Learning To Rock Review

artist: Sturm und Drang date: 11/20/2007 category: compact discs
Sturm und Drang: Learning To Rock
Release Date: Jun 11, 2007
Label: HMC
Genres: Power Metal, Scandinavian Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
Finnish high school kids recording an album of old-school hair metal? The idea sounds awful, but that partially may be the reason Learning To Rock manages to surprise.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6.7
Learning To Rock Reviewed by: atommy_90, on november 20, 2007
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Sound: Tits and Ass? Stockholm? Finnish teenagers? Rising son? You might wander what these things have in common. Well, they are all part of a success story known as Sturm Und Drang, a Finnish hard rock band of five 15 to 16 year old boys. The song Rising Son has been a major hit in Finland and, luckily, the rest of the world has had the chance to hear it too. This is how they describe the future at www.sturmunddrang.fi: "Sturm und Drang's debut album was released in Finland May 30th 2007 and it hit the album chart at place 3! Scandinavian release was June 7th 2007. Summer 2007 Sturm und Drang tours heavily in Finland and in Sweden. In May 2007 the band signed an European deal with GUN-Records, same company which helped fellow Finnish band HIM to the international stardom. Learning To Rock will be released in Europe this autumn. And the rest of the world, well, we'll get back to you with that pretty soon." The album excluding Rising Son, is rather simple, more pop rock than hard rock. In many songs, The Raven for example, it is easy to point out that the boys are only 16/15. But the songs are catchy and the sound promises an AC/DC like, true to the style, success, even possibly globally, that will last with true fans forever. // 7

Lyrics: The voice of the singer needs to be pointed out immediately. His voice is amazingly mature, sounding like a mixture of Ronny James Dio and Bruce Dickens. However, the lyrics are relatively poor and barely, save Rising Son, go well along with the song. Many lyrics follow the studybook-guidelines and no risks have been taken. The band says that it's rebelling against the society, but the truth is that the lyrics don't establish that in any way. // 6

Overall Impression: In comparison to other artists, like Tokio Hotel, this is amazingly mature and talented. But when you compare it to their idols, Maiden, Metallica, Dio, Sabbath, it is clear that they haven't yet picked their own style and are trying, a little too much, to copy their idols. When these boys discover their own style, the world needs to watch out. The most impressive song, by far, is Rising Son. I would hope that the rest of the songs would have that catchy tune to them that Rising Son has in it. If you are a regular music consumer, you will understand when I say that Rising Son has that something in it that's necessary to make it a hit. The rest of the songs you can just hear from the radio and forget in five minutes, because it is the kind of music that the world is full of. // 7

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