It is also worth noting that at all points the lyrics fit perfectly with lyrics. As for the singers skills T.J Miller and Mike Church certainly have some of the best sets of pipes in metal. Whether it's the brutal growls or the more melodic moments neither let down and constantly impress.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of this album is simple. It is one of the best albums you could possibly own and well worth whatever you pay for it. Honestly one of the best albums, if not the best, of this year so far. Song wise it's difficult to pick true highlights as it depends purly on your taste. If it's super heavy you want check out closer Avalanche but if it's the more melodic side you crave check out Sleepless Nights Alone and lead single Stay Captive. If you want the midlle ground they supply that as well with tracks like The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room and Anemia In Your Sheets. their truly is something for everyone on this record. Some doubted Still Remains would be able to top their debut album. They have. Hers to the next one.

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    there EP "If love was born to die" is still their best CD I think, the vocals sounded more raw and unique, and the guitar harmonies and keys are awesome. Its not as well recorded as the other albums, but thats what made it sound so cool.
    This album is absolutely incredible, they still maintain their heavy sound on tracks like Avalanche and Anemia in your Sheets, and have a song that is sung entirely. The vocal harmonies with T.J and Mike are fantastic. And some of the Keyboard parts in most of the songs are simply brilliant. And for the record a progression in sound doesn't count as selling out.
    this is my fav album ov the year by far. it combines all sides, skills and aspects of still remains wether it be true hardcore songs like "anemia in your sheets" or great electronic keyboard sounds of "the serpent" or "sleepless nights" or the slower songs like "maria" and "an undesired reunion". and then theres the lyrics, which again combines different styles off the band scream and sung, both done amazingly. now as for the instruments, awsum metal drumming all the way through as well as heavy bass and guitars riffs that are the best of any band i hav heard in a while, also thier solos are second to none all in all the this band deserve to be way bigger than they are now and hope this album along with still captive brings them lots of sucess. and finaly in my opinion i feel like "the river song" and "dancing with the enemy" should be thier next singles
    i really liked this album, i didnt think it was a "third rate end of heartache copy" at all
    i loved this album but it is different to of love and lunacy that have softened their sound but the heavy edge theyve kept in songs like anemia in your sheets and avalanche has shown they dont want to throw that away completely. that said the ending of stay captive and i thinik dancing with the enemy, the whole vocal ending, i thought it was kinda fruity, espescially to do it twice -_- of love and lunacy was too me a far better album but this is still a great album and well worth getting