When Time Fades review by Suspyre

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
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Suspyre: When Time Fades

Sound — 7
Experimental metal. Could mean absolutely anything. Well, in this case, you've got Symphony X style power metal haphazardly fused with a heavy dose of avant-garde and Dream Theater prog. To put bluntly, whether a good or a bad experience, it's an experience none the less. From the first track 'Possession' you can see where this crazy vortex of symphonics and arpeggio things is sort of going to: Actually, I don't know, I got lost in it all... While the intro is entirely epic and sort of starts the album promisingly, it goes into the Symphony X riffs all too happily to then adding a Hammond organ and weird chords and fills and... Well, yes there's structure, but the riffs are so over the place and there's so many of them that it's a little bewildering. The only thing really 'coherent' is the massive vocals which soar over head. It's all highly melodic but the melody is just as over the place as the riffs. If you think Dream Theater had the reign over mindfudgery, then I dare you to think again cuz this is absolutely brain-melting. Yet, it can be seen as a good and bad thing. I mean the random heart monitor noise at the end of the first song was... random and so is nearly everything else. SAXOPHOOOONE.

Lyrics — 8
This guy, Clay Barton, where has he been all these years? There are many great power metal vocalists but few can really keep this sort of music together. Russell Allen springs to mind. His voice has that very epic neo-classical feel to it and his choral vocals are sublime. Yet overshadowed somewhat by the chaotic music, Clay has that sort of quality that makes him noticeable, and that is enough to grab your attention. Lyrics? Hell knows, why would you focus on the lyrics when there's all this tasty weirdness going on with the instruments? Oh alright. Lyrical content is suitably mad. They are filled with delusions of grandeur and philosophy which all in all reminds me of reading the Divine Comedy. From the song 'Reign': The masquerade of fantasy brings a new dream In visions this world is breaking in I feel myself floating beyond the realms of humanity I find the secrecy unlocking life and sin Rise out from the darkness of the everworld Take your rightful place among the stars SAXOPHOOOOO- Ahem. So yes, even if everything it is mad, the vocals are like the cymbal you hear in a Meshuggah polyrhythm: It's the only thing you can actually follow and not lose your head.

Overall Impression — 8
Uhmm... does it compare to anything? NO. NO IT DOESN'T. If you epic'd up Dream Theater or randomized every riff in Symphony X then you might be close but as far as I know, there is absolutely nothing like it. I used to think that a chaotic band like UneXpect would be the ultimate brain mash but Suspyre have chaos leashed like a bitch and have it doing their will. Hence, controlled chaos. Songs to look out for: 'Possession', 'Evolutions', 'Maniac Man Point Check', 'Siren', 'Reign', 'Fallen Stars', 'The Light of the Fire', 'Apparitions' (if you really want to be terrified), 'Let Freedom ring'. SAXOPHOOOONE.

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    if this is crazier than uneXpect, i think it might make my ears bleed...must check it out.