Suede review by Suede

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  • Released: Mar 29, 1993
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.3 (12 votes)
Suede: Suede

Sound — 8
Suede is an interesting band as they have changed their style over time. However this is them back in their earlier more Smith's inspired days with Bernard Buttler on guitar. Musically it's on a high. Butler's guitar skills are exceptional and Brett Andersons vocals sound melodically sweet. However I feel the mix is wrong. You can hear guitars and vocals perfectly but you can barely hear the bass and the drums are quiet. I preffer it when you can pick out various parts of the song without straining to even hear them, other than that the sound is ok.

Lyrics — 6
As a lyricist Brett Anderson does a good job. It's just that occasionally you can get confused by some of their obscurity. What the hell is 'Breakdown' all about? Please someone help. 'We'll take the tides electric mind'? They are obscure and confusing but they are thoughful and catchy. 'Animal Nitrate' stands out as you can barely help but sing along to the chorus. The lyrics here are excellent as well as Anderson explores homosexulality. Being honset the lyrics could be better in places though.

Overall Impression — 8
In the early nineties britain was overrun with grunge and british bands had a hard time breaking through. Suede were one of the few big hitters like the manic street preachers. However whereas generation terrorists is boring after the 1st half, Suede manage to vary their sound a bit more. It is camp and thouhtful all the same and also (quite importantly) amzingly catchy. 'So Young', 'Animal Nitrate', 'The Drowners' Animal Lover' are all gems on the album. I still feel some lyrics are a bit confusing, but then so are a lot of other bands so I souldn't hold it against them. This album is pure indie rock which most would love. However it is let down by a poor mix in places which I find anoying. Nevertheless, I will cherish it like my other albums and probably would get it again if some form of harm came to it. Quite worth the money.

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    I love the whole album. For me "Sleeping Pills" is the best song on here. Great review!