No Time To Bleed Review

artist: Suicide Silence date: 02/03/2012 category: compact discs
Suicide Silence: No Time To Bleed
Released: Jun 30, 2009
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Century Media
Number Of Tracks: 11
This album is all about the layered guitars and technical work. It is their heaviest album to date and it is probably the best.
 Sound: 8.6
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 8.6
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overall: 8.3
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: eternal_Lord, on july 06, 2009
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Sound: Suicide Silence were one of the primary bands to have brought the deathcore sound to the general masses. Along with other bands like job for a cowboy, the acacia strain and whitechapel, they popularized the blast-beat-breakdown combination that has become so prevalent in today's heavy music. Their first record, the cleansing, was the epitome of this style and went for the full on heavy approach with the disgustingly distorted guitars and tremolo picked chromatic riffs coupled with dissonant, groove driven breakdowns. This style also omitted, for the most part, any real lead guitar parts (with notable exceptions being the interlude in the fallen and the outro to no pity for a coward) and was essentially a rhythm driven record. The sludgy production of the cleansing also detracted from the album as a whole, though it was certainly an adequate debut effort. Now, having achieved success and being a band that most metalhead has at least heard of, machine (with production credits of lamb of god, every time i die and others) was enlisted to give the band a tracked, tight record. And so he did. No Time to Bleed is an album that is heavy, yet clean, chaotic yet tight. It really is a production rhyme intended. While essentially remaining the same rhythm based style as the Cleansing, Suicide Silence (namely lead guitarist mark) has tried to incorporate a few more leads into the tracks, which is refreshing, considering their scarcity in previous attempts. the songs wake up and disengage are perfect examples. Wake up contains a solo at the end and some decent chordings throughout and disengage boasts a melodic, almost middle eastern lead. While by no means technical or difficult, these leads embellish the tracks and stray from the onslaught of chugging and blasts that make up the majority of suicide silence's sound. And after all, the band is going for balls out heavy, so it would be ridiculous to expect progressive altered arpeggios and meshuggah-like rhythms to be present. The album was tracked using an 8-string Ibanez on behalf of mark (I'm not sure whether or not garza used one as well). While this is becoming increasingly common, it is a little refreshing to see a band still use a standard tuning rather than dropping the sh-t out of their guitars. While Suicide Silence certainly hasn't broken the mold that they set for the cleansing, they have put a couple of new elements into it, and have at least produced a different take on the same basic foundation. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on the album are fairly typical of the genre. In most cases they depict a situation where someone is lost and the narrator is seeing this (lifted). Mitch has diversified his lyrical themes somewhat, with drug influences present (lifted, smoke, wasted etc). It seems The band seems to be moving towards a more drug-related image in their merch and songwriting, which I am not personally a fan of, but thats neither here nor there. In keeping with old suicide silence, there is much repetition when it comes to the delivery of the lyrics. This is evident in most of the songs but the songs wake up, lifted and disengage come to mind. The lines wake up! wake up! ... this is not your reality ... disengage ... are all repeated numerous times throughout their respective songs. If I can be so bold, they lyrics and screaming is the aspect of the band that has changed the least, not that this is a bad thing though. Personally, I have always like mitch's bi-polar delivery and vocal style. On this album, like the cleansing, his voice goes from very high to very low. However, there is very little middle ground, and this may upset some people who want a less extreme vocal delivery. In some cases the lyrics could be stronger, but for what the lyrics lack the voice singing them makes up for it. // 8

Overall Impression: All in all, No Time to Bleed is a better produced, slightly more diverse The Cleansing. Nothing has really changed, there is just more added into the mix. If you are anti-deathcore, which seems to be the trend among metalheads nowadays, then don't pick up the album and we won't have to listen to you bitch about how this isn't metal and blah blah blah. We get it. Go listen to metallica and iron maiden to satisfy your metal musical tastes. For everyone else, this is a solid second effort from a solid band. The drumming is intense, and I assume the bass is decent as well (though its kinda buried under the sonic shock of the rest of the band). Certainly enjoyable if you like the cleansing. If nothing else, these new songs will make for a kick ass live show. Check it out. // 8

