All Killer No Filler Review

artist: Sum 41 date: 04/18/2011 category: compact discs
Sum 41: All Killer No Filler
Released: May 8, 2001
Genre: Rock
Tones: Visceral, Playful, Amiable/Good-Natured, Exuberant, Energetic, Freewheeling, Fun, Rambunctious
Styles: Punk Revival, Punk-Pop
Number Of Tracks: 13
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 8.7
All Killer No Filler Reviewed by: DownInAHole., on august 21, 2006
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Sound: Well, it was 2001, and for some reason they were showing a 15 second clip of "In too deep" on Nickelodeon. I was 7, and I was into Green Day at the time, and I thought their sound was great, so I went to the store and bought this album. At that time, I didn't realize how amzing this album was, but I sure do now. This is not only a great album, but it's probably one of the top 3 best pop-punk albums of all time. I don't skip one song, and every song has me singing along. All Killer No Filler is one of the best albums in my collection, and I'm sure it will always be. All Killer No Filler starts out with an intro called "Introduction To Destruction" which is funny, and it made for a great intro before they played their shows (ex: Live in Astoria). Next up is "Nothing On My Back" which is a great way to kick this album off. The chorus is catchy and easy to remember, and this is definatly a highlight of the album. "Never Wake Up" is like 44 seconds long and pretty hard to understand, it's fast and probably was just added as filler (contradicting the title) but it's good filler anyway. "Fat Lip" is one of the best pop-punk songs of all time. It's catchy hooks and raps on the verses have you singing along each time it comes on the radio, the stereo or wherever you hear it. The video for this song is also awesome. "Rhythms" comes next, and I recommend it. It is probably my third favorite. The guitar is what hooks you in at the beginning and the chorus sticks in your head for days. Despite what many people will say the third single "Motivations" is actually not one of my favorites. The chorus is pretty good, but I don't listen to this one very much, and as I recall, I never did like it too much. Still it's a good song, just not my type. Ah yes, "In Too Deep", probably my favorite song on the album. I remember this was the first song that I memorized the words too on this album. I love this song, and the video is amazing, I remember the first time I saw the clip of bizzy d diving on nickolodeon before I bought this album. This will probably always be my favorite song by Sum 41 because it was the first that I ever heard. "Summer" is a great song, but after I bought Half Hour Of Power (My second Sum 41 CD) I realized this was almost the exact same recording and that was dissapoining. It still gets five stars because I love the words and the music. "Handle This" is another one of my favorite songs from the album because it is different, and I thought it was cool that they did a slower song, plus it had great lyrics and awesome guitar playing by dave. To this day, I still don't get why they names song 10 "Crazy Amanda Bunkface", but it's a good song, and it's a faster one, and I like to rock out and run around and stuff to it. Catchy lyrics, strange name. "All She's Got" is so friggin catchy, I can't get it out of my head on any day. The bridge featurs great guitar playing for dave as usual and bizzy d sings great. Awesome song. And it's also great live. "Heart Attack" is a cool song, because it goes from slow to fast and soft to loud, and is pretty much the only song on the album that does that. As I said, I like different songs, this one, is another one that is about liking sleep (see Never Wake Up) and in my opinion, I think Never Wake Up should have been placed in front of this song instead, because it'd make a lot more sense. "Pain For Pleasure" is a joke song with Steve-O 32 on vocals, I'm pretty sure it's just filler, It's a funny listen, I like it. // 9

Lyrics: Deryk Whibley is not musch of a singer, he just sort of wings it when it comes to vocals. The lyrics are very fun and catchy. By the 3rd or 4th time you listen to this album you probably will know all the words and be singing along with it. Lyrics went very well with the "pop punk" guitars. // 8

Overall Impression: This is probably one of the best pop-punk albums of all time, and for fans of Green Day and Blink 182, This is a must have. This is Sum 41's best cd. But if you are looking for selections like this one, buy their debut Half Hour of Power, their DVD, Introduction to Destruction, and then buy Does This Look Infected? and Chuck, which are different than this album due to Dave Baksh's harder influences. Due to Dave's recent departure from Sum 41 to start his own harder band, The Brown Brigade, Sum 41 may be going back to its pop-punk roots. Still, their two newer releases are great. // 9

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overall: 10
All Killer No Filler Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 27, 2004
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Sound: I just picked up this older sum 41 cd after hearing some of the songs. It is off da' hook! It's mostly soaked in power chords, but they change it up so much that you could never guess they are using the like two chords on the whole thing.They have sounds from slow clean sounds to loud rockin riffs to lighting fast solo's that will blow your mind. You will find yourself listening to them hundreds times over running around the room blasting the volume. They really define their punk-ish, and at sometimes softer sound more on this album than any of their others. Their sound is so different each song even though most of the songs are about given up relationships. // 10

