The Serpent Review

artist: Still Remains date: 11/07/2007 category: compact discs
Still Remains: The Serpent
Release Date: Aug 7, 2007
Label: Roadrunner
Genres: Punk Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
This is especially evident throughout their third release overall, 2007's The Serpent, as the vocals alternate between sung and shouted, as well as the rubbery riffs that are equal parts nu metal and thrash.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9
The Serpent Reviewed by: deadhand329, on august 11, 2007
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Sound: Masterful. All around. The guitar work on this album is brilliant. After touring with metal acts such as Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium, vestiges of their sound can be heard in Still Remains' new album. Definite growth can be heard in their playing since "of Love And Lunacy", their debut. The music compliments the anger of the lyrics and helps create the albums overall mood very well. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are poetic at times and very straight forward at others. Vocalist T.J. Miller says he has opened up with writting on the new album and that he is no longer afraid to write about things he had once only alluded to. The singing is first rate. The screaming is the wild card. While many screaming bands have a screamer you either love or hate (which is often either hinders or helps the band), Still Remains has screaming that is inbetween. there are times when it works and times when it doesn't. Still, the vocalists are skillful and powerful. // 9

Overall Impression: The album overall is great. Like Bullet For My Valentine? Trivium? Pick up the new Still Remains album. It's worth the investment. Listening to songs such as "The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room", I found myself compelled to search the UG archives for the tabs, which unfortunately do not exist. If you're a guitar enthusiast, it's a great album with fantastic riffs, so buy it and tab it so I can learn to play it. // 9

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overall: 10
The Serpent Reviewed by: Kieran_141, on august 13, 2007
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Sound: This is the sound of Still Remains hitting their stride. While their 2005 debut album 'Of Love and Lunacy' was a great album, 'The Serpant' takes it one step further. The album is much more melodic but still contains the power they showed on their first offering. It would no longer be fair to lable this band metalcore because this album proves theyare something much more special. Something much more powerful and monsterous. The sound is simply huge and cudos most go to Steve Evetts for a truly brialliant production job. The guitar work is truly dazziling and show that both Jordan Whelan and Mike Church have truly grown as players. Over the sound this album makes is just to huge to be ignored and so certainely shouldn't be. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are truly inspiring for a number of reasons. However the brutal honesty they display should be the first and foremost. When vocalist T.J Miller describe this as their 'most honest record we've ever writen' he wasn't wrong. You can truly hit the feelings forcing their way out of your stereo. It is also worth noting that at all points the lyrics fit perfectly with lyrics. As for the singers skills T.J Miller and Mike Church certainly have some of the best sets of pipes in metal. Whether it's the brutal growls or the more melodic moments neither let down and constantly impress. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this album is simple. It is one of the best albums you could possibly own and well worth whatever you pay for it. Honestly one of the best albums, if not the best, of this year so far. Song wise it's difficult to pick true highlights as it depends purly on your taste. If it's super heavy you want check out closer Avalanche but if it's the more melodic side you crave check out Sleepless Nights Alone and lead single Stay Captive. If you want the midlle ground they supply that as well with tracks like The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room and Anemia In Your Sheets. their truly is something for everyone on this record. Some doubted Still Remains would be able to top their debut album. They have. Hers to the next one. // 10

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overall: 8.3
The Serpent Reviewed by: Simon Acreman, on october 22, 2007
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Sound: After their debut album 'Of Love and Lunacy', I thought that Still Remains couldn't get better. In fact, I was wrong. As well as the sound quality, they have ironed out the few problems they had in their previous album. The keyboards take a more prominant role in their sound, giving their sound more distinctive qualities than before. Not many bands can mix sythesisers and gritty guitar riffs well, as bands like Enter Shikari have shown, but Still Remains have perfected what had seemed impossible before. My only problem with this album after the original is that it now sounds perhaps somewhat over-produced. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album are very personal and down to earth, breaking away from the image that metal music has to have brutal inhumane lyrics. This is certainly a listener's album. I find that the toned down lyrics fit the feel of their songs well, although it's a shame that the aggressive screaming of the previous album seems depleted in this ablum, but the lyrics that are being sung do not really warrant that type of vocal sound. The screaming that is there has improved on the empty sound of the previous album and is more dominant where it was drowned by the guitars. // 8

Overall Impression: Still Remains have proved themselves worthy of the metalcore sector of the musical world. They have hard-hitting sounds, very distinct and catchy keyboard melodies that add a new aspect of metal that has rarely been seen before. They are certainly contenders to even veterans in this feild of music like Killswitch Engage. This is definately an album worth having in the collection. // 9

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overall: 10
The Serpent Reviewed by: olheiser01, on november 07, 2007
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Sound: Hearing Of Love and Lunacy I really thought this band was something different and had a unigue twist on their metal but I thought they needed some more comfort to make that music with some more melodic tones and some more advanced guitar such as the solos. And that's what they did with the Serpent. They put more meldoic tones with shredding guitar and solos. This album is heavier and at the same more melodic and better flowing than the last. When I first heard Sleepless Nights Alone I felt overwhelmed. It was just so perfect. I couldnt have asked for a more powerful keyboard/piano slow metal song. Well then I thought are they gonna be all mainstream like or sell out alt rock stuff but I heard Anemia in Your Sheets and The Wax Walls of an Empty Room and I still felt like I wanted to mosh and I could still hear a bit of similiarities between Of Love and Lunacy and The Serpent. The sound of this album is amazing. The songs show more than just an approach of heavy and screamo. It has that but plus more. Their guitar has a unique sound, the keyboards fit so well, better than most bandsive heard. They have definitley put out an amazing souning album with some diversity and have really defined the Still Remains sound and not just another old hardcore metal band. // 10

Lyrics: I loved their lyrics from the first album. So I expected about the same but I heard even more. Their both metaphoric and straight forward with such great meaning. I think album and song names really tell a lot about a band an how serious they are with their lyrics and passion in the music. Hearing and reading their lyrics, I really felt that. The lyrics all have a point and all make senses in certain points of view which is just is another great thing about this album. // 10

Overall Impression: The overall impression was amazing. I heard one song and immeiatley new I was buying that CD. There was a concert: Aiden, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Still Remains. I got into Aiden and DDG before Still Remains an liked them more than Still Remains but when I heard their new CD over Aiden's and DDG's I was going to that concert not for Aiden or DDG but Still Remains. In concert I was satisfied with them as well playing their new songs. I ended up leaving that concert with a new Still Remains shirt. Simply meaning these guys are great all around and this album really shows it for me. If you want to know a song or two to help you to decide if you want the album, I'd listen to Sleepless Nights Alone and Wax walls of an empty room or Anemia In Your Sheets. Those songs show the range of music In their new album. Comparing to the ol album this one was obviously more impressive and I encourage people to check it out and I guess the people who are so badass and hardcore and only listen to heavy riffs and non stop screaming, don't listen to it, so you can stop hating on music like this. // 10

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