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overall: 9.3
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: Corey Taylor, on july 06, 2009
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Sound: Ok, here we go. Suicide Silence's sophomore album, No Time to Bleed. A highly anticipated album having much success with 'The Cleansing". I can tell you right off the bat that there isn't too much thats really different "sound" wise from the cleansing and NttB. However, Suicide Silence created an album that can be listened to, from front to back. Every song has an element that catches your attention and will most likely have your head banging within no time. Let me go over each song in slightly more detail: 01.Wake Up: the first song. Absolutely brutal. One of the first things you'll hear is Mitch Luker scream 'WAKE UP! WAKE UP!' The rest of the song feeds off the high energy that Mitch Luker creates b/c he is really one of the high points of this album. Not to mention it has a classic SS riff towards the end thats always awesome. 9/10 02.Lifted: one of my favorite songs on the album. The intro reminds me of Meshuggah's "Bleed". It then breaks into one of the catchiest riffs in the whole album. This song is genius (and fun to play on the guitar!) 10/10 03.Smoke: another awesome intro. However the song lacks the catchiness and the edge that the other songs have. However its still brutal and will definitely be on SS's live set list I'm sure. 8/10 04.Something Invisible: my least favorite track. Very forgettable as it really just blends in with the entire sound of the album. However, its still a brutal track. 7/10 05.No Time to Bleed: this song is SO BRUTAL. One of the bests on the album. 10/10 06.Suffer: another heavy song which features the band yelling 'Suffer!" in the chorus. Gonna be fun to mosh to. 10/10 07....and Then She Bled: the intrumental track. Extremely heavy guitar riffs over what sounds to be a phone conversation involving a murder. Brutal. 10/10 08.Wasted: a song about getting wasted... thats oretty metal. Overall good, song though. Crunching guitars with brutal vox from Mitch. 9/10 09.Your Creations: an old song. Has a nice break down, and contains that tone suicide silence carries in all of their songs. 10.Genocide: nothing special here, same ol' suicide silence riffs and brutal breakdowns. 8/10 11.Disengage: has some extra good riffage for the last song. Caps off the album in a brutal track. 8/10 // 9

Lyrics: Mitch Luker has many different voices. It makes him very diverse and makes it seem as if there are really 2 people screaming. In No Time To Bleed, Mitch shines. His voice seems unhuman at times. His lyrics about getting high, drinking, etc are all masked by the demonic voice that he has. I thought he was definitely a high point on the album. // 9

Overall Impression: No Time to Bleed (although it'll never happen) should be in the running for album of the year. Honestly its really brutal. Suicide Silence stepped it up tenfold and has made a masterpiece of catchy death metal. This will always be a favorite album of mine. It blew me away. Buy this album. You will not regret it one second. // 10

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overall: 9.7
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: zeroordie6868, on july 03, 2009
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Sound: When I first heard Suicide Silence, I thought "absolutely brootal as f--k!" That was back when I heard "The Cleansing". Now, two years later, they've release "No Time to Bleed" and only one word can describe it. EPIC! SS have kept to their old sound of making f--king heavy deathcore music but they've also advanced in many ways. This album is all about the layered guitars and technical work. Mitch's vocals also are right on key the whole time. Most screamers' vocals tend to weaken over time but Mitch's hasn't. If anything, they are stronger and better with this album. By far, it is their heaviest album to date and it is probably the best. The work of the guitarists is pure gold. They've also brought in a more metal sound to them due to the fact that they are influenced with guitar solos, unlike "The Cleansing". // 10

