Avalon review by Sully Erna

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (8 votes)
Sully Erna: Avalon

Sound — 10
Sully Erna the mastermind behind the heavy rock band Godsmack has been rockin' the faces off of America and other countries for over 10 years! Now he has taken music to a whole other level with his debut solo album simply titled "Avalon". Selling over 14, 000 copies in it's first week, "Avalon" is one of those albums where you can listen to just how much hard work and effort was put into one album. "Avalon" is a musical journey from start to finish, the unique sound will take you to a place that only your mind can overcome. Sully Erna once stated during a solo tour back in 2008 that music is made up of vibrations, you strum a guitar string or hit a key on the piano or basically any other instrument out there and it's only a vibration. A vibration that sends a certain vibe to the listener, which then brings emotion to their mind and body. So when you listen to a song and it makes you feel happy, sad, mad or just pissed off angry you know it's all coming from the vibrations of the instrument(s). "Music is built off of vibrations and for some reason when they resonate with our body it creates emotion, that's the miracle of music." ~ Sully Erna

Lyrics — 9
Now let me warn you, if you're a fan of hard heavy rock and you'll expecting just that from "Avalon" you may be disappointed. THIS IS NOT A HEAVY ALBUM! But if you're like me, someone who can appreciate many styles of music then there will definitely be something for you on this album. Sully said in an interview with the Boston Herald "I knew there would be Godsmack fans that would embrace this, but I also knew there would be Godsmack fans who would be like, 'Why's he playing the piano? What the f--k is this?' But it was about something I had a calling to do. Even if it was the last thing I did. Love it or hate it, it's something that was a necessity." I know many of you will turn your head on this album and listen to your usual music but this is one of those albums that you must give a chance with. Find a good time to relax, dim the lights and plug in your headphones if you must and give "Avalon" a full listen from start to finish. It's a journey that I would recommend everyone to take.

Overall Impression — 10
Erna worked with some great musicians on this album. Not one instrument on "Avalon" is synthetic, every instrument you hear is played by a musician. The album consist of many different musical pieces that Sully has put together over 7 years, pieces that he felt weren't right for Godsmack. Often when you listen to a particular album you'll hear the same chord progressions throught the tracks, that's not such a bad thing but to some it may be repetitive. But this is not the case with "Avalon", every song sends a different vibe to the listener. One minute you're hearing an acoustic guitar backed up by flutes and hand percussion. Next minute you're hearing the sweet sound of an eerie piano backed up by the sweet sound of a chello. So many instruments... Or should I say vibrations blending in together at the same time. It truly is amazing! "Avalon" is a difficult album to break down and describe, I was planning on giving my insights on each track but I decided that it's too difficult to explain to you every song in detail. Sully Erna earns the respect that he always deserved, yet he has never fully gotten. "Avalon" is one of the last great masterpiece albums of today. So pick up the album and let "Avalon" take you on a journey.

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