New Way To Be Human Review

artist: Switchfoot date: 07/16/2008 category: compact discs
Switchfoot: New Way To Be Human
Release Date: Mar 23, 1999
Label: re:Think
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative CCM, Post-Grunge
Number Of Tracks: 10
Not perfect but intelligent and generally appealing, this is an album that fans of '90s alternative rock can appreciate, whatever their religious views may be.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
New Way To Be Human Reviewed by: takenthecannoli, on july 16, 2008
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Sound: Having listened to almost every other Switchfoot album, I got 'New Way To Be Human' (1999) with very high hopes, unfairly so. Surprisingly, I wasn't disappointed at all. 'NWTBH' offers a folk-rooted pop kind of sound, very pleasant on the ears, a huge step up from their first album, 'The Legend of Chin' (1997). With this being said, there are good and bad songs, though musically, Switchfoot nailed it pretty good. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics aren't as good as the music provided for them. There are good and bad lyrics, though 'bad' mostly means 'lame.' Track 1, "New Way to be Human," says, "Every day, it's the same thing/Another trend has begun. Hey, kids, this might be the one." Isn't that a little lame? Yeah, sure, it's true, but they couldn't possibly have said this any better? Maybe I'm being too harsh--this is only their second album, but then I look at other lyrics, like 'Let That Be Enough' and 'Incomplete, ' and I say, no. I'm not, because the former and latter are very good songs, lyrically, too! Frontman Jon Foreman has some slick vocal chords, though, much moreso than in 'TLOC.' // 7

Overall Impression: Well, it's unfair to compare other albums to this, as it's only number two, though I think 'New Way to be Human' does pretty good, even against 'The Beautiful Letdown' (2003). It's not better, but it's not far behind. Again, where the latter has a harder sound, 'NWTBH' is more like folk-rooted pop. The best songs are undoubtedly 'Incomplete' and 'Let That Be Enough.' There are other good ones, yes, but those two are the ones that stick out. I love returning to the olden days of Switchfoot and hearing that they really weren't that bad (not that they're bad now). I don't like some of the lyrics. If it were (insert inhumane way of destroying a small, round, flat piece of plastic here), I would most definitely buy it again. Now I need to forget Rhapsody and go buy it for real! Note: yes, I've heard the entire album. Rhapsody is a program which allows you to listen to music, for a fee, unlimited. I took a listen to several albums and reviewed them because I heard them there. Just wanted to get that out. Anyway, overall, I'd say this is definitely worth every cent. Heck, it's probably worth more; you can get it on Amazon for little over five US dollars. // 8

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