No Time To Bleed review by Suicide Silence

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  • Released: Jun 30, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (108 votes)
Suicide Silence: No Time To Bleed

Sound — 9
"No Time To Bleed" is basically a darker, heavier album than "The Cleansing" in some case, but with less standout tracks. This album is well produced, and if the whole thing isn't listened to all the way through more than once, most of it will sound the same. The guitars and vocals dominate on this album. Seven string drop A is the definitive sound of Deathcore, and Chris Garza and Mark Heylumn prove it with their use of key changes from A# to A, irregular chords, breakdown after brutal breakdown, super fast tremolo picking, and Alex Lopez's blast beats, summoning-sounding snare, and slow-ass heavy pounding during breakdowns. The bass is prominent and earthshaking.

Lyrics — 9
Mitch Lucker's lyrics are always a curiosity. His words have put a brutal, permanent staple in many people's minds. His vocals on this album are outstanding. His highs are signature, and his lows are deep and evil, although not as intriguing as his highs, which are used more often, or when compared to Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel. Lyric topics include LSD and other drugs, reality not being real and breaking away from it, suffering, illusions and drunkenness. Some awesome standout lyrics include "as long as I can remember you've always been this miserable, and it's all because you're still believing in something f--king invisible" - "Something Invisible". In this song, Mitch, being the guy we've all known from songs like "Unanswered" and "The Price Of Beauty", obviously is anti-religion, and leaves something to think about with this. Also, in Wasted, a couple lyrics that say "so I close my eyes. I shut them so tight. To witness explosions of pure color and beauty." this made me think, because you do see colors when your eyes are closed. Weird, and funny, being brought up. And "we're so very insignificant, embarrassment to molecules". These lyrics I still don't think I understand. If it has to do with drunk people, I wouldn't know. Some of my favorite lyrics: "we've been f--king this whore moth earth for awhile. SHE'S A FILTHY B-TCH ANYWAY./Rotting her from the inside, penetrating deeper and deeper everyday." I think that just shows pure genius right there. "Disengage" also has great lyrics throughout. Mitch screams all his lyrics perfectly, and they fit the songs well.

Overall Impression — 9
This album leaves a good impression on hardcore metalheads, headbangers and all that. It may not seem as good as to some as "The Cleansing", but at least it's not like the Groove Metal-Deathcore "The Black Crown". Here's a summary and rating of the songs: 01. "Wake Up" - the epic opening to a new album, this was the first single. It proved successful, as my friend told me this was the only song he knew from them awhile until he got into them more. This was back in like, 2009. Excellent lyrics and music video, where Mitch is trying to snap a girl back into reality, who is tripping on LSD, while the band is seen performing through a bunch of visual effects and weird stuff like that. Bas-a-s structure and riffs, great solo, this song sounds amazing, maybe a bit repetitive at the end, but the music video cuts that out. 02. "Lifted" - ominous intro, and the band kicks in with serious force. Tempo changes and brutal riffs in the song make it pure deathcore, with interesting lyrics. The song fades out with a very interesting solo with guitar sweeping, but I think my head would explode if I had to repeat the same sweeping OVER AND OVER again during the outro. Still a cool song. 03. "Smoke" - as daft and annoying as the intro sounds, and I can't stand it repeating, this is a cool song with good and smart lyrics about smoke's deadly effect? And a bad-a-s breakdown about a minute in, and the same thing kinda, 2:21 onward. 04. "Something Invisible" - this song and some of its riffs make me think of White Zombie on speed. For some reason. Lyrics and vocals match the song well. Pretty bad-a-s. Pretty brutal. 05. "No Time To Bleed" - another single, this is a great one from Suicide Silence. It could also belong on the first album. Makes me think of "Bludgeoned To Death" or "The Price Of Beauty". Brutal breakdown to end off such a short song! "no time to bleeeeeeeed AS YOU FALL TO YOUR KNEES!" pure deathcore. 06. "Suffer" - brutal and makes a great point. Bad-a-s song, fitting lyrics, great sounding solo. Tempo changes throughout are cool. Suitable outro to go into the next song. Bang your goddamn head. 07. "...And Then She Bled" - the most brutal and ominous song on the album. No lyrics, but a recording of a woman who's friend (I forget her name, damn it!) is being attacked by the woman's monkey, and the woman calls 911, and is frantic, panicking as the monkey tears apart her friend. This song is absolutely brutal. F--king amazing. The breakdown (2:28-2:50) is probably the best I've heard from the band. Very simple, but just face it, it's a brutal headbangable onslaught of a breakdown! So at 2:28 turn it up loud. Prepare. Then at 2:35 turn it up full blast and bang your head to the Drop G epicness that sounds like a gorilla having a good time. 08. "Wasted" - fast, catchy song about how one feels when drunk. Awesome vocals, great structure. Probably Garza's best solo. 09. "Your Creations" - song basically about defending yourself from the horrible things you've made. Pretty brutal. Gets pretty fast, but nothing that really stands out in this track except for the bridge in the middle of the song or so, and an awesome outro. 10. "Genocide" - this song got its own music video. Very hardcore and great lyrics, some of the best. Brutal, and has an interesting guitar solo. Killer track for being pretty short, too. 11. "Disengage" - this song is unique and the performance video they made for it shows how bad-a-s they make the song look and sound. As I said before, great lyrics, and outstanding vocals, too. Best riffs on the album, and great structure. One of my favorites for being so heavy and lethal. Bang your head, fellow metalheads. DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE! If this album got lost or stolen I'd probably get a copy from my friend because I'm broke as f--k. I got a new iPod though. I got the CD, plus a few others to put on another friend's library so he can put them and the rest of his songs on my iPod. So "No Time To Bleed" is also on there. I'm too lazy to look up each individual song on YouTube from albums I'm interested in getting. I'd rather own it, since I just... Don't use a computer that much because my house has "rules" and "limits". Trying to keep a f--king metalhead like me down. Metal is like love. Stronger than a sh-tload of things. AM I RIGHT? I hope this review was worth it. I wrote most of it like an essay. Whatever, keep it hard.

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    i feel like whenever there is a review on any metal band, nothing is good enough for any "metalhead". do you guys appreciate any ****ing music?!
    When I first heard this did not think much of it, bought it and it sat on my self for like 2 months; but now that I've been listening to it; definitely my favorite release by this guys