No Time To Bleed review by Suicide Silence

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  • Released: Jun 30, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (108 votes)
Suicide Silence: No Time To Bleed

Sound — 7
No Time To Bleed begins off heavily with a killer guitar riff in "Wake Up", but, unfortunately, that's about the only good part of the opening track. The overly-repetitive "wake up, wake up!" gets annoying fast, and the riff that is used behind it for most of the song is equally so. "Lifted" offers some hope for the album, and exhibits a change in direction for the band, opening with a rather cool intro, but, otherwise, is a very mediocre song. The sweeping guitar riff that closes out the song is very elementary and boring, and leads to a less-than-spectacular ending for the second track. "Smoke" opens with a rather annoying high-pitched sound, but gets better as the song progresses, with a couple of catchy guitar riffs here and there. "...and Then She Bled" opens up nicely, with a dark, and slow intro, it's kind of an interlude track. The latter half of "Your Creations" is nice; it sounds really good. The bonus track on the Maximum Bloodshed edition of the album, "Misleading Milligrams", is actually probably the most decent song I've heard from the album; it's really enojoyable, although, a bit repetitive. The cover of Alice in Chain's "Them Bones" (from the iTunes edition) proves to be an interesting listen, but isn't anything spectacular.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics get a bit overly repetitive at some points (I counted 30 "Wake up!"'s, 31 if you include "wake the f--k up"), and seem to mostly deal with politics. A lot of the songs also reference rather morbid scenes, and setting yourself free, as both "Disengage" and "Smoke" show.

Overall Impression — 8
No Time To Bleed is probably not worth the five releases it got (CD, vinyl, iTunes edition, Hot Topic edition, and Maximum Bloodshed edition), but it has its standing moments. There's more of a shimmer of quality shit masked in boring guitar riffs, typical deathcore vocals, and double bass and blast-beats, but it's definitely not the worst album to come out this year (Though perhaps the biggest let-down of the year). Suicide Silence changed, for better or for worse, and, personally, I'd take five different sounding CDs by a band I don't like over 5 similar-sounding CDs by a band I do like any day.

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    Yep SS sucks... thats why they are touring the world for thousands of fans... because they suck...
    all right, well its not like im not a fan of deathcore or whatever this shitty band calls itself, im actually a big fan of Job For A Cowboy, cz they have rhythm and awesome riffs, suicide silence is just like getting a dog which has constipation to bark into a mircophone while the guitarist (if thats what he calls himself) jus plays open notes and the occasional gallop..... biggest epic fail ive seen
    Alright, there are a few things I'm going to adress, the last being the actual point of this review, Suicide Silence's sophomore album,No Time to Bleed. First, for all the "metal heads" who think this type of music is crap and all the "scene kids" who think the metal heads are just stupid old guys living in the 80's who just "don't understand," All of you need to realize that all of this music came from the same place. Back in the slave days where slaves sang blues esque songs while they were in the fields. This was made into blues, which branced off and produced jazz, and both of those heavily influence heavy metal. Music keeps getting heavier and heavier. It is all metal, every bit of it. Metallica, Iron Maiden, SS, Whitechapel, Slayer, Impending Doom, Pantera, every bit of it is heavy metal. Now for some, the spectrum might run deeper (ie: thrash, grind, death, *insert-sub-genre-here*core) but it is all metal. If anyone wants to discuss this topic, I would be glad to discuss it, just shoot me a PM. Now, to the album. I loved the cleansing, it was great to my ears. Nice chugs, heavy breakdowns, intense (but digital at times) vocals. It was just high energy music. When I listened to No Time for Bleeding, it just didn't have the high energy i was looking for. I'll give credit to SS, they grew as musicians, their music is more complex now, but it just has a low, kind of draggy energy to me. Now I'm not saying that all the tracks are slow tempo wise, just energy wise. The Cleansing got the blood pumpin' but No Time to Bleed just had me sayin, "huh, this is cool." So, bottom line, No Time to Bleed, good music, but it's just not for me. -- and one last thing, you may not like this type of music, or this band, but there's always one thing you need to keep in mind, no matter how "shitty" or "talentless" you think a band is, the reality of it is, they're getting paid to write music, play shows, and go all over the world while tons of people like ourselves sit here on our computers and write about it.
    That was the worst defense I've ever seen of deathcore being metal. It's not. And SS stills sucks balls.
    I love Suicide Silence, but the majority of No Time to Bleed is awful. The only thing that impressed me was more technicality on this cd. Other than that, I was very dissapointed.
    just cause an album is waaaaayy loud and waaaaayyy heavy. doesn't make it any good at all This was a great disappointment
    Racasdorph : Yep SS sucks... thats why they are touring the world for thousands of fans... because they suck...
    -and their fans are adolescent kids and teens. They're mindwashed. This band is so pathetic it makes me laugh when I hear any of their breakdowns or attempts at soloing. Seriously, the end of 'No Pity for a Coward' is hilarious.