Lyrics: Unlike "The Cleansing", Suicide Silence has gone into a more deeper, metaphorical way of lyrics. It's not like past songs where it is very blatant lyrics that are controversial and shocking such as Mitch's constant reference to calling out God in The Cleansing. These lyrics focus more on the world around us and society in general and also just the usual shock factor of any heavy band. They seem to match the music very well though and everything flows together. Mitch's vocals have increased greatly in talent. Even though he puts distortion on his voice, his differentiation between highs and lows is apparent. Also, his low growls and gutteralls have improved, including the use of slight pig-squeals at some times. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is like The Cleansing but like I said, it is very different. It is a much more mature sound for Suicide Silence. Songs on the cd: 01."Wake Up": a heavy song to start the album off and get you pumped for the rest of it. Sets the mood that it's going to be a heavy, fast-paced, brootal album. 02."Lifted": the first track to be released off of the album. Features heavy guitar and an amazing breakdown. 03."Smoke": an intro that stays in your head and holds your attention the whole time. Very fast-paced song that gets you in the mood to mosh and circle-pit. 04."Something Invisible": a very generic "chug-chug" heavy, fast song with some good guitar riffs. 05."No Time to Bleed": the cover track and also one of my favorite songs. Very rememborable breakdown and fun to listen to. 06."Suffer": also one of my favorite tracks on the album. This song is a fast-paced, heavy song. It has good guitar that keeps it going and the drumming is very good in this song. The song slows down about half way into the breakdown. 07."...and Then She Bled": this song is the mid-point of the album and gives you a nice break. It's not a real legit song. It's more of an instrumental with ambient noises in the intro. It's kind of like a big breakdown. But the whole track has a backing track of what seems like a 911 call from a woman who was with someone and they are being chased by a murderer or something like that. 08."Wasted": an intro reminiscent to "Wake Up" and then choppy vocals that lead back into the usual fast, blast-beat driven parts. Good song. 09."Your Creations": by now, the album gets kind of repetitive but it's still a good song. Slows down at some random parts and then speeds right back up. 10."Genocide": one of my favorite songs. Best lyrics on the album "we've been f--king this whore mother earth for awhile. She's a filthy bitch anyway." 11."Disengage": a heavy song to end the album with. Kind of a slower pace than most of the songs on the cd. Mitch uses his lows a lot on this song. Kind of like a big breakdown in a sense. What I love about the album is the brootalness of the whole thing and how it's fast paced and very guitar driven. I didn't like that after a while, the songs got a little repetitive and sounded the same. If this CD were lost or stolen, I would definately go buy it right away, but I don't let it out of my sight so that shouldn't be a problem. Go buy this album, you won't regret it. Brootal as f--k. Suicide silence ftw! // 9

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overall: 7.7
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: krowsrebellion, on july 06, 2009
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Sound: Alright, to start things off I do like Suicide Silence and that may show through, but I will try my hardest to write a non-biased review. This CD, much like their previous CD The Cleansing, is just plain brutal. One improvement on this CD from the last is the sound though, the general production value of the music is much greater, and the guitars playing at intervals throughout the CD is a major plus for the sound of it all. The drums are relatively clear in this CD which, if you play drums, or like the sound of drums should be an added bonus for you. My only problem are some of the tracks just sounding a bit weak at the breakdowns. // 7

Lyrics: Now, I don't know the lyrics by heart, and finding the little booklet to see what they are is an arduous task I'd rater not complete. So, I'll just talk about the singer in this. The singer for Suicide Silence has a pretty outstanding range if you ask me, his highs are a bit unstable sounding, but he hit's them none the less. The use of the dynamic changes from one spectrum of the range to another adds a sense of musical diversity that with some other bands can be found lacking. // 8

Overall Impression: I would definitely say that this album trumps The Cleansing, and easily compares to other releases by more popular bands among the metal genre. I would have to say the most amazing tracks off of this CD are Smoke, ...And Then She Bled, and Wasted. I think there might be a coincidence between the first and the last there. One thing I really like about this CD is it's plain brutality. On the other hand, they seem to use the same means of starting every song, drum intro followed by singer. It's been done a lot of times already. I want some more songs like 'Bow Down' by Born Of Osiris personally. And Finally if this were lost, or if my hard drive crashed I would definitely go out and buy this again, it's a great CD my friends. // 8

