Go Chuck Yourself review by Sum 41

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  • Released: Mar 14, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (105 votes)
Sum 41: Go Chuck Yourself

Sound — 9
Sweet band and sweet CD. It was good with it, I hope they make a dvd of it if they did cause you hear stuff like more screaming for a part and you dont know whats happeing, thats it. They sounded pretty good. Pieces was good with the piano. The only bad part is you can hear when a song changes from one track to another, it kinda has like a very small pause or something.

Lyrics — 8
I like how he sounded different in some say, anyone can notice a difference from the studio version to the live version. He still sounded very good. That's all I can think of.

Overall Impression — 10
Good CD but doesn't have the same quality as Delicate Sound Of Thunder by Pink Floyd. I like makes no difference and still waiting from that album. They also have A.N.I.C, that's the one about Anna Nicole Smith. And Fat Lip can not be forgoten in that CD, the best song on the CD. If this CD was stolen I would probaly go get it again. I got two chuck albums, I don't know why but I let my uncle use one, and I haven't gotten it back so I guess it's lucky I got the 2nd one.

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    lol this is the first im hearing of this album so what is it, just a bunch of live tracks? are there any like dvds or anythin that come with it
    fedeforever wrote: Sum 41 Don't Play Metal Ok.Does This Look Infected was clearly a punk-pop album and Chuck just a punk-pop album with metal tracks
    Yea and Appitite For Destruction was a hip-hop album with metal track. dumbass
    yawn wrote: You guys are all seeing Chuck in a completely wrong perspective. Sure, its music has a bit more "metal" influences and its lyrics are a bit more mature, but it's still pop-punk to its core. Three or four metal-esque songs don't make an album metal. Don't get me wrong - I like both the album and the band - but it's not anywhere close to being a metal album.
    wrong. listen to "The Bitter End" then tell me that's not a metal song. it sounds a heck of alot like "Battery" by metallica. no lie. listen to the two back to back. u'll see. anyways, "Chuck", besides the quasi-bad acoustic/soft numbers, has punk/metal plastered all over it.
    They actually released this album a while back in japan with the title "Happy Live Surprise" I bought mine on ebay
    this is an awesome album, i'm disappointed in too deep isn't on here though, thats one of their biggest songs, an anthem for every pop/punk fan... i don't think There's No Solution was a good choice for it, i think they could've replaced that with a better song... No Brains is actually ****ing amazing!!! What they do in the bridge is pure brilliant.
    YourLastAffront wrote: a drummer wrote: dont diss the Crue The Crue are possibly the worst band in existence, on a par with megadeth, poison, sum 41 and iron maiden
    You just included Iron Maiden and Megadeth in your list of "worst bands in existence." Are you absolutely out of your mind?