Underclass Hero review by Sum 41

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  • Released: Jul 24, 2007
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.8 (255 votes)
Sum 41: Underclass Hero

Sound — 4
Sum 41's style has changed a great bit since the album "Chuck". Underclass Hero sounds a lot more like their old stuff such as "Half Hour of Power" and "Does This Look Infected". They really seem to take sounds from a lot of other punk bands such as Green Day and Blink 182. Their Single "underclass hero" has a striking resemblance to some of their earlier singles such as "phat lip" and "The Hell Song" but it was a solid starting single and opening track. The Guitar was mainly basic power chords and punk lines, bass was fairly unhearable I found. The best job intrumentally goes to stevo on the drums. He played a very solid album all the way through. Sum 41's guitarist Dave left the band and that really influenced the direction of the band. in "Chuck" they gained a much more metal sound than their previous albums, but in "Underclass Hero" they strayed away from that sound and back to their punk pop roots.

Lyrics — 7
The single "Underclass hero" was written by Stevo the drummer of Sum 41, while all of the other lyrics were done by Derek Whibley. The lyrics were mainly poltical and anti- "the system" or whatever you choose to call it. very meaningfull but very repetitive lyrics I found. Like most punk albums this song had several love songs of course which I personally thought was their best work. The lyrics worked very good with their music because the lyrics were mainly written by the guitarist and vocalist which means Derek could make the songs exactly how they were written to be. Derek's lyrics were very well sung by him and vocals I'd say were the silver lining of this album, though overall the lyrics were lacking.

Overall Impression — 5
For me personally, (Being a huge Sum 41 fan) this album was a major disapointment. Sum 41 really needed Dave in this album to be a little critical on the musical part of it. Derek said himself "I am not a guitar player" which is exactly why they needed dave for this album. The best songs of the album I would say are "Walking Disaster." "March of the Dogs", and With me. They were my personal favorites though I'm sure many would disagree. I love the drumming on this album but I hate the guitar. If this album was stolen I would not pay the 12 bucks to get it back. I almost gave away the copy I do have to a friend. The Pop/Punk fan will really enjoy this album, however I am a fan of the album chuck and All killer no filler, and even their first albums were not as girly as this one. I think Derek should stop listening to his wife so much and start listening to Dave.

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    this new album is very addictive expecially confusion and frusteration in modern times it has juat an amazing riff that i can't stop listening to
    quote] but my favorite part is how well bassist Cone McCaslin's back-up vocals blend in with the songs. Prime examples of this are The Jester, March Of The Dogs and Pull The Curtain.[[/quote] Tominator dude your a dumbass...Deryck did ALL the vocals on EVERY sum 41 album. The only album with anyone else singing is AKNF with 'Fat Lip" and DTLI with "Thanks For Nothing" where Stevo does 2 lines. why does everyone think cone is such a good singer..he never sings. and when they do it live he just butchers the parts he sings. In My Opinion, This album is central to Deryck. like. Every song is about him. so yeah. to me Deryck is "The Underclass Hero" and this album is sort of his personal autobiography
    666_Pounder wrote: Undeclass hero the single sounds exactly the same as Fat Lip in places.
    No, it doesn't -- not at all. Pick the wax out of your ears.
    Idk why some of you ppl keep bashing this album, cuz its one of there best if not there best. Sure it not as fast and metalish as there other one, witch Dave brought to the band, but Sum 41 is maturing so there not going to sing about the same old stuff. This album is full of heart and feeling and much more meaningful so some ppl. So you can't just say that Sum 41 sucks now because they grow up. Music is a healer in most cases and Deryck is just using it to get his feelings out, and if u can't respect that then i guess screw you. This is definitely one of my top albums and i hope that Sum 41 doesn't stop here.
    El Jordo wrote: looks like Sum 41 has hopped on the corperate emo shit bandwagon
    100% incorrect. Deryck Whibley: i won't write emo, i hate that genre.
    Roflcopter wrote: 666_Pounder wrote: Undeclass hero the single sounds exactly the same as Fat Lip in places. No, it doesn't -- not at all. Pick the wax out of your ears.
    it does. perhaps you ought to clean your ears,roflcopter (i still love both songs though)
    my favourite song is Speak of the Devil. i dont really like confusion and frustration, but its alright, dont hate it. and all their songs dont sound the same at all. maybe they have similarities but thats how a band does it.