Go Chuck Yourself review by Sum 41

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  • Released: Mar 14, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (105 votes)
Sum 41: Go Chuck Yourself

Sound — 10
You all know Sum 41. A Canadian punk-pop band that crashed the charts with their 2001 album "All Killer No Filler." In their last effort they tune down the pop-punk sound for a more hardcore/metal sound but they still were a teenage punk band. So this is their debut live cd/dvd. Released in 23 of December in Japan the "Happy Live Surprise" finally comes to the US titled "Go Chuck Yourself." The Show featured 20 tracks that every Sum 41 fan whether they are pop-punk lovers or heavy lovers will love this album. From the punk-pop blasts "Fat Lip," "The Hell Song," "Makes No Difference" to nerd-punk rockers "Anic," "Never Wake Up" and heavy metallers "Pain For Pleasure" and "We're All To Blame" this is one of the rock/pop albums to buy in 2006. Punk-pop at its best.

Lyrics — 8
The rylics are the same ussual Sum 41 use. Sometimes political but defending, sometimes about everyday life problems and sometimes about just girls. "Don't count on me to let you know when don't count on me I'll do it again" Deryck sings in Fat Lip and the crowd goes crazy. You won't love Sum 41 for their rylics but for their very good punk-pop music.

Overall Impression — 10
If love "Blink 182" and "Green Day" you will like "Go Chuck Yourself" but Sum 41 are a unique band they don't need to sound like everyone because unique makes them the band they are. The best songs here are "Fat Lip," "Makes No Difference" and "Pieces." The things that most characterise Sum 41 is their unique abillity to write both poppy and metallic songs. You won't find a band combining so good pop-punk and metal tracks. This is a live album full of quality that every Sum 41 fan should buy, and only Sum 41 and pop-punk fans everyone should buyt it.

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    I have to disagree with fedeforever. If he would listen carefully to Sum 41's last 2 albums he won't find Teen punk rock songs. He would find some songs that are more closer to Iron Maiden, Metallica or 80's Metal Bands. There is double drums on most songs, Muted Distorsion and Bass in line with the drums, not the guitars' chords like in Punk.
    dude fair enough megadeath, but maiden? what is wrong with u!
    everyone shut up sum 41 is one of the greatest bands ever and your just mad youll never be as good as them
    can i not go anywhere to a forum where some ***** decides to flame bands cause he wants attention? o yeah looks like a killer live cut, wanna get it soon. but yeah dont say that megadeth iron maiden and sum 41 suck. the first two are influential as **** and more influential than your ****in ass and 41 is the most diverse pop-punk band making a somewhat differant stride with a few metal influences. they have UBER talent which seems to be lacking somewhat in punk but whatever.
    People I wrote one of the reviews you see there. This is an amazing album and you should at least listen to one song. And ssi person who asked if yuo could get it in europe im sorry but if u r outside of japan or canada u can only get it through amazon.com its a very hard album to get
    This was a friggin killer live cd i honestly think it was better than bullet in a Bible by green Day and the intro to Moron was really funny that "ihave a question" thing i laughed my head off
    YourLastAffront wrote: a drummer wrote: dont diss the Crue The Crue are possibly the worst band in existence, on a par with megadeth, poison, sum 41 and iron maiden
    ok, YourLastAffront, anyone who's dealt with you before knows those bands who aren't sum 41 were added because you want more attention, and because i enjoy controversy much more than boring praise(which is on this site WAY too much thanks to mods deleting some of the more critical comments) you have it. but plz, keep the comments about sum 41, which is an awesome band that does both metal and pop-punk quite well(and despite it being more of a practical joke also have some good hair metal stuff, which i usually despise) and definitely aren't the one hit wonders that i and everyone else thought they were wen "All Killer No Filler" came out.
    All of you who think Sum 41 is starting to stink and complaining about it, just F off. You don't like it, then go bitch about it on your own time and listen to another band. If you like Sum 41, you like them for who they are, not just their music which is what most people do and stop in the process.
    all u asholes used to make fun of sum 41 when they were first started out and then they start playing some heavier songs and ur in love with them.
    i would agree with greghm, i think that sum41's past two albums show more mature songs. unlike blink 182, sum41 has many rock or metal based songs but i would agree that they make it their own and make it unique.
    The Crue are possibly the worst band in existence, on a par with megadeth, poison, sum 41 and iron maiden
    i kno every one has their opinions but megadeth and maiden bad? ill just leave it at that. i hate arguements
    a drummer wrote: dont diss the Crue
    The Crue are possibly the worst band in existence, on a par with megadeth, poison, sum 41 and iron maiden
    Lol Definately. I like Sum 41 and I wouldn't classify the "Chuck" album as sounding metalish. I would just say its a little darker and more mature. Thats all.
    GuitarJunkie wrote: I saw them live with motely crue last summer and they were a lot better than i expected them to be.
    Yeah but playing against Motley Crue anyone could seem like the best band in the world because theyre so bad.
    I saw them live with motely crue last summer and they were a lot better than i expected them to be.
    Where can I get go chuck yourself? Has it been released in Europe?
    yawn is right but still i think Sum 41 are a pretty original band...they move in and out of punk n metal...and do it pretty well too. There's nothing stopping them makin a true metal album
    You guys are all seeing Chuck in a completely wrong perspective. Sure, its music has a bit more "metal" influences and its lyrics are a bit more mature, but it's still pop-punk to its core. Three or four metal-esque songs don't make an album metal. Don't get me wrong - I like both the album and the band - but it's not anywhere close to being a metal album.
    chuck surprised the crap outta me i was expecting another all killer no filler, it wasnt a bad albulm but i enjoy their earlier stuff more
    Why don't you all just go kiss John Bonham's ass, because he owns you all. Period.