Nord Nord Ost Review

artist: Subway to Sally date: 06/11/2007 category: compact discs
Subway to Sally: Nord Nord Ost
Release Date: Aug 23, 2005
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genres: Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
The band's sound became more heavy and bombastic due the great production done by guitarist Ingo Hampf and an orchestra.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Nord Nord Ost Reviewed by: nocturno.culto, on june 11, 2007
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Sound: One of the most innovative and definetly one of the best folk/metal/gothic-bands in Germany released in 2005 their eighth album "Nord Nord Ost". The band's sound became more heavy and bombastic due the great production done by guitarist Ingo Hampf and an orchestra. On the CD, you have heavy guitars next to a melancholic violin and traditional instruments like bagpipes, flutes and so on. Heavy, riff-based songs ("Schneeknigin") stand next to fragile ballads ("Seemannslied"). Everytime you listen to it, you will discover more interesting details and the songs are very in-usually. There is only one song which cannot stand angainst the high-quality level of songs like "Sieben", and this is "S.O.S" (a little bit too unspectacular), but this is the only mistake of this divine CD. // 9

Lyrics: Subway to Sally stand for melancholic folk/metal/goth sounds, but also for their great (german) lyrics. Guitarist Bodenski is definetly a great texter. The lyrics are never flat, melancholic and fastidiously buy they are quite easy to understand if you work with them for a little time (or you listen to the CD once again). The album could be seen as a concept album because it's lyrics are mostly about fire and ice. The requirement to tone heat and coldness (fire and ice) was reached by the band. Singer Eric Fish's skills are great, he is definetly one of the most original singers and an important characteristic part of STS's sound, though as his voice is a matter of taste. I like his voice. All in all, 10 great songs with great lyrics mean 10 points. So easy can it be. // 10

Overall Impression: All in all I think Subway to Sally wrote an all-time clasic. It definetly sounds like Subway to Sally. Comparisable Bands are Skyclad (folk/metal innovators, STS are great fans) and sometimes Rammstein (guitar sound). The album's highlights are the opener "Schneekanigin", "Feuerland", the fast "Sieben", the nearly doomy ballad "Feuerkind", the tribute to themselves "Das Ratsel Part 2", the definitive Goth-hymn "Eisblumen" and the melancholic "Seemannslied", a great song about parting and return. Oh, this were nearly all. Things I love about this album are the heavy sound, the melancholic and sometimes sad atmosphere and the texts which can be interpreted very differently. If it were lost, I would buy it again. This album is a treasure for me, and I'm sure that it will become a treasure for you, too. // 10

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