The Death Card review by Sworn In

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  • Released: Aug 20, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (9 votes)
Sworn In: The Death Card

Sound — 9
So this is a fairly new band and they haven't gotten enough attention I think, so I'm going to review their "Death Card" album. Let's start with the quality of the album. It's amazing, and for their first album it's outstanding. Every instrument has its stand out parts and every instrument is noticeable, which is hard to come buy now days in bands like this, especially the bass. Tyler Dennen's vocals are very unique and really dark. I feel like every scream is like a cry for help in a horror movie. It's evil and dark and gives off the vibe of death and a super creepy feeling. The quality of sound is also very good and I really wouldn't change anything about it at all. I think there are some things Tyler needs to work as far as vocally but that comes with every new band. When he does sing though, I love it. He just needs to perfect it and practice it live. I always go through the track and say what I like and what's not good so:

01. "XIII" - this is just Tyler saying some crazy a-s sh-t. Once you listen to this, you know you're in for some crazy sh-t throughout the rest of the album. Its a good way to start the album I think. Kinda weird though.

02. "Hypocrisy" - the first actual song of the album, and it kicks a-s. Its main riff that comes in is so cool. He basically talks about people preaching things but not living by what they say. Very good song and guitar technique.

03. "Mindless" - this is my third favorite on the album and it totally kicks a-s. I love how Tyler kind of sings in the chorus on this one, and the breakdown is like one note the whole time but it's f--king dope and intense.

04. "Dead Soul" - this song is super heavy, especially the main riff and the breakdown is sick. The band does some back up vocals on this one in the chorus and it's sick.

05. "Senseless" - there really isn't a point to listening to this song separately but if you're listening to the album strait through, then in contributes a lot to the continued feeling.

06. "A Song for the Nameless" - this is my favorite track on the album. The reasons being, the intro guitar part is so wack that it sounds disturbed and I don't know how those guys keep track of what they're playing but it sounds hella cool. And the breakdown in this song is f--king massive and unique. Best track on the album.

07. "Snake Eyes" - if you know Sworn In, this is probably the first song you heard. This song is bad a-s and it's about how if he had made different choices in his life then maybe people wouldn't hate him and he wouldn't want to kill himself. It's a disturbing message but I'm sure people can relate to it. The guitar, bass and drums collaborate so well in this song. I love how off time there time signatures are. The other cool thing is they do a guitar solo which is odd because they don't seem like a band that would do that and it's the only one in the album. But its super cool and creative.

08. "Deadpan" - this is my second favorite on the album and it's because the breakdown is f--king psychotic and towards the end, the drummer speeds up really fast which you don't hear in the rest of the album so I thought it was kind of cool.

09. "Mute" - this track caught me off guard when I first heard it because it's just sound effects but it's got a cool beat to it but it's not the drummer. It's like electronic and it's hella cool.

10. "Three Cheers (Feat. Villains)" - this song is pretty good. I like how they got the Villains to help them with this. The chorus, everyone is singing and it's awesome! And the breakdown of course is crazy and over the top.

11. "Bitter Blood" - this song is why I think Tyler is going crazy. He feels like he needs to do this crazy sh-t and I like it haha but it was a little over the top for me, but cool at the same time.

12. "Death" - this song is pretty good but it's kind of slow and gets into the song really late. It's good though.

13. "Return (Heartless)" - I love this song, because it kind of goes and reflects on their last release which was an EP called, "Start/End" which I would recommend.

All in all, this album has some pretty bad a-s songs and some really weird ones but this whole album totally got me sold. I love Sworn In now.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics in this album are really dark and lots of them deal with depression, suicide, and feeling worthless. Such as "Snake Eyes":

"Shoot me f--king dead
Take me away from this place
Cause all I see here is your god damn face
Torturing me
Infecting my life
If this is all I see I'd rather go blind
Play this game with me
Walk to the end
Roll your mother f--king dice and play again
No hope for you or I
We are all blind, we are all blind
The start is the end and the end is the start
No sight, no love, no friends, no heart
I'm in the dark
We're in the dark
These bags under my eyes are getting darker
And I've never heard of sleep
The herder is a f--king illusion
There's no hope for the sheep/
At the end of the day I could say I'm haunted
Can't tell if I'm dead or just f--king unwanted
At the end of the day I could say I'm haunted
Shoot me f--king dead
I'll let my eyes roll back into my head
Wishing I was dead, wishing I was dead
If I could take back every single word I've said
Maybe I'd be less unwanted
Maybe I'd be f--king dead
Snake eyes rolling back into my head
Wishing I was dead
Wishing I was dead"

It's a pretty depressing song to be honest but it's amazing and I like it a lot. The lyrics are intense and really heavy and makes for a good listen for sure. The lyrics go right along with the music, crazy, heavy, dark and creepy. As I said before I personally like Tyler Dennen's vocals but I could see how they could annoy some people. I really want to see him work on his singing a little bit more and his high screams but other than that I love it.

Overall Impression — 9
This is their first album and I think they did a fantastic job. I think they're coming out with a new album this year (2015) and it's supposed to be called, "The Lovers/The Devil" so I'm super excited. I didn't hate anything about this album except I want a little more singing from Tyler just because I'm interested with what he could do. The best songs to listen to on this album are, "Mindless," "A Song for the Nameless," "Deadpan" and "Mute." If I lost this or it got stolen, I would get another copy without a second thought. This is a must have.

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    I would not say they're overrated at all considering they have barely gotten their name out there. and something can never be overrated, just not your style. which is fine but I like this band a lot. they is cool hahaha.