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overall: 7.3
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: HWFG1, on july 08, 2009
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Sound: No Time To Bleed begins off heavily with a killer guitar riff in "Wake Up", but, unfortunately, that's about the only good part of the opening track. The overly-repetitive "wake up, wake up!" gets annoying fast, and the riff that is used behind it for most of the song is equally so. "Lifted" offers some hope for the album, and exhibits a change in direction for the band, opening with a rather cool intro, but, otherwise, is a very mediocre song. The sweeping guitar riff that closes out the song is very elementary and boring, and leads to a less-than-spectacular ending for the second track. "Smoke" opens with a rather annoying high-pitched sound, but gets better as the song progresses, with a couple of catchy guitar riffs here and there. "...and Then She Bled" opens up nicely, with a dark, and slow intro, it's kind of an interlude track. The latter half of "Your Creations" is nice; it sounds really good. The bonus track on the Maximum Bloodshed edition of the album, "Misleading Milligrams", is actually probably the most decent song I've heard from the album; it's really enojoyable, although, a bit repetitive. The cover of Alice in Chain's "Them Bones" (from the iTunes edition) proves to be an interesting listen, but isn't anything spectacular. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics get a bit overly repetitive at some points (I counted 30 "Wake up!"'s, 31 if you include "wake the f--k up"), and seem to mostly deal with politics. A lot of the songs also reference rather morbid scenes, and setting yourself free, as both "Disengage" and "Smoke" show. // 7

Overall Impression: No Time To Bleed is probably not worth the five releases it got (CD, vinyl, iTunes edition, Hot Topic edition, and Maximum Bloodshed edition), but it has its standing moments. There's more of a shimmer of quality shit masked in boring guitar riffs, typical deathcore vocals, and double bass and blast-beats, but it's definitely not the worst album to come out this year (Though perhaps the biggest let-down of the year). Suicide Silence changed, for better or for worse, and, personally, I'd take five different sounding CDs by a band I don't like over 5 similar-sounding CDs by a band I do like any day. // 8

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overall: 8
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: guitar_jew, on july 23, 2009
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Sound: Suicide Silence have taken a technical leap forward while still retaining their deathcore roots with their most recent album, No Time to Bleed. Solos and melody lines are much more prevalent here than in The Cleansing, but still with a heaping dose of chugging mayhem. The album opens with 'Wake Up,' a chugging, nu-metal influenced deathcore anthem. It's not the strongest way to open an album by any means, but it leads well into 'Lifted,' a verifiable metal mindfuck with an ending reminiscent of 'No Pity For A Coward.' 'Smoke' starts off with its creepy, beer-can-touching-the-pickup noise before instantly giving you whiplash with its thrash metal verse section. The album continues with 'Something Invisible,' an Origin-influenced track that is no less aggressive than the rest of the album. I find it ironic that the title track would be one of the weakest on the album, but it happens. The ending breakdown, albeit cliche'd, is the song's only redeeming feature. The middle cuts of the album are where the album really starts to kick you in the pants. 'Suffer' segues excellently into the eerie ambient metal of '...and Then She Bled,' and 'Wasted,' although blatantly copying the main riff to 'Wake Up,' is actually a decent number after that bit. The album ends with a bigger bang than Pam & Tommy EVER had. 'Your Creations' starts off in a manner reminiscent of The Cleansing's songs in general, and builds up to a pounding breakdown that could make your grandmother headbang. 'Genocide' is cliche'd but brutal deathcore, and 'Disengage' brings in some of the metalcore influences, with some Norma Jean-esque minor 2nds. All in all, it's deathcore; if it's not your thing, you won't like it. If it is, it's one of the best albums of its kind. // 9

Lyrics: Mitch Lucker has strayed from his religious and political rants and focused more on his inner problems. On the first two tracks, he blasts substance abuse, blasts faith (in general, not necessarily religious) on 'Something Invisible,' and blasts modern man with hope for a future without self-destructive human beings in 'Disengage.' Mitch is still an extremely hateful person, and despite some lines being plain cheesy, manages to express his rage and dissent with the world in a somewhat poetic, metal context. Some would go to say that Mitch's vocals sound processed. The fact of the matter is, they are. But that's not a bad thing. It's a recorded album, not an album of the live nature. In recording a studio album in the genre of metal, the goal is to make the songs as heavy, as badass as possible. There's nothing wrong with adding overdubbed vocals or recording them in an unorthodox method if it adds to the power of the song, which in this case, it has in almost every instance. // 7

