Paradise Theater review by Styx

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  • Released: Jan 19, 1981
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (6 votes)
Styx: Paradise Theater

Sound — 8
This is a pretty good album. I found that my mom had this cassette, and I have listened to some of Styx's stuff anyway, "Come Sail Away" for example, so I thought I might try it out. I asssumed this is a pretty old album. The songs have a classical rock distortion with a lot of piano and horn sounds. The solo was pretty good on "Snowblind". The guitarist has good techniques with wah-effects.

Lyrics — 8
A conceptual album, I assume. The first track, "A.D. 1928", is the intro that sings of the opening of this 'Paradise'. It follows into the next track, "Rockin' The Paradise", which I thought was pretty good and lively. Track 4, "The Best Of Times", also mentioned something about 'Paradise'. I loved that song. It had great lyrics and singing style. Track 9, "A.D. 1958", was the outro; the closing of the 'Paradise'. The CD also had some love-song-type concepts so its good for me to listen to that for a change. The singer reminds me of Geddy Lee from Rush in some songs. Pretty cool.

Overall Impression — 8
Good tracks are "Rockin' The Paradise", "Too Much Time On My Hands", "The Best Of Times", "Lonely People", "She Cares" and "Snowblind". There is an extremely short 10th track after "A.D. 1958" called "State Street Sadie", which sounded like just piano playing, and I thought it was poinless. Pretty good album. Not the best, but good to listen to sometimes when you're in the mood.

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    I find it troublesome when people do not take the time to read the liner notes. The "guitarist" name is James Young, the singer that "reminds me of Geddy Lee" is Dennis Deyoung or Tommy Shaw (depends on what song he is talking about). The other musicians on this album are John and Chuck Panozzo.
    I agree with you oasisfan1, if your gonna write a review at least know what your talking about, but since everyones off reading reviews for bands like Metallica these days i guess it isnt that big of a deal