Chuck review by Sum 41

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  • Released: Oct 4, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (116 votes)
Sum 41: Chuck

Sound — 9
The album was named "Chuck" because of a UN volunteer named Chuck Pelletier who saved their lives and the lives of 40 other people by evacuating them to safety while they were filming a documentary for War Child Canada in The Republic of Congo and got caught in the crossfire of some of the people in this war-torn country. It definitely had an impact on their music since for once they actually give a damn about society. This newfound caring about something has also made their music heavier and more emotional. 01. Intro - eh, gives wat it promises: some nice little guitar parts that set the mood of society falling down. Couldn't really hold its own as a song like "Soldier Side Intro" by System Of A Down could though. 02. No Reason - a surprisingly effective and uplifting call-to-arms type song. The song that really sold the album to me. 03. We're All To Blame - the first radio single was much less poppy than what you'd expect from sum 41. Wonderfully anti-authority (w/a reason to be anti-authority this time). 04. Angels With Dirty Faces - the heaviness of this song is just great, a very effectively emotional song abt depression and vietnam vet flashbacks (at least that's what it sounds like to me). Sometimes can be a little too negative to listen to though. 05. Some Say - a slower but still electric and uplifting song. 06. The Bitter End - oddly enough, straight up thrash metal. Maybe not that odd. After all, Sum 41 have always been known as '80s metal fans, even having at least 3 hair-metal songs w/their alter-ego band "Pain For Pleasure." I love the solos and it's sweet but very short. 07. Open Your Eyes - "This may be one of those songs I only like because I can relate to the lyrics so much" I thought, but I like the sound as well. 08. Slipping Away - it's not nearly bad as emo but still boring and a little too depressed. The ending has some nice little violin (maybe cello, I'm not a classical instruments expert) parts though. 09. I'm Not The One - I like the song a lot, especially the bridge guitars. Sounds a little too much like Linkin Park though. 10. Welcome To Hell - I like it sometimes, but I skip over it a lot too. Pretty good speedy punk song though. 11. Pieces - emotional without sounding gay. 12. There's No Solution - good heavy song. 13. 88 - mostly a really good song. But the ending?

Lyrics — 9
01. Intro - no lyrics. 02. No Reason - asks and insinuates constructively that we must question our government without sounding like immature high school rebellion (unlike previous albums). 03. We're All To Blame - more newfound maturity as Sum 41 look at America as a united country that has made some wrong decisions of late. 04. Angels With Dirty Faces - I think this is about Vietnam Veteran flashbacks and possibly depression, but either way it's a good song to relieve your agression to. 05. Some Say - I don't exactly know who this song is speaking to, but Deryck (lead singer/rythym guitar) is telling them he can handle things on his own adding what is likely a sarcastic "It's so easy after all." 06. The Bitter End - this song's lyrics are all about the title, and have no real significance pertaining to real life problems. 07. Open Your Eyes - this is about two people who have changed for the worse because losing each other's love has caused them to be bitter and closer to evil. Deryck seems as though he's trying to remind them both they had souls and morality when they were together and they can get that back. 08. Slipping Away - someone "Slipping away in every way." Probably relatable to many people in this depressed country. 09. I'm Not The One - a message to an old friend that tells them they dissent with them joining the military as they do not want to be associated with someone who agrees with such violence. 10. Welcome To Hell - as track 6 welcomes listeners to the bitter end, so this track welcomes them to hell. Neither is very insightful, these welcomes are pretty much as deep as they go. 11. Pieces - realizing that trying to be perfect isn't worth all it entails. 12. There's No Solution - feeling trapped behind the metaphorical bars of society and authority (the sense much of Johnny Cash's music conveyed though the two are entirely different atmospherically) and asking but never quite recieving a truthful or reasonable answer to why one is subject to this. 13. 88 - trying to hold postitiveness in oneself and not holding a grudge against an old but ended love.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is basically a nu-metal album, with some good surprises like thrash metal (Bitter End) and experimentation with softer melodies (Pieces). "No Reason," "We're All To Blame," "Some Say" and "I'm Not the One" all highlight the album's maturity and ability to examine the self as well as society. It experiments just enough yet holds its own sound. Obviously that combination is what many albums strive for, and "Chuck" pulls it off quite well. If it was stolen, I'd definitely buy it again.

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    styles pop punk punk revial wtf??? the only pop punk song is the secret track noots/nooks and punk hardly thuogh the band ROCKS Iv seen em live 2 AWESOME