Overall Impression: It's still Suicide Silence, but now with some other influences being showcased, and with more technical guitar work. If you're an iTunes music buyer by the song, I'd suggest going with 'Lifted,' 'Wasted,' 'Your Creations,' and 'Disengage.' Again, it's deathcore. If it's not your thing, don't bother with it. If it is, check it out. // 8

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overall: 8.7
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: kaizerkhan13, on october 23, 2009
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Sound: This album is different from the cleansing in almost every way; aside from the obvious difference of using a producer (Machine, which turned out to work really well for them) the lyrics are a little deeper, the guitars and bass don't seem to be written as hastily and have even added solos (some pretty good ones, too) and the drums have been stepped up a notch as well, with more fills, rolls, and overall speed on this album. This album marks the addition of Dan Kenny, (ex-animosity) on bass in place of bodkins. This band has been classified as deathcore and sometimes grindcore. Extremely heavy, sometimes fast, 7-and 8-string guitars tuned low and the vocals include some of the lowest lows, shrieking highs and strong mids out there. // 9

Lyrics: Mitch has always had one hell of a powerful voice on the album, his dynamic between highs, mids, lows and back up the spectrum is pretty much mastered. His style is more based around the sound of his screams against the backdrop of the music. His lyrics usually challenge religion and any thing he sees as weak mindedness. (addiction falls into this category as well...which is weird coming from a band of potheads? oh well.) Something Invisible reminds me of unanswered on their previous album ("as long as I can remember you've always been this miserable, and its all because youre still believing in something invisible.") The last track, Disengage, is actually a little more positive. ("just be glad you know, you know what life is.") The lyrical style hasn't changed too much in my opinion, but it is still a perfect fit for the band and shows that Mitch can still deliver the voice he's known for and delve a little deeper in to his mind that anti-religious sentiments. // 8

Overall Impression: I preordered this album the first day it was available. I love and respect this band, and this record reaching no. 32 on the billboard 200 is a testament to how these guys are good enough for this generation to actually buy music. My favorite songs on this album are Suffer, Disengage, Wake Up and Smoke. I love that Mark is working in some solos now, and Alex has really stepped up on drums. I would for sure buy this album again if I had to. The only drawbacks to this album in my opinion is that the lyrical content didn't vary too much from song to song. Other than that, the use of effects and a solid production and recording team has upped the production value of this album. // 9

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overall: 9
No Time To Bleed Reviewed by: Camron62\m/, on february 03, 2012
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Sound: "No Time To Bleed" is basically a darker, heavier album than "The Cleansing" in some case, but with less standout tracks. This album is well produced, and if the whole thing isn't listened to all the way through more than once, most of it will sound the same. The guitars and vocals dominate on this album. Seven string drop A is the definitive sound of Deathcore, and Chris Garza and Mark Heylumn prove it with their use of key changes from A# to A, irregular chords, breakdown after brutal breakdown, super fast tremolo picking, and Alex Lopez's blast beats, summoning-sounding snare, and slow-ass heavy pounding during breakdowns. The bass is prominent and earthshaking. // 9

Lyrics: Mitch Lucker's lyrics are always a curiosity. His words have put a brutal, permanent staple in many people's minds. His vocals on this album are outstanding. His highs are signature, and his lows are deep and evil, although not as intriguing as his highs, which are used more often, or when compared to Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel. Lyric topics include LSD and other drugs, reality not being real and breaking away from it, suffering, illusions and drunkenness. Some awesome standout lyrics include "as long as I can remember you've always been this miserable, and it's all because you're still believing in something f--king invisible" - "Something Invisible". In this song, Mitch, being the guy we've all known from songs like "Unanswered" and "The Price Of Beauty", obviously is anti-religion, and leaves something to think about with this. Also, in Wasted, a couple lyrics that say "so I close my eyes. I shut them so tight. To witness explosions of pure color and beauty." this made me think, because you do see colors when your eyes are closed. Weird, and funny, being brought up. And "we're so very insignificant, embarrassment to molecules". These lyrics I still don't think I understand. If it has to do with drunk people, I wouldn't know. Some of my favorite lyrics: "we've been f--king this whore moth earth for awhile. SHE'S A FILTHY B-TCH ANYWAY./Rotting her from the inside, penetrating deeper and deeper everyday." I think that just shows pure genius right there. "Disengage" also has great lyrics throughout. Mitch screams all his lyrics perfectly, and they fit the songs well. // 9