Lyrics: I think the lyrics have more than the first impression. They are really expressing their feelings and they are easy to relate to. The words fit perfectly with the songs and music. Even though some people say Derryk's voice is fake, I think he is brilliant and different than anything else. You will be singing along to "In too deep" and "Fat lip" in no time. // 10

Overall Impression: This is my favorite cd. Ever since I bought it, its been in my player. This is a amazing outstanding record. I think the best songs are "Nothing on my back", "Fat lip", "Rythms", "In too deep", "Motivation", "Summer", "Handle this", and "Heart attack". If it was lost or stolen I would absolutely buy it again(and maybe an extra one just because it is so good). I would absolutely reccomend this cd to anyone. // 10

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overall: 4
All Killer No Filler Reviewed by: Moppstock, on march 22, 2004
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Sound: The style of Sum 41 is horrible, Another punk band with a bunch of morons that know how to play guitar isn't what the world needs. There music made me want to hurl out my guts. They are like any other, they like to act like morons and play mindless music no one wants to hear. The sound of there music is like a zebra getting hit by a car, Hows that for sound. // 4

Lyrics: The lyrics don't bother me that much, I guess you could say they put the lyrics together with thought but it doesn't make me want to listen to them and the skills of their lead singer(s) makes me also want to hurt myself. // 6

Overall Impression: This album doesn't compare to any other albums, It sounds bad, Smells, And isn't worth spending money or time on. // 2

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overall: 10
All Killer No Filler Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 08, 2004
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Sound: All Killer No Filler friggin' rules!! Their second best album I think. There are lots of kickass guitar riffs, that just gets stuck in your head in a long long time. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are good, and Deryck really has that tuff angry voice. // 10

Overall Impression: The Half Hour Of Power album was the best I think, and this one is definetly my number two. All of the song are great, cause they are kind of go-out-and-trash-something-or-have-fun. If I lost the cd, i would definetly go out and buy it again, cause it is worth bying! As endning I would like to say: Fuck you "moppstock" for being such a negative dickhead! Just because you love that shitty Pearl Jam crap, you are ngative to anything else! I would beat the shit outta you if I had the chance, cause SUM 41 rules, and you dont! // 10

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overall: 7.7
All Killer No Filler Reviewed by: 813gabe, on january 26, 2011
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Sound: Sum 41 is a punk band, and they sound just like it. If you do not like the sound of punk music, this record is NOT for you. They tend to play lots of fast, repetitive power chords with multiple quick riffs. It sounds great in the majority of the songs. There are also a few "lighter" tracks in the album, in which there are less power chords and more riffs with less distortion. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are decent in this album. I feel like they have had much better lyrical songs on previous albums. The singer seems to be sort of yelling at you and not singing in some cases. An example of this is in track 3, Never wake up. But, the vocals are good on most of the other tracks. Fat Lip has excellent singing and good lyrics that fit the music. // 6

Overall Impression: All Killer No Filler is a definite buy. Although not all of the songs are the best, there are some very good ones. Fat Lip is a must-have, as it contains one of the greatest riff ever written by Sum 41. In Too Deep is also very good. It is not as "heavy" as the other tracks, and the intro is just amazing. The solo is commplex yet somewhat relaxing and fits in with the rest of this "peaceful" Sum 41 song. I would most definetly by this album again if I lost it or it was stolen. // 9

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overall: 10
All Killer No Filler Reviewed by: shunkpunk, on april 18, 2011
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Sound: The sound was Great! The sounds of Deryick Whibley and Dave Brownsounds guitars are just great. The made some really catchy tunes togather. It's a good mixture of catchy pop-punk and even some Iron maiden influences. The production on it was perfect. I was not dissapointed by any of the songs on this album. Fat Lip, Handle This, Pain For Pleasure and Motavation we're the strongest tracks off of this album. Amazing! // 10

Lyrics: The Lyrics we're good. It help made this album alot better. Deryck is really good and writing lyrics and he does great at singing them. And the lyrics are like the most important part of the song and they were great. The song Pain for pleasure was a song about Satan and sang by the drummer Steve-o. // 10

Overall Impression: Very impressed. I am glad that I had bought this album. They wrote alot of good songs and they have alot of fans. This is probably their best album that they have made. I would recommend this album to anyone. It's hard not to enjoy. The prefect album to blast on your sterio. // 10

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