Robbin' The Hood Review

artist: Sublime date: 07/15/2005 category: compact discs
Sublime: Robbin' The Hood
Released: 1994
Label: MCA
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk Revival, Third Wave Ska Revival, Ska-Punk
Number Of Tracks: 22
This 1994 album was their freshman indie outing and the record that largely secured their ticket to the majors.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
Robbin' The Hood Reviewed by: pocallaghan2002, on july 15, 2005
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Sound: The sound on this album is very experimental. There are quite a few random dubs on this CD that don't really add to the album at all, but the songs that are actually songs are brilliant. Some of Sublime's most infectious songs are on this album, and it is completely worth it for the great songs. The only problem I had was, as mentioned above, the random dubs and Soliloquys by some weirdo. they did not really add to the album. However, the songs that count are some of my favorites by Sublime and make it completely worthwile. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are really good. There are more heartfelt lyrics on this album, such as "Poolshark" that deals with Brads struggle with his heroin addiction. However, fear not, as there are some classic Sublime songs where the lyrics are not deep and meaningful and are about Sublime's life and such. All of the lyrics fit the music really well, though. Brad Nowell's delivery is amazing as usual. He is truely one of the greatest vocalists of our time RIP. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a great album. Maybe not quite as good as 40 Oz., but it isn't trying to be. It is a lot more experimental. It has it's own place in the Sublime library, but is a must own for any Sublime fan. The random unnecessary tracks do piss me off a bit, but it is a minor annoyance. It if were stolen, I would definately buy it again. Definately a must have in a Sublime collection. // 8

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