Overall Impression: This album leaves a good impression on hardcore metalheads, headbangers and all that. It may not seem as good as to some as "The Cleansing", but at least it's not like the Groove Metal-Deathcore "The Black Crown". Here's a summary and rating of the songs: 01. "Wake Up" - the epic opening to a new album, this was the first single. It proved successful, as my friend told me this was the only song he knew from them awhile until he got into them more. This was back in like, 2009. Excellent lyrics and music video, where Mitch is trying to snap a girl back into reality, who is tripping on LSD, while the band is seen performing through a bunch of visual effects and weird stuff like that. Bas-a-s structure and riffs, great solo, this song sounds amazing, maybe a bit repetitive at the end, but the music video cuts that out. 02. "Lifted" - ominous intro, and the band kicks in with serious force. Tempo changes and brutal riffs in the song make it pure deathcore, with interesting lyrics. The song fades out with a very interesting solo with guitar sweeping, but I think my head would explode if I had to repeat the same sweeping OVER AND OVER again during the outro. Still a cool song. 03. "Smoke" - as daft and annoying as the intro sounds, and I can't stand it repeating, this is a cool song with good and smart lyrics about smoke's deadly effect? And a bad-a-s breakdown about a minute in, and the same thing kinda, 2:21 onward. 04. "Something Invisible" - this song and some of its riffs make me think of White Zombie on speed. For some reason. Lyrics and vocals match the song well. Pretty bad-a-s. Pretty brutal. 05. "No Time To Bleed" - another single, this is a great one from Suicide Silence. It could also belong on the first album. Makes me think of "Bludgeoned To Death" or "The Price Of Beauty". Brutal breakdown to end off such a short song! "no time to bleeeeeeeed AS YOU FALL TO YOUR KNEES!" pure deathcore. 06. "Suffer" - brutal and makes a great point. Bad-a-s song, fitting lyrics, great sounding solo. Tempo changes throughout are cool. Suitable outro to go into the next song. Bang your goddamn head. 07. "...And Then She Bled" - the most brutal and ominous song on the album. No lyrics, but a recording of a woman who's friend (I forget her name, damn it!) is being attacked by the woman's monkey, and the woman calls 911, and is frantic, panicking as the monkey tears apart her friend. This song is absolutely brutal. F--king amazing. The breakdown (2:28-2:50) is probably the best I've heard from the band. Very simple, but just face it, it's a brutal headbangable onslaught of a breakdown! So at 2:28 turn it up loud. Prepare. Then at 2:35 turn it up full blast and bang your head to the Drop G epicness that sounds like a gorilla having a good time. 08. "Wasted" - fast, catchy song about how one feels when drunk. Awesome vocals, great structure. Probably Garza's best solo. 09. "Your Creations" - song basically about defending yourself from the horrible things you've made. Pretty brutal. Gets pretty fast, but nothing that really stands out in this track except for the bridge in the middle of the song or so, and an awesome outro. 10. "Genocide" - this song got its own music video. Very hardcore and great lyrics, some of the best. Brutal, and has an interesting guitar solo. Killer track for being pretty short, too. 11. "Disengage" - this song is unique and the performance video they made for it shows how bad-a-s they make the song look and sound. As I said before, great lyrics, and outstanding vocals, too. Best riffs on the album, and great structure. One of my favorites for being so heavy and lethal. Bang your head, fellow metalheads. DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE! If this album got lost or stolen I'd probably get a copy from my friend because I'm broke as f--k. I got a new iPod though. I got the CD, plus a few others to put on another friend's library so he can put them and the rest of his songs on my iPod. So "No Time To Bleed" is also on there. I'm too lazy to look up each individual song on YouTube from albums I'm interested in getting. I'd rather own it, since I just... Don't use a computer that much because my house has "rules" and "limits". Trying to keep a f--king metalhead like me down. Metal is like love. Stronger than a sh-tload of things. AM I RIGHT? I hope this review was worth it. I wrote most of it like an essay. Whatever, keep it hard. // 9

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