Breeding The Spawn Review

artist: Suffocation date: 05/20/2009 category: compact discs
Suffocation: Breeding The Spawn
Released: May 18, 1993
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Roadrunner
Number Of Tracks: 8
Breeding the Spawn is the second full-length album by Suffocation. Though it still employs the characteristics and elements associated with Suffocation's song writing.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Breeding The Spawn Reviewed by: defiant1, on may 20, 2009
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Sound: I still remenber when I first heard "Breeding The Spawn" by suffocation and my first re-action was, "these guys can play" because the songs are so technical, complex, intelligent, original, and, it defines the word brutal... It's hard to pick a favorite song but if I had to pick? It would be "Beginning Of Sorrow" a amazing song. All hail to suffocation! Musicianship is awesome however production is very poor quality, however a great album. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrics fit in well with the songs and, after repeated listening, a message is gathered from the songs. Frank Mullen, vocalist Unlike some death metal vocalists, his lyrics are pronounced more clearly. He achieves this by simply opening his mouth wider, but still retaining his low-pitched growls. Lyrically, his work has covered a range of topics: earlier pieces being iconically brutal: having being credited as one of the founders of the Brutal death metal theme. Frank is one of the few Death metal vocalists to achieve such a loud, distinct and distorted vocal style without the use of external effects. // 9

Overall Impression: This is a really brutal CD but has terrible production I would reccomended for you to listen to earlier suffocation albums and pierced from within to really hear what there about even though breeding the span is a good CD if you want to hear suffocation's best most talent music listen to effigy of the forgotten the CD before this one and pierced from within which has realyy good bass playing with chris richards and really good drumming with dave culross who was also the drummer for death metal bands Malevolent creation and Incantion. // 8

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