Nothing Is Sound review by Switchfoot

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  • Released: Sep 13, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (85 votes)
Switchfoot: Nothing Is Sound

Sound — 10
The music on Nothing Is Sound is far better than any of their previous albums. They have removed most of their "artificial sweetener", mostly just guitar, drums and bass with the occasional piano (The Shadow Proves The Sunshine) are on this record. The first track "Lonely Nation" is harder than anything from Switchfoot before. Sonically, the strong points are "Lonely Nation," "Stars," "Easier Than Love" and "We Are One Tonite." They fall short however on "The Blues," this is a boring song overall with nothing really special. Definatly not what many have come to expect from a band like Switchfoot. However, the sound of Switchfoot is not what has so captivated listeners in the past or present.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are what drive the band. Jon Foreman's lyrics are amazing and so deep in thought and emotion. The song "Golden" has the most beautiful lyrics on the album. It is speaking to people that are feeling down on themselves, telling them that they are important and made perfect. "She's been staring down the demons in her mind that are screaming she's just another so and so, but your golden, a golden child, don't let go, don't let go tonight." All songs have excellent lyrics, typical of a Switchfoot album. You won't be disapointed atall by the content of lyrics. They are clean, encouraging and beautiful. However, the lyrics aren't as proficient as in "The Beautiful Letdown" or "Learning To Breathe."

Overall Impression — 9
This album is alot grittier than "The Beautiful Letdown" or "Learning To Breathe." The lyrics aren't as good the their previous efforts either, but the music is alot better. I love Jon Foreman's voice and his ability to write music. The one low point on this album is "The Blues," a rather disapointing song for this band. 01. Lonely Nation - gritty song, captures the "live" essence of the band 10/10. 02. Stars - the first single, great lyrics about how our problems seem so small when we think about the "big picture" in God's creation 10/10. 03. Happy Is A Yuppie Word - slightly repetitive, poor lyrics for Switchfoot, another low point on this album 6/10. 04. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine - very soft, pretty sounding song, the piano and Foreman's lyrics in this recording make it really nice to listen to and enjoy 9/10. 05. Easier Than Love - fast, upbeat song about how the world uses "sex as currency" in advertising. Very catchy chorus. Low point of this song is when foreman yells out the word "numb" after the chorus each time, it is slightly annoying 9/10. 06. The Blues - low point of the entire album, it is a very plain song with poor lyrics. Switchfoot has done many slower songs in the past and they sounded really beautiful, not the case in this one 3/10. 07. The Setting Sun - this track I found interesting. It goes away from the "live" sound of this album. It sounds alot like a song from the Beautiful Letdown like "More Than Fine" 7/10. 08. Politicians - another gritty track, really heavy guitar in this one, good lyrics in this one as well, catchy chorus 9/10. 09. Golden - my favroite song on this album. Beautiful lyrics, good song to listen to when you are feeling sad. It never fails to make you feel better. The chorus is wonderful 10/10. 10. The Fatal Wound - kind of a throw-in type of song, makes good use of a harmonica though 6/10. 11. We Are One Tonight - the musical talent of the band really shines in this one. It has great lyrics as well. It is quite a long song, but really good quality 10/10. 12. Daisy - a pretty song to start, just Foreman on an accoustic guitar. But it ends with a yelling foreman and a chaotic outro, which is un-called for in this song, they should have made this one a really slow, accoustic song 5/10.

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