You Can't Stop Me review by Suicide Silence

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  • Released: Jul 14, 2014
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 4.9 (51 votes)
Suicide Silence: You Can't Stop Me

Sound — 7
First off let's give the background information. Suicide Silence lost their original vocalist in 2012 due to drink driving. Within a week of his death the band the band gained a huge increase in following. Since then they recruited ex-All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida.

"You Can't Stop Me" has an older Suicide Silence feel, as a whole the album feels dated to "No Time to Bleed" (2009) with a similar guitar sound and heavier use on chugging guitars. It still features black crown style licks throughout and solos on the majority of tracks but still keeping the deathcore feel and losing the metalcore feeling given out from "The Black Crown" (2011). Eddie is a perfect replacement from Mitch. From the first track it is clear he has an impressive voice and is able to provide and out do Mitch in range and ability to sustain. The music itself is a better sound than "The Black Crown" and sounds like what "The Black Crown" should have been if Mitch had the same voice as in "The Cleansing" (2008).

Lyrics — 2
Lyrically speaking this album is poor all the lyrics are highly repetitive and lose the anger driven blasphemy Suicide Silence has previously had. After listening through the album numerous times it sounds like it's a collection of repeated choruses. A track that stands out lyrically for positive reasons is, "You Can't Stop Me," written by Mitch Lucker before his death, it retains the older feel of Suicide Silence albums. However this is heavily contrasted by the later track in the album, "Don't Die" which features a generic metalcore lyrics expected from a band such as Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. "I will give the strength, I will give you every ounce of my being." This sounds like the sort of lyrics that were forced in to keep the younger fans who expect all music to have lifesaving themes.

Overall Impression — 4
Overall just from listening to the stream this isn't an album I will be picking up. Lyrically it's just too poor, it is uncreatively written and every track blends into one sound wise. Eddie is a great replacement for Mitch Lucker and fits in the band perfectly however lyrically this album is bad. It sounds like it was written to appease the stereotypical younger audience who will expect to see them tour with Falling In Reverse. It was also clear from posting an opinion of the lyrics being weaker on their video for "Don't Die" that this is apparent after being called "Cold hearted and not in contact with my inner self" by a user called Mosh2MyBreakdown which shows the demographic this band is now reaching. I had high hopes for this album but was hugely disappointed, Eddie was better with All Shall Perish.

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    This album is far better than the reviews would lead to believe, I am in no way a superfan of SS but this is way better than I expected it to be
    i love suicide silence so much but in my opinion, this band went from deathcore to metalcore/thrash metal. that's not a bad thing and there are many things that i love about this album, but it was a really big change for them and it feels kinda like a totally different band. i still respect all the band members and to continue for their love of playing awesome music though. as for the changing of vocalists, i think that since mitch played such a big role in SS that it changed the writing process and sound of the band.
    You know, Suicide Silence has never called themselves "deathcore". They're a METAL band. and once I started listening to them from a METAL perspective, shit changed. They're heavy as ****! And this was a great album! I actually prefered it over Our Endless War. And as for Chelsea Grin, they've always kinda sucked, and they don't even sound like the same band anymore.