Come What(ever) May review by Stone Sour

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (314 votes)
Stone Sour: Come What(ever) May

Sound — 10
Being a massive fan of the first CD, I eagerly anticipated this CD, I instantly pre-ordered it from the second I knew it was coming out, (as I have with the 2-Disc Special Edition), and I rushed home the day it came out to find it lying on my floor, and then I put it in my CD player and read the lyrics as it played. It is incredible, and well up to the standard the the self-titled. A must-buy for anyone who likes them.

Lyrics — 10
OK, Corey's screaming isn't as brutal as the first one, but that's what I expected after hearing Slipknot's Vol.3 (Corey & Jim are in both bands, for the noobs.) But since The majority of Stone Sour is melodic singing rather than Heart-Pounding screaming, it's no big loss. His screams are as intense as ever, (see the chorus of Reborn to see what I mean) and it all fits so perfectly with the lyrics. Lyrics like "Can you take away every single day? That we have given to another false prophet Can you give us all a reason not to fall? Before you take away another broken promise" are very obviously about George W. Bush, and so, so good. The lyrics never stray from the subject, as with most of Corey's lyrics, and are usually not as cryptic as they might seem.

Overall Impression — 10
Bands usually get better and find themselves more with time. And this greatly exceeded the expectations set by the first album, and covers so many different genres and subgenres. Do yourself a favour and buy this album.

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    Stratmike wrote: I love Slipknot but I just can't get used to Stone Sour. Saw them this winter on Music as a Weapon Tour. Between every song he stood and bitched about the government. People started chanting "shut-up and play". Really pissed him off. We went there to rock not to be turned into democrats.
    well maybe you should just listen to the cd and not go to the concerts and then you be ****in happy! Stone sour is not nu-metal like slipknot! there just metal and they can do more with there song than what slipknot does! becasue they can go from the heavy hitting sounding songs(reborn)to the lighter sounding song(through the glass)! So there unquie in there music and thats why they will out last slipknot!
    Shor-T Zero wrote: yeah, Stone Sour was first, then Corey and Jim went with Slipknot for a bit. Came back, were with Stone Sour, then went to Slipknot. Now back with Stone Sour, as you can tell. So technically, Slipknot is the side band. There is no way Stone Sour and Nickelback sound alike...totally different genres in the first place. S.S.--Melodic Nu-Metal and Nickelback=...well, not nu metal...i dare say rock, but that's just me. Not hard rock, just rock...there, I said it. I actually prefer Stone Sour's guitar work, just cause of its intricacy (if that's too big of a word, then go ahead and look it up) and effect *points to Hell & Consequences's solo*. Stone Sour's sound is just an evolving blob of goodness...seems like everything they put out ranges from godsend of greatness to a good average, at the lowest. Lyric wise, musical styling, and everything. The tracks I've heard (30/30-150 , Reborn, Hell & Consequences, and Through Glass) all are pwnage, IMO. So yeah, going to buy tickets to see them on the Family Values Tour in San Antonio, and hope to meet them or something...or just see them. And the album will be bough, no questions asked. Awesome stuff here.
    Justice-For-All wrote: Shut up about Nickelback all ready, it's annoying. Get your ears fixed.
    shut up people have the right to there opinion and you must love nickleback, but nickleback is not hard rock or metal at all! so don't get mad it the "truth" and th "truth" hurts!!
    hey if you love stone sour check out this band called HURT! there are like stone sour but they have slower and lighter songs, but they still rock like stone sour!
    Nhex (PT)
    well ive ssen them live this month but, they didnt convince me because despite they put a exlent show, they insulted moonspell two years ago and man nobody messes up with the portuguese I was admire nobody jumped to the stage and kill this guy