Half Hour Of Power review by Sum 41

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2000
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8 (33 votes)
Sum 41: Half Hour Of Power

Sound — 7
There is no particular sound that this album has; but you can definately tell it's from the early Sum 41 days. The album has a definate punk pop feel to it; but it also shows other sides of Sum 41 like with Grab the devil by the horns and f--k him up the ass you can really hear the iron maideny '80s traditional heavy metal side of the band. There is also the rap side of Sum 41 that they use in some other songs and live shows. Personally I think overall this has the worst Sum 41 compared to their other albums but still very good.

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics like a lot of all early sum 41 are really not that good, things like drinking to much, trashing hotel rooms and other areas, and wrecking havic in public but hey that's Sum 41 I like it if you don't, you don't have to listen to them. The lyrics though not being great they sought the style that the band plays and fits with the music pretty well but with a few song this album in particular the lyrics really don't fit and derycks just singing them really quickly. Deryck isn't a great singer but comes across pretty well with the music there are far worse singers in the music industry so yea.

Overall Impression — 8
What I love about this album is the classic Sum 41 sound that is used in it, songs like make no difference, machine gun, and what I belive, are really bringing that classic sum sound. Personally I do not think this compares with other albums I don't really have any favourites albums it depends on how I feel really when I want to listen to music. My top 3 favourtie songs on the album are: Makes No Difference, What I Believe, What Were All About. I'm a die hard sum 41 fan and if I lost this album or if it were stolen I wouldn't hesitate to but it again because it's a pretty sick album and I have to have all their albums! Sum 41 rocks!

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    This is so obviously sum 41 at their best. Their closest punk sound to the band NOFX, their original influence, but its not like they copied them. It's an original punk sound that has yet to be repeated by anyone. Great punk (machine gun, another time around), great pop-punk (what i believe, makes no difference, summer), a couple iron maiden style intrumentals (grab the devil, ride the chariot), my favorite punk drum solo ever (32 ways to die), and to top it off, a beastie boys-esq rap (what we're all about). This album truly has it all, and does it all with such imperfect perfection. One could argue that All Killer No Filler is their best, because it has fat lip and in too deep, but this album is much more consistent in my opinion. It is very short, which is an obvious downside, but i don't think there is a single other fault on this album. For those who prefer the heavier side of sum 41 (DTLI, Chuck, and SBM), thats your own opinion, but I liked them as a pop-punk band the best. Underclass Hero was a mature pop-punk sound, and they didn't even have Dave Brownsound so I really don't care for them much now. But anyway I think I've made it very clear why their old sound is my favorite. Don't listen to what anyone else says, this album is a must-have!