Make Your Own History review by Stray From the Path

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  • Released: Oct 26, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.8 (4 votes)
Stray From the Path: Make Your Own History

Sound — 10
In order to listen to these guys, you need to 1. Shut the f--k up 2. Respect the hardcore scene and 3. Listen to real hardcore like these guys. Also, don't be a f--king b-tch, elitist, and whatnot. Hopefully I'm not coming off as one right now but you need to know the difference between what is actual hardcore and what is just in it to be the cash cow. With that being said, I absolutely love the sound of this record. Drew York throws it down on lead vocals, literally killing every single song on this record. No disappointment whatsoever. And quite honestly, every single band member contributes just as much. As I just started listening to these guys, there isn't one member where I'm like, "yeah, he's definitely what makes this band." This band is so evenly distributed, that that's what makes them so damn good, and that's how bands should be. Thomas Williams has so of the cleanest riffs I have heard in the longest time, followed by Anthony Altamura returning the favor with pretty crazy bass drops. The drummer is so talented as well. Dan Bourke f--king kills it, speeding up the songs with his overly-talented skill.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album are very dark, but incredibly meaningful. An example from "Manipulator", "It goes F--k my life, I said f--k my life and this misery, F--k my life, singing f--k my life, I'm not sleeping alone." It can be shown by how much aggression is put towards what is meant. And in "Negative And Violent", "Let me tell you about your flaws, I see them all. Everyone is all the same, everyone you know. Hiding. Watching. Waiting. There's gotta be more to life than complaining" It can be shown by how much each and every individual can be just about the same in their own way. How everyone complains, like a few lines above explaining how staring at the screen not saying what you mean doesn't mean jack shit. You're hiding, you're watching, and you're waiting for something to stir up. At the same time, maybe my interpretation is not quite in depth enough, but it's what I got out of the song. The next song I think I can relate to the most though. Titled, "Mitra". "It's time to let go, bury the past but not to forget the times that we had but I can look back at everything we've done back then let go... I've done all that I can." Obviously, I think most can relate to these lines. The fact that the past is the past, and what's done is done. However, I still think there's some crazy sort of meaning behind it all. He talks about the brother he never met a couple lines before this and now says that all of the things in the past he will remember but will let them go. Maybe after burying what was in the past is like saying that he never met his brother, and now it's all just memories. I feel absolutely dumb trying to take a stab at the meanings, for I will never certainly know haha. Damien is definitely my favorite song. The song starts right off the bat with Drew screaming. "I've been awake for 40 days and 40 nights and I just can't stop dreaming Restless I found your weakness." "I can tell that you have been under his control. Making subtle movements being oppressed inside your home. Wearing this mask to hide yourself from the world. Falling short, pray forgiveness." "I am a demon so deliver me from this. From this, I'm in. I am a demon so deliver me from this. From this, I'm in. From this moment on, I see a world shattered and cold, I see the problems, I see the broken homes." After reading those specific lines and picking apart the song, I think it's all about how something called restless has kicked in and now Drew (the demon behind it all), has solved his problems. Restless wears a mask in all homes and Drew is a demon, or Damien. Very cool song, and I love how in the last verse, it kicks into a very tasteful breakdown, and all energy is soured into Drew's lungs. The next track, titled "Fraudulent", kicks it in your face with lines like, "Looks like your mouth got the best of you, fraudulent intentions got you nowhere fast Looks like your mouth got the best of you, give it up you fake motherf--ker." Here's hoping anyone that listens to this album is not offended by swearing, because Drew actually uses them in the right kind of way. Not some Lil Wayne-infested track with every single line drawing out a cuss word, or Asking Alexandria going "hardcore-mode". But, you get the point. This song is clearly directed towards someone. In "The Things You Own End Up Owning You", "So far behind and it, it makes me sick to think that the world revolves around debt. I can't seem to shake this, so far behind on everything Feeding at the hands of the ones that put me out, and I can't seem to shake this, so far behind on everything, and I can't seem to shake this." Some very true lines right here. I didn't care as much lyrically for the later tracks but the title track is pretty cool. "Stop trying to be something that you're not. Start thinking with your heart and focus on what you got. Make your mark on the world, Because the only lives that count are the ones that make an impact." And I soon realized how much this means, and for anyone who is still a teenager reading this, you will see this very soon.

Overall Impression — 10
You cannot go wrong with this album whatsoever. I did give a 9 to the lyrics, and not a 10 only because not every single song gave that lasting impression lyrically, but to everything else, the sound, and overall impression I was just downright blown away by these guys. I've been finding out a lot of new bands recently, and I have to say, these guys are my favorite out of the bunch. And it's very close because the other two bands are Oh, Sleeper, and Northlane, and boy those are quite incredible bands. I wish these guys could get announced to a festival like Warped Tour. Anything really. Favorite songs: "Negative And Violent", "Damien", "Fraudulent", and "Make Your Own History". I wish the best for these guys. Spread the f--king word, because damn they are not getting enough attention!

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