The Cleansing Review

artist: Suicide Silence date: 09/15/2010 category: compact discs
Suicide Silence: The Cleansing
Released: Sep 18, 2007
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Century Media
Number Of Tracks: 14
The Cleansing is Suicide Silence's first full-length album. It was released on September 18, 2007 through Century Media Records.
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.7
The Cleansing Reviewed by: MassacreDeicide, on october 08, 2008
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Sound: Suicide Silence is new to me. I heard them on a friends computer, the track was called "Unanswered" and it was so god damn brutal I had to ask, "Who is this?" and the answer was Suicide Silence. I went to see them at Mayhem festival in Camden, NJ only knowing 3 of their songs from the Cleansing (2007). They were great live, Mitch Lucker (vocals) kept pouring Rockstar (not water)into his hair and head banging so hard I'm surprised he didn't get whiplash. They seemed like a regular hardcore band at first, but I had to listen to the album more than once to appreciate the subtlety of their technical style of drumming and guitar work. there's a lot of skill both musically and vocally that they present on the new album. Suicide Silence are a very diverse band and they are worth your time if Hardcore and death metal interest you as a listener. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics and the music go hand in hand. Deathcore is the name of the genre and the lyrics they use involve anti-religion, violence and the hatred of a false society. Here are some examples of lyrics they use: "Seconds from the end, what's it gonna be?... pull the trigger bitch" (No Pity For A Coward) and other tracks like Bludgeoned to Death have brutal lyrics. Mitch Lucker has some amazing talent and diversity so far as his screaming talent goes. he's just a brutal mofo with talented musicians to back his performance. // 10

Overall Impression: The Cleansing so far doesn't bear any comparrison to any bands I've heard in a while. The stand outs in terms of song individuality are as follows; No Pity For A Coward, Unanswered, The Disease and Eyes Sewn Shut. I love the brutality of it through a metal listeners ears. it's fast paced and has breakdowns where you least expect it. The hardcore will be something even mainstream metal heads may appreciate. I don't hate a thing. Hell yeah I would definetly buy it again... brutal as hell and epic to the ears. // 10

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overall: 6.3
The Cleansing Reviewed by: lesken100, on september 15, 2010
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Sound: Does this sound like something new or special? Really? Because everyone says so! The answer is a giant no, this has been done a thousand times before! But that's the problem with death metal, it has already been done! Not saying that there is nothing new on this record, some small experimenting has been performed with small steady steps. 01. Revelations (Intro): This is just a little intro, packed with screams, feedback and all the cliques. But try to listen to this at night while staring at the cover! Scary? I thought so. 02. Unanswered: Here starts the mayhem, chuggy riffs, tremolo picking and cookie monster growls. This is standard death metal by the book. The thing that irritates me with this track is the unoriginal screams of "where is your god!" Its used, its lame and makes me pissed. Its a shame, as the rest of the lyrics is pretty good. 03. Hands Of A Killer: Starts with a riff that repeats pretty many times through the song, I can even call it memorable! Contains a crushing breakdown. 04. The Price Of Beauty: The pinch harmonics, the fast-paced rhythm. This is a pretty average death song. A not very good breakdown at the last parts of the song, but the ending is awesome. Creds for actually being able to hear the lyrics sometimes. 05. The Fallen: This is the first GOOD song. Of course it has got breakdowns, but the ringing guitar parts marks the beginning of the album's experimentation I talked about earlier. The lyrics is not as well done as on the first tracks though. 06. No Pity For A Coward: Now we're talking here. Above average first half, Awesome lyrics at the end, and melodic, slow sweeping guitar! Way to go SS! 07. The Disease: What happened? Get some inspiration, you're lacking originality again! We have heard this on all the former tracks, next! 08. Bludgeoned To Death: Back on track. From snail-paced riffing to ADHD-fast rhythms, this song has got it all. That includes the most bad-ass, motherf--king sentence in all time death metal. "The doctors wont be able to recognise your f--king face!" Got something more awesome? Mail me. 09. Girl Of Glass: BOOOOOOORING! Can I hear bludgeoned to death one more time please? At least the lyrics seems thought out. 10. In A Photograph: I think the whole album is tuned in the same tuning, still this song sounds heavier than the others! Nice work guys. But still The song quickly gets tedious. 11. Eyes Sewn Shut: OK song, but I prefer to get raped by elephants. Go Torsof--k! You should check out their lyrics! 12. Green Monster: This is the longest song on the album, so I thought there was gonna be some sort of experimentation here. Wrong! Its just another average song! Wait, there is a light in the end of the tunnel. There IS some sort of experimentation! Its not all fail then... Wrong again! Its a 2 minute long feedback! Oh, the sorrow. 13. A Dead Current: Another song. Not interesting except for some sweepings in the middle. I'm about to take this CD off! 14. Destruction Of A Statue: Ending on some sort of a decent track, Destruction of a statue is the only song from the suicide silence EP. It suddenly breaks out into a riff more familiar to melodic death metal or metalcore. This is an OK listen. // 6

Lyrics: Suicide silence are good at writing lyrics, but the standards are lowered at the end it seems. Bludgeoned to death contains a f--king hilarious sentence and no pity for a coward's got pretty nice'n'violent lyrics too. Mitch Lucker has got a good vocal range, but I'm missing the pig squeals. The lyrics at least fits the music! // 7

Overall Impression: It has got a darn gross cover, which is a plus. No pity for a coward, the fallen and bludgeoned to death are the best songs as the others pretty much are average. This songs fits well for any deathmetal-only fan but for someone who wants something new, this is an advice. Stay away! Listen to the best tracks, but the other ones are of no interest to you. Better luck next time SS. // 6

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overall: 10
The Cleansing Reviewed by: Treko, on may 08, 2009
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Sound: Myspace has given birth to many new and upcoming bands, especially in the metal genre. Through sputnik I have realized that many people do not like this new movement of deathcore/metalcore bands that seem to be coming out in the dozens, every week. Part of me agrees with a lot people on here. A lot of bands nowadays are doing NOTHING new, nothing to set themselves apart from other bands in the same or similar genre. I do really wish things could go back to the way they were back when death metal bands all sounded different and every one had something different to offer. But another part of me realizes that this is the way that the death metal genre is moving nowadays. And cut and dry death metal bands (I.e. Deicide, Cannibal Corpse) are becoming harder to find, I don't think things are going to change, anytime soon anyway. Suicide Silence has been branded with the much reviled "Deathcore" genre. There are some great songs on this record and it's a definite step up from their demos, but it does suffer some small but obvious flaws. // 10

Lyrics: The album starts out with the Intro. "Revelations" not much to say about this track, its just some random sounds. One thing every -core record is plagued with, a "foreboding" intro to signal the battery to begin. From the intro the cd rips into the first actual song called "Unanswered" This is possibly the best song on the record featuring lyrics about disliking religion. Solid riffs and Mitch Lurker's trademark vocals make this song a very well constructed opening track to say the least. One thing you will find about this album is it is very inconsistent, a lot of the songs sound the same to one another, and yet some of them stand out all on thier own, with no help from any other one song. The album itself gives off the reek of overproduction in areas, yet in others it just stands there, straight forward. Consistency would have made this a more exciting album for the most part but I don't think anything can get around the sometimes childish songwriting. Each of the songs have a set of lyrics that really do stand on thier own, some of the songs are about religeon, some are about money and greed. Some are about how we as a human race just basically rape everything we come across and have no regard for just about anything that was the way we found it. In this aspect the album is a win, it provides quite a fun listening experience from track to track to hear about a lot of different subjects crammed into one album. Instead of hearing about one subject, or one particular situation in which all the lyrics in the album then apply, these all have different meanings and some of them are open to interpretation more than others. // 10

Overall Impression: Now every death metal fan is looking at Suicide Silence and hope this is the band that keeps Death Metal or Dethcore for some of you kids alive and keep kicking some major ass. Now also if you love this band you also will love Whitechapel so if you got some time on your hand check out Whitechapel. // 10

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overall: 10
The Cleansing Reviewed by: wbjackson517, on may 25, 2009
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Sound: I have been listening to different forms of metal for 25 plus years. I have heard so many terms for scenes. This new "Deathcore/Metalcore" whatever genre is great. Suicide Silence is a great band. There album does not do them justice. If you see this band live, you will be a fan for life. I have been lucky enough to see them twice. The music is definitely hardcore with hints metal and thrash thrown in. The drums are all about blast beats. The vocals are definitely Death influenced with hardcore/metalcore heavily strewn through out the album. I agree with some of the comments about being repetitious, but that is very rare. The standouts on this album are 'No Pity For A Coward', 'The Forgotten', 'Unanswered'. Excellent musicianship and vocals. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrically the music is spot on. The subject matter covered through out these songs is definitely on par with the type of music these guys dishout. For a band called 'Suicide Silence' their lyrics and music are exactly what I thought this band would sound like. There are tons of bands playing this style music, but Suicide Silence is writing the book and all others should subscribe to it. // 10

Overall Impression: I cannot say that I hate any part of this album. Is their sound new and fresh? No. But it is tight and done well. I love the brutality of the lyrical content and the music. These guys definitely have the potential to turn their genre on it's head and dominate the metal scene. I pre-ordered No Time To Bleed, so we will see. This band has a nice, polished highly produced album. It does not do them justice, see them live! // 10

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